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The Ancients Series | Part IV: Egyptians

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posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by hoghead cheese

It's two choices, they either built them (which I say they didn't) or they didn't buildn't build them. Make two columns and go through the pros and cons of each, you may find out that information showing (which is alot) that they didn't build the pyramids.

Your two choices are whether to do some basic reading of academic texts and archaeological research...or not. The suspicion is that you haven't read anything academic and likely think the contents of 1000s of university libraries simply don't stack up against the websites of Wayne Herschel and Hancock.

Seems to me with the flurry of god-awful threads in the Ancient & Lost'd stand to gain 200 Flags for a thread explaining that Egyptians didn't build anything. Of course...explaining who else did and why would be great fun.

Here's a couple of interesting reads...I don't expect you to read them. Let's just say I'm obstinate in trying to dilute the ignorance in my favourite section of ATS....

NOVA: Can you briefly tell us about your history at Giza and tell us about some of the work you've done there? In essence, why Giza?

LEHNER: Wow, do you want the real answer or the abridged version? I first went to Egypt in 1972 as a tourist. And then I went back in 1973, the following year as a year abroad student at the American University in Cairo. And it's no secret that when I went I myself was imbued with the ideas of lost civilizations and inspired by a man named Edgar Cayce. So I was in fact, myself, looking for the lost civilization and something called the Hall of Records.
Interview with Mark Lehner, Archaeologist

Yeah, you read it right. He was ACTUALLY looking for the same stuff people around here need to believe in. Seems that after spending many, many years in Egypt, he concluded that the Egyptians built their own buildings, fought their own wars with neighbours (documented by the neighbours too) and left behind evidence to prove it.

Regarding the dating of the Sphinx....extensive excavations discovered 3 large limestone blocks in the Sphinx enclosure. One of the blocks was supporting a corner of Amenhotep II's temple. The temple was built prior to 1400BC. Underneath one of these blocks were found postsherds (broken pottery) from the 4th Dynasty. As well as that, they discovered stone tools and more pottery that also dated from the 4th Dynasty in excavation channels within the enclosure. Remnants of a Lost Civilization?

Egyptologists don't pull dates out of their asses.

posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 04:46 AM

Originally posted by hoghead cheese

Originally posted by Outlawstar

Originally posted by Kandinsky
reply to post by Outlawstar

Anyways an equally logical and for more probable explanation is indeed rain erosion.

Equally, probable and logical are misrepresented in that sentence

Oh now thats just plain cheeky

Seriously though, Im genuinely interested, why not rain erosion? Where is the proof the Egyptians even built the Sphinx, and for the love of God dont site old Hawass favourite stela.

Where are the depictions of its construction, the description of the methods used?

I agree with you, where are the drawings and such that depict the building of the pyramid. They where drawing everything else in detail but wanted to leave out the most massive and longest constuction projects of the empire and leave everything BLANK on the inside of this "tomb". And if you can imagine what this thing looked like up close let alone 20 or 30 miles away with the casing stones and such literally glowing when the sun hit them, the pharoh would have been breaking his neck to make sure it is written all over the place that HE and not no other had this accomplishment built and made (heck they even don't have the sphinx construction written down anywhere). As I have said on other posts in regard to this and this particular post. They came across this area thousands of years ago (probably seeing the glow of the casing stones on the pyramids) and where in awe. The lived around the ruins but didn't enter them or touch them because they feared them. After a couple of decades or maybe someone or group got enough nerve to look around they felt secure that it wasn't "dangerous". So they took little liberties with the ancient structure taking stones and/or building around them and over them (and even trying to figure out left over equipment that may have been around there at that ancient site). They didn't know what they had and possibly never did find out (I hate it that the Alexandria library was destroyed, that must have had writtings about that area).

It's two choices, they either built them (which I say they didn't) or they didn't buildn't build them. Make two columns and go through the pros and cons of each, you may find out that information showing (which is alot) that they didn't build the pyramids.

Indeed, I may not be astute in the general social and political history of Egypt, though I am catching up, but I kno wa mystery when I see one.

Interesting point on Alexandria though, wasint Alexandria said to glow in the sun too, frikin book burners!!

I really have to agree though, I mean these pharaohs are always touted as egotistical, materialistic, power hungry megalomaniacs, surely they would leave NO DOUBT as to who built them!!!

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 10:27 AM
I would like to look into this tread more later, I think that it will be very interesting and for some reason my add to favorites doesn't add to favorites so I have to post to a year old thread!

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