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The Ten Commandments: practical faith or hypocrisy?

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 05:59 PM
"Commandments" is a terrible misrepresentation of what the Tables are,
they are not Do's but rather NOT do's LA(LAW)s in Hebrew (NO, a Denial) and what we translate "law" is the word ToRaH (Guidance, instruction)
and the only part of those done away is the Priesthood and Ceremony which governed us from outside ourselves.

There is a Mountain it's rock a uniquely tight layered granite that hews square and cannot be inscribed with any tool -as it pits and chips away
with attempts blackened to the degree of what is called Obsidianization... its top has a set of towers in a fenced in flat area like a smooth pavement called N4 built by a Australian firm for enforcing our No Fly Zone on Iraq

There on that peak of the 5 mountains called AlLoz in the Hijaz of Arabia near ancient Madinah on the Hijara the GOD Y'HUaH met the Man MuSh'e
and made an Agreement for Marriage in Death for a life to stand upon when His power of Creation would be used for Annihilation of Humanity and
He would Establish them who would come to stand upon His standard.

It is a no-uncertain terms absolute set of 'Denials of granted continuance'
by who is the Successor of Humanity and Time itself, who would prove To
Be (at the place where He would choose to establish His Name there) so
that having come into His own Creation for His own Creatures they to Him
would be given a Day of His week in trade for the Day of their weeks.

The Words are all so misunderstood, for even their exclusive monospace writing -from the Zodiac fixed stars- is only just now coming to be known,
and the Jewish "authorities" have generally said; "That's not Hebrew" to it.
Amazingly it is nearly identical with the keys we are putting our fingers to!
If only in these our times we would know the truth of who we are, but for
now it is Hidden -unless one depicts it to show and explain it to the rest!

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 06:26 PM
I read somewhere that there were originally only two commandments

Do not worship false Gods.

And do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by halfoldman

I know to use the word "Christian" is to generalize a great deal, and a lot of really great people fall under that term. But for the sake of brevity:
my concern is that the token Christian leaders from the current mass movements (take the main figures from CBN, TBN, the various fundamentalist think-tanks and their vocal folllowers) want to change the secular world. Yet they are not changing the Christian world first.
It seems that there are a lot of silent disgruntled Christians, so where is the protest at these people who degrade their faith's image? Why preach to the world when your own house is not in order? Why not protest against usury, or have a voting campaign against it?
In conversation they say "Yeah, yeah we know Benny Hinn or whoever is a sham, but we'll rather fight the ACLU or impose school prayer".
Perhaps they just think its not worth bothering, since somebody told them Jesus is coming back tomorrow and will slap some discipline into the whole thing in any case?

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