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FreeMan says justice system not for him

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

A lovely answer ... well thought out and written. I respect and admire your belief for the Goodness of Humans.

But I do strongly disagree ... have you looked around at your fellow humans? Do you truly believe that bad people just want to admit their crimes and be loved?

I am sorry to simplify your argument ... but essentially that's it: That we will all co-exist peacefully without a meddling government in place.

Your thoughts of Utopia are to be commended but simply not able to applied to a world where human beings (in their current evolutionary state) exist.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by deltaalphanovember

Being a freeman doesnt mean there is no rules. The common law applies. Do not harm another. Do not harm anothers property and do not comit fraud. Pardon the spelling, I'm french.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 01:52 PM
O crap our tin is spreading internationally.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 03:11 PM
There is a growing "Freeman" movement here in the UK also, in particular freeman John Harris - who can be found at the link below.

He details much of his research and activities on the site. A current method which he is explaining is the use of "No Contract - Return to Sender" for mail. he is quite detailed in his entries on how this is all progressing.

In addition the site has video of Freeman John Harris giving a talk detailing how the political Labour Party (Democrats in the US I guess) avoid paying tax by being the trading name of a high ranking politician, Alistair Darling MP from memory, because he has diplomatic status which apparenly allows them to avoid tax. He also shows how government departments are registered Limited Companies and are so registered because they are profit making.

I would like to apologise as I may not have sufficeintly done justice to the great effort and work that he has put in, and would ask all interested to take a look at the site.

Read also how the BBC are comminting treason, yes treason, and how paying you UK tv licence is aiding treason and as such refuse to pay. The subject is already being covered here on ATS so read and add your comments.

Website -

Video -

ATS BBC Treason Thread -

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by deltaalphanovember
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

A lovely answer ... well thought out and written. I respect and admire your belief for the Goodness of Humans.

But I do strongly disagree ... have you looked around at your fellow humans? Do you truly believe that bad people just want to admit their crimes and be loved?

I am sorry to simplify your argument ... but essentially that's it: That we will all co-exist peacefully without a meddling government in place.

Your thoughts of Utopia are to be commended but simply not able to applied to a world where human beings (in their current evolutionary state) exist.

Well here is the underlying reality, which by the way truly escapes most people.

There is in fact no scarcity of anything on the planet in the way of resources, in fact there is an over abundance of them that would allow for every man, woman and child, on the planet to be adequately housed, fed, clothed, educated and entertained, and to lead a true quality oriented life.

What we do have though is a few thousand people out of a planet with about six billion people who control and horde all the resources based on a concept of title of ownership.

Now even though the planet itself naturally produced these resources the whole concept of legal title that grants them ownership from one generation to the next then becomes the root base of the law.

Yet in order for those rare privileged few to control those resources in perpetuity through the law of legal title they actually have to create a system of law that everyone feels serves them too, and isn’t just about allowing a miniscule percentage of the population to control the vast majority of the resources and to use them as leverage and power over others.

So to make the concept of law seem worthy to everyone else they purposefully create an artificial scarcity. The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds of the world could easily gainfully employ every man woman and child on the planet. They could easily afford to pay them all a living wage that would create a certain parity and equality in what people have as well as the value each person has as well.

The fact of the matter is they choose not to, to create chaos, by making sure some people have opportunities to be lawfully and gainfully employed so they can have a share of those horded resources, and that some people won’t have those opportunities so that they can not be lawfully and gainfully employed and can not lawfully obtain a share of those horded resources.

Now many people are going to fall back on their conditioning here and say, well there are opportunities for those who want to work!

Yet the numbers belie that. If there are 12 million people in a state, and only 10 million jobs available, obviously 2 million people are not going to be able to work no matter how badly they want to or don’t because there is no opportunity for them to work.

What then are there options, charity, state sponsored support at the expense of the taxpayers with stigma attached to it, family or, looking outside the lawful system of commerce that is purposefully limited to create a controllable segment of have-nots who will then take matters into their own hands by robbing or committing various other illegal endeavors for a profit.

So for some there really is no real viable option but crime or a life of crime.

The artificial scarcity paradigm is designed to accomplish two things.

The first is competition for a limited number of opportunities by rewarding those who are the most driven and focused and energetic and intelligent with the greatest number of opportunities and rewards.

However even if you had absolute parity where everyone was identically embodied with those most prized attributes 2,000,000 of the 12,000,000 million would still be left out in the cold.

So the first part of the artificial scarcity paradigm is about productivity, creating competition and tapping in on people’s competitive nature and ego to be as productive as they can be.

The second part though is truly sinister in that the artificial scarcity paradigm is designed to create a controlled chaos by effecting the numbers so that there will be a noticeable degree and number of disaffected have-nots who will then go outside of the system to gain life sustaining sustenance at all costs.

Believe me even a moral man faced with the sight of his own hungry children being realistically threatened with being tossed out into the street and elements, with no food to feed them, and no roof to shelter them, and no real way to protect them and keep them safe, would at that point seriously consider crime as at least a temporary alternative to gaining sustenance and shelter while hoping against hope some legitimate opportunity presents itself.

Yet now we do have a rogue minded individual on deck who is going to have to do something desperate in the interim or face real hardship and potentially even starvation and death. Make no mistake about it thousands die every day from starvation, even though there is no shortage of resources to feed them. Even though they would willingly labor to the best of their ability at almost anything, all the while, even though there are privileged people who could create employment for them, lawful employment and the resources that they are hording that are vital to sustaining life and maintaining life.

So now we have chaos on our hands, we all need protected, because this Father of Five who as a B.A. Degree and an impressive resume hasn’t worked in 3 years since his job was outsourced to China even though he’s looked for work every day, and worked at what ever legal paying jobs he could get no matter how menial or how over qualified he was for them.

Now this otherwise decent moral man isn’t going to go and steal one of Rockefeller’s oil wells, or one of Du Pont’s Patents, or one of Rothschild’s banks, he is going to steal your wallet or your TV.

Now you need protection! You need the police; you need laws, because just like Rockefeller wants to keep all his oil wells, even though he’s never ever had to work a well, or even visited one, you want to keep your TV and Wallet.

Of course if you are involved in a victimless crime, you gambled, you prostituted yourself, you grew a plant and sold it, well that’s cheating and alleviating the scarcity so that won’t do either.

The whole system of artificial scarcity is purposefully maintained to create a game of musical chairs. The fewer chairs there are the more people are left standing.

So now instead of Rockefeller giving them a job, where they could work and sustain themselves, you, you get to pay to warehouse them in prison! You get to pay to feed and clothe them which you gladly do to keep your streets safe.

Yet as soon as you send one away to prison two more always appear?

Why because in the game of musical chairs and the artificial scarcity paradigm there is always a fresh busload on the way of people who have really nothing but a slate of bad choices to choose from because they were given nothing really but a bad slate of bad choices to choose from, all courtesy of an artificial scarcity that is designed to empower a privileged few who leverage all the world’s resources to maintain their own empires, and make it seem like they are not the real criminals.

The real criminals are the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and their ilk, it is their order out of chaos, artificial scarcity system that creates criminals.

Ask yourself this my friend, if every man and woman had equal opportunity and an equal share of the abundant resources that nature itself provides how many of them do you imagine would need more or could possibly benefit from having more?

The fact is they wouldn’t. Then you would be down to just a very small percentage of mentally ill people predisposed to violence in absence of a more social coping mechanism and a few people who covet their neighbor’s wives because they already have everything else their neighbor has already.

People are inherently good, the artificial scarcity paradigm though is inherently bad, and designed to make good people or potentially good people turn bad.

Currently there are over 600,000 laws on the books here in the United States of America that regulate literally everything under the sun and then some, from the quality of the clothes you buy, the dwellings you occupy, and the food you eat, to what can be said on TV and how, to how you can engage in sexual contact, and even how fast you move from point A to point B.

All that is a byproduct of the Artificial Scarcity Paradigm and all that is meant to reinforce and justify a system of artificial scarcity meant to create competition of productivity and meant to cause chaos so you will look to the State and the Law so you too can keep what is yours!

The real criminals go unpunished, and the real crime goes by and large unnoticed.

I have faith in humanity and we all should, and we should all consider focusing on the humane and doing away with what is inhumane and that is artificial scarcity, and punishing those who would monopolize for the sake of power and introducing chaos so that people will look to their persecutors for protection!

Thanks for the reply.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 10:30 PM
ProtoplasmicTraveler that was an awesome posting. I should copy that and circulate it through e-mail. Starred.

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