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Little things, my view of science history

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posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 09:24 PM
Remote viewing-

Substructure something zero idea

Best explanation for link between viewer and target

A true void????

Universe comes into existence- over this

I am having trouble with two dimensional training for three-d effects
Point –a in x,y,z axis is connected to point b because they are on the same paper

Screw it
Space is an illusion if this is true

Moved object telekentically this way
Moved the object far away to me- it stay the same distance away but was closer
Object permeance is learned not necessarily true

Here is how I use the effect:

Go down to the subatomic level

Past that you reach a point of what existence is on top of

May be several layers down

I felt that the points could be reach by climbing up a different rung so to speak

I've read some of non-linear work, and the principle that move one atom its brother moves

This means any point in space and time exist the same way-

What the universe came into existence (medium that’s the word for SS-0) is not bound by the rules of time and space.

Its along the idea of all happened at once.

If a being stepped out of this into ss-0 they would be outside existence

I feel this half jacked explanation does give reference to Rv

Now the RVs go the under route then back up. The training for processing the information is designed to get the information that the mind processes and just looks over. Even if you doubt everything else it does improve your ability to get more detail out of the ambiance.

Down and dirty:
Universe came into existence over a preexisting medium
Universe is defined as all of existence including dimension, alternate realities, ect

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posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 09:35 PM
Black holes-
I had this thought a long time ago
All this energy goes in it has to come out somewhere

Came across white hole theory

What would one look like, a white hole?
Well energy and matter would be spit out by a repelling force
It in a since would be slightly inverse of a black hole

It dawned on me it might be a quasar or a nebula
Like the ocean the universe recycles itself-

Yes matter and energy can be destroyed artificially, but the forces are not natural to nature, the energy has to go somewhere?


My recent additions are this
With the gravitational collapse and in effect a magnetic drain being formed.

The material I read of the event horizons and ect, the energy reaches down the level but comes back out.

I think the numbers would be analogous to gulf stream formation with the magnetic influences being the factors controlling birth of nebulas

posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 09:48 PM
Faster than light travel-
This one I had fun with

Climb up a diving board
You are going through magnetic fields
Transferring kinetic to potential
When you jump off the board you are transferring p to k

With this same principle

You gain infinite mass with infinite velocity as you approach the speed of light


Well your passing through em fields and other things

Technically-you could using inducers, transformers, and capacitors to transfer your mass you gain to velocity

Mass is the pull of gravity and other fields on other atoms?????

My explanation may suck but I had an MIT professor ask me when I going to sign up for his class….At least he claimed to be. His students brought him in to argue with me and he shocked them by agreeing with the principal.

posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 10:05 PM
Quick summation
-substructure universe exist over is three dimensional interconnected sponge
-universe recycles itself via black holes
-FTL is possible due to using rules against themselves

My weird one-

Chemistry did not make sense when it came to the structure of the atom and its behavior

Why does the electron and proton stay there. Sorry my dislike of authority and the fact the teacher was a slut made me question here at every single turn. (She slept with my art teachers husband on the chem Labs table.

After some thought and discussion I've mostly forgotten this was the result.

The neutrons act as an extender of the protons spin, keeping the electrons at bay???

A friend much smarter then By at least fifty IQ points said it explained the behavior of I believe neon gas of the materials in those halogen light bulbs.
Its been since 97.

Well so far we have a universe that is flowing and moving.

Which brings me to another point.

The universe will be found to behave like a lifeform. Its characteristics and behaviors will be found to match the algorithms of life.

This is more of a prediction.

my other item is more of a question, they stated somewhere that dark matter is supposed to be what accounts for the unexplained weight.

Until I read more this is a 'Im glad I have boots on' comment.

I disagree, was centrifugal forces taken into account for the weight?

I thought mass was dependent on the strength of the fields affecting it? K to P....

was the possibility of base particle in transit taken into account?

Just questions

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