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Vegetative Glyph Specimen 710NA6

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 04:50 AM
Com-portal xR95-0073 open, go

Hey guys, we've been watching this for the last five years and have actively been searching for anything like it. I'll clue you in on what's going on in the area but I may not be very visible so bear with me. My info comes from real life experience and there's a lot of it.
So, I need some input on what this might be. To me and many others it appears to be some sort of vegetative writing kind of like glyphs ONLY visible from above.
We are near the vicinity, this is Kachemak Bay, near Homer Alaska. What you are looking at is a remote landing strip near a hydro-electric dam. ..workers have been questioned.. Look around, this place is weird, I know that the outflow from the lake is tunneled under the mountain and exits near where I have linked to. Take a look at it and tell me what you see. There are entrances and exits all over the place, and there is a long standing rumor that there is an active military base here. It would stand to reason, since my greatmother worked in Fort White Alice (Homer, Alaska) before it was destroyed.
The town of Homer is where they first had the Delta T antennae assembled and they used to line the ridge and pointed down towards the town. There was a sister sight in Kodiak to the White Alice project, check this out.
White Alice Antennas and info.
From what we can gather, this was a part of the early HAARP. Kodiak has a few interesting features, and again, we can only speculate, but look at this, it seems to be some sort of antenna array. ..all ahead to sector zg7..
Aleksashkina Island just off the shore of Kodiak
Which brings us to the KLC or
Kodiak Launch Center which is actively used by HAARP for research, as well as other dubious enterprises ..scan complete bring up Alpha Centauri and Alpha Pavonis your lingual emulator is ac...which through research you will learn.
Now if you took the time to look at the antenna on Aleksashkina Island you noted its configuration right? Well what you may not have noticed is that it is only about 25 miles north-northeast of the launch complex. Also there is this.
Elmendorf Air force Base and it's strange antenna, note its configuration as well.

Again, we seek localized dialogue on the vegetative glyphs, if that's what they truly are. They (to the best of our knowledge) are not simply for beauty, nor are they tailings yet are constructs, but to what end for we can not read them. We tend to range all over year round, it's great. I may not be visible on this thread for a day or two, but will do my best to answer questions. Thank you in advance. I'm out of time up here.

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