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A dream or a contact memory?

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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:20 AM
I have only seen an unidentified object once in my life and never had any other experiences that might seem supernatural. Never have I had a dream that was not based on earth or far from reality.

Recently I have had flashes during the day, almost like remembering a dream but also like remembering real events.

These are memories of being in the woods, where a hovering windowed craft is parked. I get in and there is only one level. Inside the craft is empty except for a cushioned seat that is going around the entire radius of the interior of the craft. There are other people siting on the couch like seating and the dont look at me, they only look out the panoramic window which is the entire perimeter of the craft.

The craft seems to be set up for the sole purpose of viewing out side. The craft lifts off the ground and takes us all at a blink of an eye out beyond the solar system. We are looking back at our solar system which is overlay-ed with a computer image labeling the planets.

The images shown appear to be a video similar to the movie "mission to mars" where a history of the solar system plays out. Only in this case the history starts with a super nova sending out massive amounts of debris into our solar system which is now empty. Different matter collects depending on its atomic weight as the images have symbols from the periodic table of elements overlay-ed to show which elements form the sun, and each planet.

The earth is then the focus where symbols for elements are shown over the molten core, and I see the symbol for radioactive used in the core. This is the same radioactive symbol you always see in the movies for nuclear fall out shelters. It seems like the images im seeing are not accurate to reality, but made custom for my own understanding of things.

The images then jump to what looks like the earth completely covered in water, the images zoom in to a the molten core of the earth where the radioactive symbols start to rise up through the mass of the earth into the water on the surface of the planet. The symbols for radiation are then show to interact with either atoms or molecules in the water which starts them vibrating, then causes them to turn into cells that start dividing. To me this is indicating that life is being created due to radioactive elements in the earths core.

Then the images jump to deep in the core where there are crystals growing. The crystals grow very large and press on the mantle of the earth causeing pressure and lava to form. The earth then appears to start getting larger and the continents start pushing up through the ocean.

These memories or dreams can be explained by my exposure to many things.
1.The craft I have seen some where, possibly in a movie or old tv show
2.the view of the creation of the solar system was very similar to the movie "mission to mars"
3. The crystals looked exactly like the real giant crystal cave documentary I saw on tv.
4. The growing earth images were exactly like the Neil Adams videos

So either my mind is taking all of those things from different sources and putting them together as a dream, or something else is happening.

In either case I though I would share incase someone else had a similar event or memory happen.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 12:38 AM
Were there only humans on the craft? How many windows did the craft have? Did the craft have landing gear, or was it just set down? Were other star systems labeled, or just ours? What time of day was it when you got on the craft? Did the ground around the craft look scorched?

Thank you.

posted on Feb, 8 2011 @ 01:15 AM
I don't know if it is a dream or a memory fabricated from things you experience through out your day..... or a real memory. I enjoyed the story though. Maybe you should consider hypnotherapy.


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