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Personal Discovery!

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 10:01 PM
OK I am sure this has been found though there is a slight chance it has not.
I took my neighbor (11 year old)on an adventure on the water to look for treasure!

We found nails...old nails


After reading up a bit on the nails and finding them to be pretty old and possibly used on old ships, I decided to go back and look some more, but in the water near where I found those old cut nails.

I found this nail in about 10 minuets. I did a survey of the area and did see some old very old wood. You know the kind where it still looks like part of a tree but you can tell it was worked.

Bigger Nail

Not wanting to give up for the day I brought up goggle Earth and looked around.

Here is what I saw... I also looked at old images from many years ago and you could not see it. Well just barely but you would not think it is what it is.

The Ship!

I took a picture of these cars on Goggle earth to give you an idea how big this ship is. I did not change the scale. I just spanned away till I found some cars to take a picture of.
Cars to Scale

I have not been able to find anything on this wreck except it has been there at least since 1992 which is the oldest satellite photo I can find of that area. It was not this clear to see back then. In fact you would not notice it in the old images without knowing your looking for it.

It looks to be huge! Is it old or newer construct? Heck it may not even be related to the nails but they are in the path debris would flow in bad weather.

This area has recently had some weather that does sometimes uncover wrecks like this so who....knows what it is. Either way my neighbor and I have some fun ahead!

I will let you know if I find out more about it or if it is a known wreck or not.

Not posting coordinates yet till I finish my research.

Where would someone report such a discovery anyways?

Not sure if this was the right forum for this but it maybe ancient at least a little!


posted on May, 4 2010 @ 10:10 PM
Wow what a cool find ! I hope you are rewarded for your find ! Maybe the ship has treasure on it, how cool would that be? I have no idea who or where to report this but you could always google it. Good luck and keep us posted. :>)

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 10:17 PM
That's pretty rad. Those nail are pretty old due to their square heads. I'd defiantly would take down those coordinates on google earth.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 10:18 PM
As far as reporting it, I'd start by contacting the closest Universities Archeology Dept. It may be something that is already known, if not, then I am sure they can inform you on who and how to report your discovery. I am sure you'll have to provide some details on the whereabouts.

You could request that a legal document be generated and signed by whoever you disclose your information to as to protect the rights of the find as well as any possible plunder be it monetary or notoriety in nature.

Just a few ideas off the top of my head.

Edit to add: Nice find btw, good luck on your future endeavors!

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 10:21 PM
I'd start my research at the shape of the ship. Often times you can tell where and when it was built. Then from there you can search to see if the nails are correct to the time and place also. You got some good clues to go by. To report it, the first thing I'd think would be a city council member, history teacher, or a museum.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 11:02 PM
Wow! I can imagine the excitement that you must had especially finding the google picture...that's pretty cool. .

This has some good info on shipwrecks....

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 11:07 PM
I googled where someone has reported their findings on this type of shipwreck and they got famous, that place was "the national museum" ..... Hope this helps.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 11:20 PM
Cool find. I congratulate you. However, a word of caution; many states have strict laws regarding the salvage or recovery of historical finds like this.
I suggest doing a little research before any "treasures" are put on your mantle. Just to be safe.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 12:14 AM
don't report it. Just go there.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 01:22 AM
wow congrats to the find!
my advise as be carefull because someone could claim ownership and sue.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 07:51 PM
I did everything I could come up with today to stake a claim, if claiming it is even a possibility for various reasons. I went there. The water is murky and rough right now. I only surveyed it for a few moments, but it is exactly what it appears to be.

It looks like it has broke in half, and part of it shifted, since the goggle sat picture was taken, but it is no doubt a large old wooden ship of some sort. From what I could see it has stuff on it, in it, spread in between the now halves of it. I don't think it has been looked at because no archaeologist would leave it alone this long for it to continue to fall apart like this.

I will be extremely happy if nothing more comes of it because my neighbor and I are having a ball just dreaming about it. Getting credit for a find would be awesome. Getting any wealth from it would just be icing on the cake, It is cool to dream of the booty it might hold non the less lol.

I went to it on my Jetski and when I got over it, it took my breath away. I was scared. It loomed beneath me. Very large. Felt trapped even though it was under me lol.

More to follow when I get the time. I will definitely be snorkeling around it when I get some good weather.
I should know by tomorrow of it status, My lawyer will be working it from that point on if it is a legit discovery etc...

Is fun either way!

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posted on May, 5 2010 @ 10:45 PM
Even if it isn't anything groundbreaking, it's still cool! So, awsome find whatever happens.

I remember finding a gold ring on my local beach once, that was cool too.

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 10:51 PM
Okay... I'm going through something of the same with different material -- I have some possible dinosaur footprints that I discovered. Here's what you need to do:

* google for 'shipwreck' and the name of the body of water (confirm a wreck and not a scuttling).
* Check google earth for shipwreck maps
* take the nails to a museum and ask about them
* Ask at maritime museums about lost ships. Also check with the local lighthouse guys.

You can't "claim" it but you can claim a finding. Proof comes from a dive.

You may have trouble finding folks to do a dive -- same problem I have with the possible dino footprints. They have so many sites but funding loss means that departments and researchers aren't free to get to all the sites they want. This means that if you do careful research (ask an archaeologist at a museum or university for guidance) you can still present your finding at an academic conference. Easiest way to do it is a poster (you make poster, talk about your find to whoever comes up) -- you can also do a presentation for a local historical society.

Lots of options!

posted on May, 5 2010 @ 10:53 PM
I'm serious about getting an academic to oversee removal of artifacts. I've known a LOT of people who ruined the value of their find by bad technique.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 09:57 PM

Originally posted by Byrd
I'm serious about getting an academic to oversee removal of artifacts. I've known a LOT of people who ruined the value of their find by bad technique.

Local University was the first people I notified and asked questions!

Thanks for the advice. Looks as if is unknown Wreck and no one has ever reported it. May take a bit longer for all that to be confirmed 100 % however.

posted on May, 6 2010 @ 10:09 PM
This is such a fantastic thread! I'm actually excited for you, and hope you will keep us apprised on things as they progress.

Underwater pictures would be great!

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