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World G8 Summit June 8th, Sea Island, Georgia. Look at the Guestlist for this!

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posted on Jun, 8 2004 @ 09:51 PM
No problem pal.......I'm cool

Life's too short ............

posted on Jun, 8 2004 @ 09:58 PM

Originally posted by gmcnulty
I could not help but note your "signature" you use..........that of one, referring to lawyers somewhat scornfully.

Did I strike an Attorney's vains? You seem quite upset over the facts I present. Do I not cite truthful references?

Should I tell the world other truths?

-When you choose in court to represent yourself, you are treated as, and expected to know as much as an attorney.

-Pro se = For himself

-Why would I want to be for myself, when I could be myself; in propria persona?

-And deny the court jurisdiction over me, by neither pleading; Guilty or Not Guilty?

-Why admit that I could represent "my" stramineus homo?

I will not deal with the distortions presented so as to denigrate the profession because that would be an exercise in futility...

Tell me where I am wrong, I will listen, don't call me names (as done below), and give no reason what I have wronged.

The channels of communication are open, let them flow. Don't close the dam when the city below asks for water.

To quote Thomas Brackett Reed: "They never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge."

posted on Jun, 8 2004 @ 11:18 PM
No. I’m not an attorney. I did go to law school but never took the bar exam.

I am in fact a long time student of the law, its origins in Common law, and a proud American who has the highest regard for our constitutionally mandated system of courts and laws.

I hold those who practice law – within its tenets and rules of practice – in the same class and esteem as a priest, minister, doctor, teacher………….those who are honest practitioners truly deserve the title counselor.

What you purport to be the truth are taken out of context to serve you predetermined bias. In other words, it’s the product a liar might use. Now since I do not know you and I sure ain’t into mind reading or remote viewing I DO NOT say or CALL YOU a liar. But it was produced by a hypocrite and is designed to be self serving slander to ends unknown.

And please, don’t thing your impressing or intimidating me with your use and familiarity with a Black’s or whatever source you may be using………..Silliness.

Should I say you are wrong? Never. That’s a value judgment I have no right to make. It is an opinion you may hold – certainly one differing from many others – but no less or no more on a values scale. I would remark, that one who may seriously hold such a view, might be seen by some to have some personality and/or intellectual level deficits.

But very quickly, because you claim to be “open” allow me to observe:

1. An attorney’s” first duty is to the court and public” an in essence to the law. It is a concept called FIDELITY. As an attorney he is a sworn “Office of the Court” with all the duties and responsibly that such a relationship implies.
2. Only some client’s in very specific situations are considered “ward’s of the court”. One can not say that all clients are wards of the court. That’s a FALSE assertion.
3. And the last assertion is accurate.

The conclusion’s one might intend to imply if one were to try would be (all the more common one’s that might be implied from the presentation) fallacious. Actually there is no logical conclusion one can come to with the “facts” you present.

It is an artful and crafted dodge where the one who publishes it can have “plausible deniability” …………the “I never said that” rejoinder. It is a tactic employed by prevaricators and others of the passive-aggressive type.

AS for the implied means, I’ll let you list them and then check with your Logic 101 book and notes to classify the fallacies employed.

I have confidence that’s a task within your abilities.

If you are in fact open and honest, I will enjoy engaging. But if your purpose is otherwise I must warn you my friend………………….you are well out of class to butt heads with me………….As` they say on the street, “You be F’in’ with the wrong boy, sonny.”

Thanks for taking the time to answer my post

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