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Being Physically Beautiful

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 10:33 PM
Human beings - animals who like pretty, but really will screw anything so it doesn't matter really.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 10:52 PM
Yeah there's actually a lot more to think about on this topic which doesn't get addressed.

The ancient Greeks expressed the Golden Ratio as a continued proportion --

A is to B as B is to (A plus B)

Now a "continued proportion" is based on harmonic ratios -- which do not end!

The irrational number as the Golden Ratio is actually proven from a quadratic equation.

But in order to prove the quadratic equation the ORDER OF THE RATIOS HAS TO BE REVERSED.

So for the Golden Ratio the continued proportion is now:

A is to B as B is to (A MINUS B).

So in music theory the Golden Ratio was expressed with the order reversed --

so 5:8 is the minor sixth and 3:5 is the minor third.

These harmonic PYTHAGOREAN ratios were used by Kepler when he charted the planet orbits.

Kepler's secret symbol was the Pythagorean Tetrad of the ratios 1:2:3:4 with a circle inscribed and a circle circumscribing the equilateral Tetrad.

Kepler then realized that when the Tetrad is expanded to 4:5 then the circle changes to an ELLIPSE and this same 4:5 is ALSO THE elliptical orbit of Saturn to Jupiter's ratio.

Now then -- what does this have to do with the Golden Ratio?

Kepler, as a true Pythagorean -- or at least he was trying -- was AGAINST the Golden Ratio because

the "proof" for the Golden Ratio is based on a "divide and average" -- again derived from the quadratic equation.

So you take the continued proportion and then you REVERSE the order so that you can then have a value of ZERO.

But if you do not reverse the order then you get an infinite "divide and average" summation between B SQUARED and (A plus B)A.

Kepler realized, as per Pythagoras, that the values were either MALE or FEMALE numbers -- which continued infinitely.

Whereas the Golden Ratio is based on zero as "negative infinity" and then infinity is "contained" in geometry as an irrational number.

So seeing is NOT believing in this case -- the truth is much more subtle and powerful.

You can read my blog for more details --

reply to post by dragonsmusic

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 11:14 PM
Here this further explains the problem with the Golden Ratio:

The Golden Ratio change from A:B::B:A + B to A:B::B:A – B for Plato’s Academy fails to satisfy the algebraic solution of B squared even though it can provide the Fibonacci number series. For example quantum chaos Professor Ian Stewart in his new about on how all of science is based on symmetry, Why Beauty is Truth: A History of Symmetry (2007) states that the order of the symbols can be changed around in solving the quadratic equation, if there is no concern about negative or positive values. But in music ratios, based on asymmetry, changing the order of the symbols has a direct consequence on the meaning of the terms since C to G is 2:3 while G to C is 3:4. Kepler understood and rejected this changing of the order of infinity because A + B is converted to A- B even though the two expressions have a different square value. Plato and Euclid relied on this concept of negative infinity, using the quadratic zero, to justify the changing of the order, but in the Pythagorean natural overtones – the Law of Pythagoras - the female principle comes first and one is therefore not a number. For Kepler, the method of exhaustion, derived from “Plato’s Theory of Numbers,” (for the square root of two, the ratio of the triangle diagonal to the side as an infinite fraction series converging on the irrational, by alternately greater and less ratios) exposes the inherent Pythagorean complimentary opposites of evolution – the male and female principles. (“Plato's Theory of Number,” by Ivor Bulmer-Thomas, The Classical Quarterly, 1983). So for the Golden Ratio of A:B::B:A-B the result is A * A - B equals 2, 3, 10, 24, 65, 168 while B squared equals 1, 4, 9, 25, 64, 169 creating the male-female (complimentary opposite) convergence. (“Kepler’s Celestial Music,” in Studies in Musical Science in the Late Renaissance, 1975, Warburg Institute, Oxford University).

The Golden Ratio change does satisfy the switch to irrational geometric-based fractions which are not ratios based on the asymmetric Law of Pythagoras overtone harmonics (again with C to G as 2:3 and G to C as 3:4 in violation of the commutative principle of symmetry). So the changing of the order of the letter symbols of the Golden Ratio from A:B::B:A + B to A:B::B:A - B is in order to convert the Tetrad to the Freemasonic symmetric geometric mean of the Golden Ratio. The Fibonacci Number Series 1,1,2,3,5,8 with 8:5 as the Minor Sixth and 5:4 as the Major Third is the “vanishing mediator” from music theory so that now the Major Third or 5:4 equals the geometric mean as the cube root of two, from Archytas’ “doubling the cube” proof that creates similar triangles. For example H.E. Huntley’s book The Divine Proportion (Dover) analyzes music ratios for the Golden Ratio but erroneously considers 8:5 to be the Major Sixth, not the Minor Sixth.

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by Selahobed
reply to post by dragonsmusic

..And as for you sunshine, you are soooo adorable.... Ive u2ud u my addy... The rest is up to you xxx

YOU are adorable.
And distracting

Though I'm not complaining in the least

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 01:00 AM

Originally posted by Asktheanimals
reply to post by dragonsmusic

Yeah, I watched the video. I think the meaning of the golden ratio to us is that within that ratio we see the hand of creation at work. This is the same fractal principle that makes flowers, crystal, snowflakes, you name it. Small wonder we are attracted to it.
BTW - I checked out your song on myspace - very well done! You have a quality voice and a good sense for melody. You sound a bit unsure of yourself at times but practice will shape that up for you. Good song.

PS - if you think you're cute or beautiful, just remember: there's a whole lot more of ugly mofos than you are - frank zappa

[edit on 7-1-2010 by Asktheanimals]

Excellent examples of where it's found. Small wonder indeed.
Thanks! It's got some fine tuning to be sure.
Though I am more confident now since I recorded that.
And I hear violins in my head playing in the background when I think of it. Hope to get them in there somehow.

PS I don't think I'm cute OR beautiful

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 01:05 AM

Originally posted by Aeons
Human beings - animals who like pretty, but really will screw anything so it doesn't matter really.

Not ALL humans will screw anything , but that;
THAT was f$#cking hilarious , Aeons

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 04:59 AM
i'm a big gal and in no way fit this "beauty" cookie cutter, and never ever had a problem finding followers or admirers. since high school, when i've been single i've been quite popular and quite the heart breaker... and even not single, ALWAYS a terrible flirt. I was the dumper and only been dumpee twice in my life and both tried later to get back with me. even now my partner is ummmmm [Blush] 20-some years younger and completely devoted, even though i am sociologically useless, unemployed and impoverished.

dunno why... used to be musically and artistically gifted but those are gone with my manual dexterity. you folk know i can't even type properly without much revision. piano, 12-string and woodwinds are dead to me. likewise anything but goofy-looking cartoonish pics in terms of art..

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