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'I have to keep her indoors now'

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posted on May, 4 2010 @ 02:05 PM

Originally posted by andy1033
reply to post by traditionaldrummer

You do not know that for sure, plenty of muslims must surely be passive, and alot may be humble too. We just get a picture of them from the news.

Not all males are teh same as other males, and same for females. I do not care for this stuff as i do not have interest in females, but not every female will dislike it.

But they should have the right to choose, and maybe italy is not the country for them if they want to wear this stuff, but its upto them.

I don't need to give this guy any benefit of the doubt. This was not an opinion piece on muslims written by a third party. The woman's feelings are not an issue here since we haven't heard from her and more importantly, I wasn't talking about her. This is not an issue about culture or religion either. This is about what this man said.

From his own mouth he claimed he would not let his woman out of the house because he did not want other men looking at her. Based on that alone I have concluded that he is an insecure brute who feels the need to control a woman he believes he owns. If he wishes to evoke a better opinion from the public perhaps he shouldn't convey such an image of himself.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by andy1033

Originally posted by traditionaldrummer

This is about an insecure brute who feels the need to control a woman he believes he owns.

Originally posted by andy1033

Are you sure of what you say is true there?
How does she feel?
Have you even asked how she feels about this. Why do we all assume that people want what we want?

The husband didn't say 'She won't want to leave the house, now'; he said 'I will have to keep her indoors'. You'd think he was talking about his pet.

traditionaldrummer is making a very reasonable assumption that what he dictates goes.

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 02:34 PM
Let me tell you about a scot born paki muslim lad I knew.

He had a scottish girlfriend who had 3 or 4 kids, (all to different men I think). He liked to smoke dope, sell a bit here and there, and he was quite happy. He did get a couple of months in jail for selling said dope, but apart from that his life seemed fine.

After he did his little time in jail, his brothers and uncles decided it was time he settled down and they found him a distant cousin they thought he could marry. She had been sent over from Pakistan to live with an uncle and aunt, had no other relatives and she spoke no English. He went to a meeting about said marriage and caught a teeny glimpse of her peering round a door but that was it. He wanted the Scots girl with all the bairns.

His brothers started to put pressure on him and even asked me to have a word about him marrying this girl. My opinion was that he'd be better off marrying the Pakistani girl rather than the one with the kids because then he wouldn't fall out with his family. She had nobody to go back to and nobody here really either. Uncle and aunt were virtual strangers. I thought he would be, in effect, rescuing this girl. The girlfriend with all the kids also had various "dads" calling on her all the time which was also a major down.

Eventually the Scots girl got the heave-ho and he decided to marry the Pakistani girl, to his family's relief. They had a huge wedding and she moved into the house he shared with his mum. He brought his new wife to my house one day and I was absolutely gobsmacked. She was the most beautiful human being I've ever seen in my whole life. A tiny wee lass too, only about 16-17.
"Is she going to English speaking classes?" I asked him.
"Nah", he says.
"Oh! She should enrol," I says, "She'll love it here, be handy for her too, get to know people"
His friendly smile vanished. "She'll go where I want her to go. She can do things only if I decide to let her."

He'd never have gotten away with that if he'd stuck with the other girlfriend. It's nothing other than power v helplessness. He has the back up of all his "tribe" who behave the same way and she has nowhere to turn while he makes her decisions for her.

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