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Crop Circles are Man Made, and here is why!

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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 01:39 PM

I am new to this forum but I find the subject of crop circles very interesting. I do not have an opinion as to whether crop circles are created by extraterrestrial beings or simply man made. But I did come across this video which I believe will add even more character to this debate. There has been some mention of a cover up conspiracy involving the British and American governments and this video brings that theory to light very nicely.

For the sake of completeness, I have included the second part of the video of Crop Circles Makers Exposed,
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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 02:23 PM

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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 02:42 AM
i saw a crop circle once up close... absolutely amazing, every strand of the corn was in a perfect Fibonnachi sequence, i don't know how much corn was in the circle, 100,000s or millions....?? but i would imagine even creating a crop circle 1/10th the size of the one i saw in a Fibonnachi sequence would be pretty much impossible with available technology...?

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 03:11 AM
reply to post by paranormalinvestigator


I have seen these before. But thank you for adding them to the debate.

Unfortunately is falls into the same catagory as most CC documentaries. It merely tries to mystify CC by debasing the fact humans make them.

The attack on the founder of Circle Makers is typical. It makes huge leaps of faith, basis itself on massive assumption and then correlates this in a rather fancy tale of mystery and intringue. All the while conceding they make circles and never presenting any evidence to show any other cause for CC's.

Ask yourself this, why is it that this documentary concentrates on the activity of humans?
Why is it that this documentary has to investigate humans who make crop circles?
Why does it need to assume or suggest the reasons why these humans make these CC's.

I'll tell you why, because in the history of CC formations there is no evidence, at all, that shows something non human making them.

CC community continues to attack the fact that humans are responsible in order to insert the possibility that there is another cause.

This behaviour is the total opposite to lex parsimoniae

Occam's razor, also known as Ockham's razor, and sometimes expressed in Latin as lex parsimoniae (the law of parsimony, economy or succinctness), is a principle that generally recommends that, from among competing hypotheses, selecting the one that makes the fewest new assumptions usually provides the correct one, and that the simplest explanation will be the most plausible until evidence is presented to prove it false.

My hypothesis is that men make them.

The video hypothesizes that humas are making some of them by assuming or suggesting that they are employed by the MI5, as directed by the British Government. The video also assumes or suggests that this is to cover up that aliens exist, and they also suggest or assume again, that aliens are making some CC's.

You do the math!

Thanks again for adding your thoughts and the video.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 03:16 AM
Hey Atlas, I'm thinking this year will be a bumper year for CC's...

Oddly enough, there is another CC convention on this year!

Surely a coincidence

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 03:19 AM
reply to post by atlasastro

ill be back after the gym

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 03:24 AM
reply to post by mirko

Can you link a photo or give me the date of this CC. It will probably be on crop Circle connector or one of the other CC archives.

There are many CC's that use interlocking Fibonacci spirals.

Oh! And what technology are you talking about? What evidence do you have that technology was used to make the circle.

Interlocking Fibonacci spirals are easy to draw, in fact Fibonacci spirals are easy. Look at my avatar. Hardly alien mathematics!

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 03:27 AM
reply to post by maryhinge


Enjoy the work out!

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by Chadwickus

Hey Chad,

Happy New Year dude, all the best for 2012( if we survive

Yeah, the CC gravy train is still rolling.

Did you know nearly one million people visit the area around Stonehengeand Salisbury.

Funnily enough, the vast majority of CC's just happen to occur in the same areas.


And 2012 is an Olympic year!!!!!!!!
In England.


If you are interested in exploring the Magical Crop Circles, their connection to the Mystical landscape of Wiltshire, England, combined with the insights of the ancient Wisdom Keepers, then this trip could be designed for you. During this tour we will explore many ancient sites like Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, West Kennet Long Barrow, Avebury. We also will visit Glastonbury (Tor, Abbey, Chalice Well) and of course many crop circles.
This will truly be a Magical and Mystical Tour!

Itinerary of Mystical England and Magical Crop Circle Tour 15 July - 22 July 2012

Hope the ET's have the itinerary too.

Because this is what they tell people.

day 3 - Tuesday 17 July 2012
After the lecture of the previous evening you want to see the real thing, so this will be a 100% crop circle day. We will visit as many brand new crop circles as possible, all under the guidance of seasoned researcher Bert Janssen.

100% crop circle day.
100%. Wow.

Not one photo of the aliens, who follow an intinerary that 100% gaurentees crop circles four months before they happen.


It is the year 2012. A truly magical moment on our time line.
The interest for our 2012 Crop Circle Expedition is huge. So please, don't wait to long to signup.

The price for this eight day trip is US $2700.00 *

0% Alien.
100% business.

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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by atlasastro

Wow, I feel stupid! Up to a few minutes ago I thought the Fibonnachi sequence was the height each individual stork was bent, not actually the spirals which make up the overall design of it...

Let me try to clarify my original post...

on the circle i saw every strand of the crop within it was bent perfectly and uniform...

Someone examining the crop circle mentioned that was of interest because it wasnt just simply flattened down..

I cannot imagine how any machine could do that so perfectly...

My knowledge on crop circles is minute, have just pulled up a few sites and am amazed by what people have created! I remember looking in awe at this circle I saw, each stork was bent perfectly like it was completely natural, but on some of them crop circle sites it looks like people knock them out every weekend! - covers the area I used to live, I recall seeing this particular one about 2006 near Maidstone... I cannot find it on that site however, I'm not aware of what the entire design of it was also... but from a bit of research it may seem that it wasn't anything special to be honest...

now to spend a whole weekend educating myself on crop circle creation

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by mirko

Don't feel stupid, they say you learn something new everyday!

Anyway, good luck with your research, get back to the thread if you want to discuss anything more about the CC phenomena.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 10:53 AM
^ Then you have explanation why on some of the circles is found an increased level of radiation? Heh yeah believers are stupid and those who find explanations know all, they are better than many years researcher who tell you there is more than some random peasant decided to have some fun one day/night. You all know more than them.. right.

If they are human only the military is capable of doing that, saying that some random artist did it for one night when no one was looking is plain stupid to claim.

If they were so easily explained they wouldn't be in the field 'mysteries' for so many years but hey you are all experts..

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by Imtor

Just point out the circles with increased radiation. The research, and the studies done by the "researchers".

Pretty simple.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:13 AM
Lmao so you doubt what gauger counters show? .. See what the logo of ATS says, deny ignorance. I say KILL IGNORANCE. Google 'crop circles radiation' and read yourself, these don't come from space, from studies, and probes of the places. Some fools think this is a matter of belief when pure science is applied there.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by Imtor

I have read the reports myself.

Thats why I want you to post them.

There was only one study ever done and it was withdrawn from publication by the authors.

The fact is there is no scientific material showing what you claim.

AND, you know it.

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by atlasastro

What was withdrawn from publication? Watch any movie documentary or whatever with people who study this field and will tell you radiation is found in the genuine circles. I don't have any documents showing them, ask it from their research centers if you want to see such results of the probes..

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by Imtor

You don't even know that the radioactive claim was studied and withdrawn.

Link the documentaires with the geiger counter footage.
Why in the history of CC has no one show radioactive crops?

Since when is footage to be taken as the truth without evidence to back it up.

You say Kill Ignoance yet you are telling me I should merely "believe: a documentary on the internet!

OkeyDookie, not!

BTW here is the research you don't know anything about.
Wouldn't want you to be ignorant now, would I?

In the winter of 1991 we circulated a paper in manuscript claiming to have discovered 13 unusual radioactive isotopes in soil samples from an English crop circle......We are satisfied with our logic, but, unfortunately, the basic data turned out to be less solid than we believed. For that reason we pulled the paper from publication, and we are withdrawing some of the claims made in it.

Above is the retraction, that big word "radioactive" and the other big word "isotopes", these two relate to your claim.

As I said before:

Just point out the circles with radiation. The research, and the studies done by the "researchers".

Pretty simple.

You can't do it can you.


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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:59 AM

I've seen the documentary movies I dont remember which ones, the increase of radiation was on papers.. It is all over the internet because the information comes from the probes, THE DOCUMENTS with the results. The increased radiation levels on fresh circles was a fact, this information is not coming from space..

What's so unbelievable about radiation or will it shatter your ignorance and pre-defined I don't hear you if you think differently attitude? Go to some research center and speak to them, I tell what I saw from the study.

What's your proof of disregarded 'radiation' if you don't hear it straight from the same people and research centers who previously stated there is increase of radiation as shown on the results. Or did you read some skeptic blog, site, magazine... how stupid to deny something previously stated.

Or if those people are "researchers" what are you then? They've spent years of studying them and you're nobody, your arguments are invalid.
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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 05:25 PM
reply to post by Imtor

Just point out the circles with increased radiation. The research, and the studies done by the "researchers".

Pretty simple.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 08:18 PM
I would like to see some of these on video made by man also... Like the alien face with the Mayan design. Im calling bs that they made these with a few simple tools. Idk about "aliens". But with these complex designs and some instances where cattle was mutated, I doubt these guys are responsible for all of them. But I could be wrong.... Just give More proof. Just because the military can replicate a UFO does not explain every sighting. I think the same goes with cc.. Just my opinion.
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