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posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 06:51 PM
The Gray Area is a discussion forum that provides a dedicated area for members to post their confessions, disclosures, and related extraordinary personal experiences. Like the highly speculative Skunk Works forum, The Gray Area will tolerate topics that may be unusually hypothetical or unproven for the purpose of vetting the stories of thread-starters by the ATS membership at large.

By nature, The Gray Area tends to involve unproven claims and anecdotal testimony that may arouse skepticism in some members.

As always, skepticism is fine, but only when expressed in accordance with the Terms And Conditions Of Use.

In particular, Courtesy Is Mandatory. Insults, ridicule, harassment, abuse and similar behavior constitute a direct attack on what this forum is intended for, and will be treated accordingly.

Members unable to politely discuss unusual, unproven or unorthodox subjects should avoid this forum.

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