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Aliens "astral travel" to reach us.

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by Thermo Klein

I doubt this thread will go anywhere but I have started in the last few months connecting with beings on "Level 3" which is my name for the level 2 above us.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments and maybe some of us (non-debunker fanatics) can have some ongoing communication on the subject.

You must be kidding, this thread not going anywhere? This is a great thread and I'd like to hear more of your experiences. I don't know where to start with the questions but could you give us details on your contacts with "Level 3" beings as you call them? What are they like, what do they say, do they say anything about Earth's future...etc? Thanks!

BTW, I like your signature...

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posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by markymint
... is the state you reach in lucid dreaming connected/related to the plane(s) you can reach in astral projection?

So my question is this really. When you first project, which plane do you go to first? And how do you find a way to go to the other planes? Apparently it's also impossible to reach the top plane, and extremely hard to reach the one below that or something...why is that? I realise it's probably unexplainable to a degree but any insight is appreciated!

I assume the dream plane is similar to an astral plane but I'm not sure. I can lie next to my wife and know she's dreaming, sometimes even know WHAT she's dreaming and/or influence it, but I don't feel dreamland in the same way as astral. I couldn't go find a land of dreams astrally and know these are all peoples' dreams or something. I think dreams/dreamland is created individually using the same construct though.

I discovered astral travel on my own as a kid so I just sort of named the first two levels blue and grey because of the predominant color of the land and background. There are a lot of levels and I assume infinite levels could be made within the levels, inadvertantly appearing as new distinct levels.

I once mapped the levels I knew and came up with: (from closest to material to further out):
Blue - what most people consider astral

Grey - similar to Blue but most people are non-active (astral body eyes closed, ears closed, etc.). There are fewer earthlike residual features in Grey.

Third - sort of has similar feel as earth atmosphere but with a yellowish hue. Lots of interaction here with aliens. Freeform construction as needed, eg. no "land" or anything unless it happens to be needed for the interaction. The beings I've encountered on Third recognize physical earth but react to it as non-physical, for example they might land a craft on a road, then use "will movement" to go through a fence.

Fourth - green and costic like living in a cloud of acid. Spent maybe 2 minutes here total.

5th - VERY interesting level! This level is made of interacting lines that seem to be the base construct for what physical things are. A building might appear as these bright cyan colored criss-cross lines. Telekinesis can be acheived by merging 5th world and our physical world together in the mind's eye (not easy!).

With all the levels I described above there seems to still be an innate sense of "self" and connection to your physical body in some way. After this level is huge black void. It isn't black in a way that you can't see, but like a dark room which you know well and can walk through in the dark. Beyond the void are vortices that look like a 4-petal chakra. These portals go to other lands such as what I consider Heaven. (Not in a Christian sense at all, just the place we go after death, and the place we are before we come here).

You go across the void and when crossing the portal into the Heaven realm you are no longer have any recognition of your physical body (without years of practice).

There is an open hole in the sky of the Heaven realm that is just pure golden/yellow immense energy. I sort of feel this is what God is and I get the feel that going in there would dissolve everything into love, into that energy which is in there, and all Karmic purpose would be dissolved. I think this is the final level in Earth's small pocket of astral worlds.

I get the feel that all Earth's and Heaven's astral/physical realms are in a "sack" of their own. I've only tried to go beyond the edges a few times and the experience is bizarre! It's as though every particle of your "self" is being blown away at 25,000 miles an hour and you have to keep using intensely focused will to stay alive and yourself. I sense other worlds beyond that but only at a distance. I haven't spent much time in that area. I actually sort of enjoy it because it's a challenge and very purifying, as though only the very primal, Karmic aspects of who you are remain.

I may write a book on this stuff someday, but I wanna focus on science-based "provable" experiments rather than personal, Phenomenological anecdotes. I hope this helps though. Also, keep in mind that people experience astral differently, so don't take anyone's version as right or wrong, just go with what feels right to you.

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 01:19 AM
reply to post by Thermo Klein

Man that's one crazy Baltimore story you wrote there. I don't know nearly as much about Astral travel as you, as I have only been doing it for ten years here and there for childish reasons, but I seriously doubt that you would have died. I mean; while you're out of the body, your body is still alive and at rest. Had you stayed out for a while I think eventually you would just wake up. In other words sometimes while I am out, I can been on the other side of the world in Russia with a beautiful woman or something, but if a loud noise happens I instantly pop back in and wake up. Is that wrong? It's far more than dreaming but the experience responds the same as sleep for me. I always pop back in when abruptly woken up.

How long have you gone full OBE for? I think I usually average about 25 mins, but it's kind of hard to measure exactly.

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 10:35 PM
Just a quick question. Among the species you've encountered out there, have you come across any beings that were unpleasant?

posted on Jan, 17 2010 @ 08:56 PM
Many thanks for answering my questions about the planes and the portals and stuff, that has helped my understanding! I just have a couple more n00b questions to ask before I commit to giving this a try (my mind finds it hard not to wander).

Firstly, apparently if you OBE in daylight hours, you can float about outside your house in daylight, and if it's night, do so at night. Sorry if this sounds silly, but is this the real world or has your subconcious just remembered it was light outside last time you checked?? There was some interesting descriptions of seeing other projectors at night.

But what about a man walking down the street round the corner in 'waking life', am I going to see him when I'm projecting? Or will be not exist there, or vice versa, be there in my projection even if he's not actually there in waking life?

If it's the first then AP is something special, if it's the latter, it's still special but it must pretty much all be part of your own concious creation?

And that's where my other question comes in, about demons, predatory types etc. There's a lot of advice on how to "power up" and overcome these things. I was wondering, can't you just level with these things? If this is all light and love why do we need to show aggression to get rid of them? I'm not saying it scares me - I just don't always trust myself with any other power than a deep stare and maybe raising my voice...!! If you can fight your natural fear factor, whats the outcome of just walking up to them if they're trying to pester you and licking their face? If they can't harm you then....? LOL, strange, sorry.

Thanks again for all your information. I guess I'll really need to experience it to understand it

posted on Jan, 18 2010 @ 03:26 PM

Originally posted by Thermo Klein
I mentally called to a Buddhist lama I knew. I sent a picture of my "self" lost in the astral, and a picture of my body laying in the park, and then Bam! I was back in. He somehow had enough conscious awareness and will to pull me back in.

Did you later verify with this person that he actually sensed your call and aided you? Or did you just assume it was his influence?

Also, what technique do you use to exit your body?

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