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slave trade in Canada

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posted on Aug, 8 2010 @ 12:42 PM
Uncle hero's old neighbor hates his mother, the chivalrous rastafarian with arbitrary evo morales. Slummie has dated half the city of ottawa. Ten drunks ten years ago, isn't his ex live in, who can afford centurion.

Ottawa drug dealers and cornwall graffiti gratuity users simply have tired of the limping vent of invisible drudgery, they imagine is fellating their treasury. Isn't that celestial lowing brow's cross to bear, for not wanting to sit through a lecture, when vindictive abuse cycles were to the untreated drug dealers more exciting.

Authority in ottawa is too sick to address cleptocracy's embracing organized crime, they prefer raping tax burdens to death at barnyard ishii's abattoir impersonation of a rail road baron, on Sewer Island

One might think the Chinese had a corner on torturing, when it's Ottawa's slave traded MC fee at barnyard ishii's farm for sub animals. Proletariots and bourgeois imperialists trickling down to Dublin urchins raping drunk Indians, in secret stadiums

Ceausescu's fake heart miracle won't make it to Mars

Chinese can add two and two together, when results are falisified. There goes NASA. Most successful state campaign in history, destroying the nucleus of the home, designed by borat's mommy. Vlad the Impaler married Stalin to the mutaween's Hitler. Romania building *black ops sites* torture kamps for Halliburton, as quickly as they did for Hitler

EU worried about torture

Kwanada is relieved to finally have their railroad baron sol Indian invictus, condoned by Ceausescu's Uranus.

Four countries, three continents, and profiting

"Congenitally vicious" like a Romanian orphan, one of Mengele's ingrates" target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

Faculty of Mark Foley Pol Pot

About the same age difference between Aristotle's thingamajiggy, and Borat's royalty, when Prince Uranus debased lizzard's wallet. At least his bastardized at divorce, garnished wage scholarship, tax relief schizophenia, offers co conspirator sabotage for a psychotic

It is called Greed..............there tell a joke a sick english one

Securitate is concerned with Prime Minister Dirty Secret's waked kitty kat's *Useless Eating*

not Cockney French's child kidnapping perjurers, who assassinate the mothers of infants they molest, as "child molesters".

Birth bond protectionism is ludicrous for epsilon habitant.

Canada is wondering how many uppity beggars their drug dealers, crooked lawyers and Munchausen's stricken torturers can crucify as terrorists at Ceausescu's slave trade olympics. Precious thing's birth bowel canal forfeited all entitlement to autonomous existence, when plopped his dour perfection, raw

Taliban, the "moronic hicks" are embedding so that scattin tom can continue to exploit slummie's trough of hostile hostages with lepine's big business criteria, are going to nuke them.

Ground of Sierra Leone is coming up fast to meet Cranford

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posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 09:03 AM
Securitate's "child molester" and disowned "juvenile delinquent" got rich, and won Ceausescu's palace's hospitality. Like a writhing in homicidal hatred starving obese, bankrolling lizzard.

Broken lp's molesting tweens in Vanier in search of Cornwall graffiti gratuity to jeered jet set tweens at st ch'atty's and fundamentalist family, deprived of genetalia and citizenry.

Cornwall graffiti gratuity, exploiting alcoholism not only all invisible form of railroad baron taliban

Summa was always the replacement hero, not that scapegoated wreckage from a residential mk ultra Aquarian Age drug colonization Cabaret

Pooor, pooor Prince Uranus having to reject a "conspiracy ch'o", who ran out of banknotes

Ceausescu is on Mount Olympus

“Inflation has a negative effect on everyone. But its impacts are particularly grim for women, who face increased tension within their homes.”

Monsanto has cured mensturation

If they even allege they were raped to the police they can and frequently are charged with the further crime of making a false accusation.

Murder in Purdah

Sophisticated criminalization of rape on NAU's sewer island

*It was better under slavery, hicks knew who blew up the twin Towers*

Doctards don't treat Pandora's box, they tortured Jeffrey Moussaieff Mossad, for trying, and challenging their abuse addicted denial

profiting kapos on invisible biological slavery in Taliban stadiums and Ottawa ampitheaters.

Pandora's Box for which we are finding more and more institutional child abuse on a massive scale all leading to the top of government. With massive media control,

this scheme becomes invisible to the rational minds of most Americans, aware on a subliminal level

Securitate is concerned with Prime Minister Dirty Secret's waked kitty kat's

*Useless Eating*

not Cockney French's child kidnapping perjurers who assassinate the mothers of infants they molest, as "child molesters".

Birth bond protectionism is ludicrous for epsilon habitant

Cornwall's cottage industry in abusing alcoholics and Hutu Tutsi hobbits, who haunt Ceausescu's Turkish exile, Israeli faux idiocy.

Broken lp's adolescent resentment is a climax on kilamanjaro for kapos, now joined by schizophrenics on a quagmire wire, big lie fatwa. Than amends, snorts paid better.

Arizona's barnyard Bryan,

like Freeman, likes to take photographs of his surgical assaults. A malignant narcisissts souvenir, some patients die for.

Lied to patient at the haberdashery, also a child woman, coincidentally

Canadian pornographer decides not to photograph naked 12-year-old girls. He draws this conclusion after crying in the shower — also known as the “oh my God, I need to help these bastards” moment. After such a suculent moment, he decides to focus on the misery and dirt of the Romanian street, bringing it into his Hilton hotel

Celestial lowing brow's voucher never went missing, only the democratic principle, and Hippocratic oath iin Rommel's Kanaanemi's slave traded Romania.

Celestial treasury privilege deserves it's hostages to resentments and pecking orders. Fundamentalist families are "purifying" Uganda,

Vanier Gujarat by taking slaves instead of paying tax.

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posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 09:15 AM
Had one of those spheres, fly into my house one day. Was with an artist with a trained eye, fellow who was dating the Welsh who stole the blue pearl. He saw it too, so it wasn't just a four legged brown scout up scurrying around WS's Communion house.

Thing had a belt of lights, like 50's sci fi. Can change its shape and go through matter.

Like Edea the Atlantean

My first thought upon seeing it was, that is a perfect sphere. Too perfect for earth. Its own force of gravity perpetually creates its centrifugal inertia, so it spins itself into pefect circles, spherical, oblong with a physical density or depth, not usually seen in earth spheres.

Where Rail road baron and slave traded birth bond treaursers, who profit colonizing alcohol allergy. Opium in China. Cannibals for Barnyard Ishii's modest proposals.

Ceausescu ignored his joint custody, no obligation to support, death decreed teen parental application and rejected her at her garnished wage scholarship.

Still, Ceausescu's hook and hammer are "purifying" Vanier, becuase he bothered to perpetuate her psychotic delusion. So he could play hero, at the hospital.

Lord of the flies to Vlad's abattoir dogpile, with broken Lp's of mengele correcting the snort order. Nestler's causes an epidemic of breast cancer and then, climaxes on kilamanjaro. Tax burdens who garnish the treasury for an education, that is "wasted" according to their drug dealers.

Monsanto's evolutionary standard is not ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny

Another kelavela hobbit, looks 12 yrs old, for broken Lp to offer her Cornwall graffiti gratuity industry, Mengele.

Ottawa's broken Lp of "retarded whore," bonnie bankroll, birth bond treasury. Immigration is selling strippers in a cage, to slummie, not only children as biological urinals to st ch'atty's fundamentalist family.
moronic hicks hiding their heads in the sand in order to avoid the Hitlers of the world.

Adman's "moronic hicks" are so retarded at U of Pol Pot, Queen scolds them on their birthday, and they think it's been a nice visit.

80% of the world's labor is unpaid female drudgery. Corporations want to keep it that way, expand on it's epsilon helot, indentured labor/fundamentalist family horizons.

Neither do malepractice profiteers want to extend themselves, when a *maid who loves too much* will apologize for her C'avlovian shark cage.

*Nothing to do with PAYOLA* - Ishii's habit.

Lepine's big business criteria, superior. Bureaucatic, Lincoln's "cruelest". They torture Moussaieff Mossad, for challenging their abuse addicted shock zone denial of invisible biological slavery.

*He's just not that into imparting humanity to frailty*

"Moronic hicks" debating hate with a man who built a tyranny throwing acid on women, who'd been profiteered, drank dowry zinni cell stoning, raped and/or slave traded.

Is it agreeable globally? The might is right biological cannibalization of Eastern bloc Muslim honor killing slave trading. Professor Gladiator Chivalry, at U of Pol Pot. Naomi Klein on a terrorist hot watch list. Anne Coulter in a bridle bit. Only Ralph is "retarded" enough, to throw alms at png's uppity beggars, in order to reassure himself, he is better.

Holocaust is not a debate, it is abuse addiction. Png is such an anal power and control prig, he, like barnyard ishii, does it for more than greed.

Ceausescu's new coathanger, doesn't like alcohol allergics on an island full of them, already is a rail road baron's Calcutta gutter sewer caste system

abuse addicted doctards, purifying creation with a garbage heap, conducting torture,

Mercury's millstone

posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 11:18 AM

Madea po po ho a multiple?

PTSD is slummie's comfort girl the *stew pot town idiot* accidentally insulted mengele's broken Lp

and her retaliation in graffiti made png snort

tards like Sparta, want to turn over the birth bond treasury

with death decree parental fatwa

Schizophrenic "conspiracy ch'os" and tax burden epithet toilets

built Ceausescu's new slave traded fake heart miracle torture industry in Ottawa

Celestial lowing brow never got that BA, her cribbage cuzi party made Lepine bray

and offered the securitate diversion

Simply because the jocks have been teasing Vianne since she was 11 yrs old

snorting with a Ratchet cheering section at MK ULTRA's little girl blue

no more birth bond protectionism

glory holes when psychotic or retarded alcoholic tween shock disordered

clumsy walk like pattons

doesn't mean she has to smoke anymore

Tards admire Sparta

hicks think they're better than MK ULTRA torturing mass murderers

Canada's crowned Ceausescu's Uranus with Turkish toiletry

putting summa in the hospital

had her released to a kapo and a drug dealer

the relapsing fistula undermined in quagmire

and living under death by fatwa, bankrupted six years ago

is a "refrigerated birth bowel canal* when rastafarian is rescuing

from *Just shut up* requests to return for meds, or take that part time job

drug dealer says, she can find another one, and corrects the order of snorts

for Sparta's retards

everyone brayed, oh, now there are two retarded whores

comprehension stymied on torturing Jeffrey Mossad Moussaieff

while Lepine fellates the treasury

it's the Barnyard ishii attempted murder from a coat hanger cartel

from Ceausecu's Romania

has got her chain smoking like a crazy Mengele ingrate in WS's folklore

man is persecuted by "fundamentalists"

not only aliens, moronic hicks and ufologists, he believes are "congenitally vicious"

while borat's bastardized at divorce's pity poop party in Armageddon

schizophrenic birth bond is returned to arduous, over and over

milarepa will show barnyard ishii

and smother the entire planet

in "garbage" that needs "purifying"

out of Ceausescu's Uranus

a pity poop party in Armageddon

broken Lp's graffiti idi is bastardizing hobbits

molesting tweens in Vanier Gujarat, in search of post scripts

to her adolescent vendetta

Ceausescu's slave traded treasury

they are having a little trouble with psychosis

Nuke bombs for Infrastructure

rail road baron alcohol rape colonization

*Just get drunk* or comatose on anathesia, barnyard ishii

drank dowry zinni cell stoning is cross cultural

when clubfoot's incorruptible altar is heaped in falsified C'avlov

Securitate cribbage cuzi, for the loudest lowing brow, of the treasury

Someone once asked me, why is that? Why is there an MK ULTRA logos

of quickest death from Ceausescu's Hitlery Uranus district

around arduous' psycho babble dilettante's scapegoat

some kind of Sharia McStinkyMcCarthyism, some jock wants to be shock trauma bonded for

dispensing with mercurial snorts, never be good enough, expect too much of

head injured child, alcoholic tweenager

gave birth to Ceausescu's genocide

while still a child

other one has a job, Ceausescu is bastardizing

sticky bun of skewed mutaween profiting on dysfunctional familial dynamics

paid off like the reign of replacement daughter,

was not a sabotage of recovery that threatened kapo denial

or malepractice profiteering

no matter if working or ill, all of Ceausescu's bastardized treasury

is madea po po ho

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posted on Aug, 11 2010 @ 08:10 PM


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