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slave trade in Canada

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posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 12:25 PM
Hello fellow posters, i am an old member coming back, after being dogpiled by a labyrinth of black ops. mass media psy ops.

People we disagreed with were once, "witches", now they are "disinfo agents"

Milgram's "patsy lizard".

A range of voice for writing is the psy ops agent's "Multiple Personality."

Project Paperclip found that making multiples was not easy, easier to buy puppet masters with money

Inducing psychosis, became the main focus of mind control and torture.

"Vancouver Corporate Circus, to be “the largest security operation in Canadian history..coordinated with Mexican and U.S. military forces."

Kleptocrazy likes fake science and slave traders, not disability recipient tax burdens.

Ceausescu's slave trade through Canada's immigration

"The goal of the New World Order: "Normalize" Massive Child Trafficking through Psychological Warfare making it invisible"

Baby kidnapping, perjurers, from a misogynist mass murder genocide, coddled in Kanada

and by mass media psy ops interests.

Sgro allowed "Criminal Reign of Terror." Not only KBR.

Isn't it nice to know, Ceausescu's "retarded" intelligentsia, is selling

Visas and Passports, in Six Farsi names, to slave owners,

Hard to replicate Borat's miraculous kardiognoste, logical deduction, he makes them up.

The Securitate Detach of birth bond inflating, exterminating, Sgro bro "retarded Sgro Ch'o"

kill climax club.

More complaints about Canada, than any other country...Of course, it is not every country which climbs into bed with organized crime as a human resource partner."

A candid canon conexxxion.

They put a hit on a female senator, to send the message out, of where to go

for a merciful execution. Stay Away From

Kanada's kapital slave trader execution for uppity women.

This destruction of children and families makes perfect sense under Nazi Mind Control as those now in power were nearly all raised sexually repressed at childhood. Such is the Pandora's Box for which we are finding more and more institutional child abuse on a massive scale all leading to the top of government. With massive media control, this scheme becomes invisible to the rational minds of most Americans, though they are aware of its violation to them at the subconscious level.

Eastern bloc Securitate. The kleptocracy, conducting an economic takeover/downsizing of National identity

is using draconian reigns of gender warfare

like that designed for Ceausescu's mass misogynist genocide to destroy human rights

and create the global sweatshop's birth bond treasury.

Or at least, some people, are making alot of money on Borat's

fake heart miracles and his Sgro bro's slave trade.

posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 02:13 PM

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posted on Dec, 12 2009 @ 05:05 PM
Aztec, another former UC poster, dogpiled to Roccocco shows

of Milgram schoolyard bullying,

thinks Whitley Strieber "killed John Mack"

Whitley Strieber is "not the world's savior", says another poster.

"He is a world class manipulator, with no ethics"

Perhaps a scapegoat. WS was approached by the "pentagon" he says, to investigate psy ops

inspired his book "Black Magic"

He declined, he says, and is still dogged by those rumors. His board, "Monitored by MC controllers"

say some.

Outlandish conspiracy, when confederacy of greed will suffice.

Png's pro pedophilia median age, slave traded Olympics in Kanada

is big money

The Olympics of pro pedophilia slave traded birth bond treasury,

birth bond treasury and slave trading are always pro pedophilia,

in Kanada.

Where the corporate circus' Puppet Master

has a heart miracle in Ceausescu's slave traded, perjury.

[edit on 12-12-2009 by frankenkitty]

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 07:19 AM
Perhaps, it's, "The Family".

they are wiping out gays in Uganda

Utah gets Sgro Ch'os or pious slaves

no middle ground for emancipated biological slaves

Patria Potestas death decree


Propping up Ceausescu in Kanada

Png's "Kin"

Texas North

A costa nostra, like the mob, far right, patriarchal shock trauma bonded


A candid canon connexxxion.

Monarch are Png's "retarded whores."

"The goal of the New World Order: "Normalize" Massive Child Trafficking through Psychological Warfare making it invisible"

The Kleptocrazy hates America. Skewed sense of entitlement for sweatshop Epsilon.

Nuke bomb.

Sgro bro's got the slaves and flurry of cowudder's idol, Png,

the psychological warfare, Pandora's chatty hyperbole.

Elevating Kanada to Png's Kanaanemi.

Family fundamentalism.

Tweedle dee, Tweedle dum.

They don't like the Rastafarian, unless he's invested his non taxable

leaf traded income in singing Securitate broken LP secret Sunday services

Ottawa's Securitate exterminates everyone who partied with their rat. Slave traders get the flack

in Kanada and Iraq, and women, mutilated.

Still raping with Clubfoot's MK Ultra vineyards. Phoolan Devi for the family.

Ten years ago, that and Thinking XXX candid connexxxed dogpile gobswaddle

Fatwa. Internet is a threat to Ceausescu's slave trade in Kanada.

Taliban execution in Kanada, cruel and unusual, for Ceasuscu's fiscal "retards"

Oat eating tax burdens, that can be easily raped and exterminated

in alcoholism.

What did they do to slummie's live in?

Who won't talk to him, but through a phalanx of centurion.

Idi is building a diamond mine,

with Png's broken LP graffiti blurb

Kwanadian radio show dysfunctional family genocide.

Give a Nazi scientist the mass media

and Rwanda is "purified" by graffiti.

Tabula raza kind of guy, free speech doesn't make a damn bit of difference

America is broke, not Png's purifiers.

Next they come for Rohm


Kapos don't need treatment for massive profits on the Ch'olympia of pro pedophilia, slave traded, birth bond treasury, fascism.

Busy bunch, those kleptocratic colonizers of the birth bond inflated. Idi Amin is building a slave colony.

Ceausescu's Princes Uranus are "idiots" in Israel, and "Zionist bankers", when slave trading perjurers.

La fee was not vert, or rose, it was the color of Israel.

OSR says "All monarch are Mossad agents"

"Mossad agents" or co refrigerators.

A mirror of "congenitally vicious sycophants".

Pandora's C'avlov bell tolls for everyone.

They're hiring a tour bus

so they can arrive hurling epithets

from Ceausescu's Uranus lexicon of quickest logos death.

"Retarded" Romanian Solomon's kidnapping, perjury

rape inflated, slave traded, birth bond treasury, misogynist mass murdering fiscal policies,

their miraculous kardiognoste.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 10:18 AM
So how many ex wives and not so pious slaves

has WS's missing allen,

dogpiled and tortured to death

for Ceausescu's new family

of pious slave traders?

Why!?!? It's Old Hack for the murdering, slave trading fascists.

Awwh, that is the nicest thing, any slave trading birth bond "retarded" Romanian Solomon treasurer,

I wish it were different. Wishing never did a damn thing.

neo fascist corporate psy ops agents destroying National Identity with secret downsize takeovers,

mercenary free for alls, malepractice costa nostra of medieval torture doctards, or Irish nigga

has ever said to me.

Da'an, Mordor is indeed now in the Shire--excellent way to put it

It's either Santa's elf or lurch's hell spawn of "congenitally vicious" survivors of thousands of centuries of Vlad the Impaler's

abuse addicted social Darwinism. St Ch'atty debating the haloscost with Gaberdine mutaween acid face.

Dieback Executioner's" strikes another blow, Killing the uppity slaves for Halliburton allied with Sgro.

Dieback Executioners.

The kleptocrat's African disparity in bottom line distribution, a criteria of png, guinea png populace.

Gladiator liberty, Idi Amin is jealous of Png.

At home on Turtle Island, the Kleptocrat's hired t'hugs, Terrorist Kamps.

Kleptocrats are Muslim terrorists. St Ch'atty is collecting tithes for Titc'ho.

"Germany: Muslim Honor Killings "The Whore Lived Like A Space Cadet"

the sad poet is here, waiting for the "crazy chola". yep

Unless healed by aliens, female heart murmurs are invisible to malepractice practitioners. Those are Png's "retarded whores."

Stone age will settle the clash on cannibalizing penury.

Turn over the slave traded birth bond treasury.

Png had slummie's Quasi Moto, weekend rack, from ten years ago,

"skinned and mutilated" called Moses a "pussy" and took his Securitate detach

on a picnic on mount Ch'Olympus.

i've got five words for ya tigger... Canadian Olympic Thread Tag Team you're the Maurice 'Rocket" Richard of Thread tagging...

"KBR [and Sgro] Allowed Criminal Reign of Terror."

Peasants of Kanaanemi took to Ceausescu's quickest death logos, with kleptocratic fervor.

"We get more complaints about Canada than any other western country. Of course, it is not every country which climbs into bed with organized crime as a human resource partner."

St Chatty's slave owning tax payers, not in danger of mutilation. Jihad Klepotcrat.

Kleptocrats are using Ceausescu's malepractice costa nostra to subjugate North Americans

as they do, all slave trade victims.

Psy ops and invisible fake heart murmur miracles.

Ceausescu is blessed in his new Sunday Best

raping "retards".

Birth bond inflating with missing allen's lower case corollary's family.

"spectacularly crazy rickie mcfee" for professor tar and feather.

X'ed out for X'mas with no flack.

"The Family"

a hostile hostage prisoner's dilemma

propping up year round biological slavery with birth bond treasury

[edit on 16-12-2009 by frankenkitty]

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 11:43 AM
How many women, has Ottawa's flurry of vicious mirrors

murdered in order to climax with missing allen's

slave trading "family"

in league with Ceausescu's fake PhD, not really "retarded" bro

in Sgro's sewer migration?

Big money in Ottawa's slave trade torture murder industry.

Child sex slave services as pious family from Idi.

Utah and Ottawa, get either or

Sgro Ch'os being raped in ghettos

or pious urinal, raped in homeowners

tax paying homes.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 12:32 PM
I'd be interested to read your thoughts on this.

However, they aren't understandable.

You obviously have something to say.

Maybe even something important.

But what it is is not apparent.

You are typing word salad with common themes.

Organize yourself, and come back.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 12:39 PM
I second that- lots of jumbled thoughts there and your links are all over the place topic wise.
Why are you spelling it "K"anada?

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 02:24 PM
The K spelling is almost exclusively used by people making a reference to Canada being Fascist.

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 09:51 PM
Internet is a threat to Ceausescu's slave trade in Kanada.

Pentagon: The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy "weapons system".

That is correct, lurking soliloquy to the depth

Sgro bro's securitate detach has spammed my letters

return to sender,

like the psy ops agents

not interested in Ceausescu's slave trading

but in inducing

dogpiled suicidal impoverished, isolated oat eating tax burden epithets

to psychotic suicide

Fortwynt wrote: The point is, it is worthless to try to seek help from the very ones terrorizing you, or any of their afflilaite torturers....right tigger? When the king is the criminal, who arrests him? Isn't about the helplessness of mental phobic dissociation, but about the pointlessness of outcry.

they are making money with slave traders

like the doctors

Ceausescu is a psychopathic pathological liar

and they like him

Still, the borat's are going to jail

my hotelzimmer hat told me

allen is missing, not only malignant

The hicks of Hoboken are chopping off feet, in search of Ceausescu's

doctarded PhD.

Thinking his kardiognoste, miraculous

and they are murdering their hotelzimmer hat penury

crucifying Spartacus

is "Walt Disney cleans"

This destruction of children and families makes perfect sense under Nazi Mind Control as those now in power were nearly all raised sexually repressed at childhood. Such is the Pandora's Box for which we are finding more and more institutional child abuse on a massive scale all leading to the top of government. With massive media control, this scheme becomes invisible to the rational minds of most Americans, though they are aware of its violation to them at the subconscious level.

Pandora is boxy.

[edit on 16-12-2009 by frankenkitty]

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 06:41 AM
The "Family's" slave trader's "whore/Madonna" complex has not retarded their understanding of stealth psy ops.

Those Utah child brides, will be raped either or, as pious brides or degraded dependents in a ghetto.

Stealth psy ops campaign: Far right wing groups complain of a "stealth psy ops" campaign, underlying "The Golden Compass"

JK Rawlings was 'Outfoxed at the battered elf shelter"

Authoring mass murders in Uganda.

Slave trading greedy dinosaurs, a family.

*La fee vert's* "hicks of Hoboken", are chopping off feet, in search of Ceausescu's doctarded PhD.

Synonymous MD for the purpose of fake retardation contagion stipends.

Ceausescu's Misogynist Genocide


To the "Hicks of Hoboken"

"Halloween" no budget required

Profits from slave traded women, and children, paying the torture doctards to exterminate

fiscal fears for abusive ex husbands.

"The family" is personally overseeing "retarded" Romanian Solomon's "Zionist banker" slave trade through Sgro.

Quarter of a century, since the "retarded" baby kidnapping perjurer,

lived in the city. "Retarded" Romanian Solomon's results are hard to replicate

because he is a pathological liar

and wears a halo as a "retarded" sewers, his mother designed for misogynist mass murder

in Israel. Both the fake doctard and his baby kidnapping brother, are "retarded" perjurers.

He calls it "thought identification."

"..pre emptive detention for psychopaths"

"we must try to identify these people BEFORE they act and lock them away before they harm anyone."

The gentleman doth protest so loudly

of persecution from the far right rally

Using the media to brainwash the retardo's with premise insertion

underlying premises, agreed to as hostile hostage

The adman is not "retarded" intelligentsia, and knows which underlying premises take hostile hostages.

I was falsely accused of being a cult leader. In fact, the groups were operating as an alternative to a very nasty little cult run by people so startlingly ignorant, of what they are doing that they do not even understand that they are brainwashing their victims. Whitley Strieber

On a subliminal "stealth" level, or impressionable, when titled C'avlovian social privilege

For example, the recent fake "Reuters" story to the effect that Michael Lindemann and Jeff Rense were secret agents cried out for verification, but instead was spread almost without a second thought. It turned out to be a complete fabrication.

Ceausescu's genocide was full of psychotic, bastardized, retarded, starving orphans

mother's driven mad, hostile hostages

Ottawa's climax on killing for Sgro's bountiful slave trading profits, costa nostra.

This destruction of children and families makes perfect sense under Nazi Mind Control as those now in power were nearly all raised sexually repressed at childhood. Such is the Pandora's Box for which we are finding more and more institutional child abuse on a massive scale all leading to the top of government.

Strughold's "luckiest of lucky"

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 06:48 AM
Not enough to abandon his fiscal and emotional responsibility

to his only child,

Borat wears a halo, for Ceausescu's genocide.

Had i never gone on the ATS, UC, Godlike spiderweb

for Krause's luckiest louse with an interest

in fake science

and slave trade profits

i might still be living, not mutilated and awaiting execution.

And the suicide of Morris Jessup, another UFO investigator, who took his own life in a Miami-Dade parking lot on April 20, 1959. He claimed he had descended into a nightmare world of unreality, swept along in a stream of ?coincidences?,

Peter Levenda says, "coincidence" is part of the experience, when the UFO experience is driving people to suicidal psychosis.

[edit on 19-12-2009 by frankenkitty]

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by frankenkitty

Hey Kitty,
Write coherent, legible English and you'll get our attention.
Your efforts are incomprehensible gibberish.
Sorry dude/ette NOT cool or street.

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 07:30 AM
There is always name calling to preserve, ATS's high levels of discussion

The population will embrace, victimizing Ceausescu's choice of easy victim.

Habituated to emulating browbeat political attack ads for conversation,

imprinted with Stockholm syndrome identification with the aggressor.

Elements of the kleptocrazy want to nuke America.

Skewed sense of entitlement for a global sweatshop, epsilon worker, birth bond.

Outlawing abortion in the case of rape, is Ceausescu's misogynist genocide's engineering.

Millions of children, orphaned to Ceausescu's abuse addiction, wooden diction.

Staggered market ready, Jericho.

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 09:55 AM
Ceausescu's was a successful misogynist mass murder.

Ongoing, the diaspora of demoralized survivors, continuing their cultural degradation

unexamined, due to the banality of female slavery.

Price of a piglet in Kanada, where rail road baron firewater colonization is still raping allergic nations, with over the counter date rape cocktails.

Alcoholic women, like the disabled, assaulted more often, for the vulnerability, exploited and graffiti vandalized, exponentially.

Murdered in a climactic epiphany of a misogynist abuser's "retarded" graffiti.

She was sexually assaulted and brutally killed. The identities of those involved were widely known but it took 16 years for just one of them to be convicted.

Borat needs imodium in Bruno's fight ring. Or when discussing feminist issues with women.

Puppet masters to strum tunnel vision's marrionettes.

Ceausescu's campaign, Prince Uranus' mommy designed for mass misogynist murder, birth bond treasury,

is the most successful campaign in history, usurping parental authority in the home.

"Over 3,000 top secret PsyOps operations are now underway in America's mass media."

Traitors, staggered market ready Jericho, the nuking of America

where millions of children are orphaned by the wooden diction of Ceausescu's abuse addiction.

The psychotic orphaned epidemic of "retardation," coat hanger and otherwise.

Birth bond treasury, all "Dem dirty damn Mexicans, leave garbage by dat dere fence."

[edit on 19-12-2009 by frankenkitty]

posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 09:37 AM
Outfoxed conducted a stealth psy ops takeover

on more than mass media.

Frankl, divorced Ceausescu's slave traders, and they married Hitler's psy ops.

Voip is cheap, $40 a month for internet and phone.

$700 > for cable packages, including cell phones

charges for text messages

voice once outdid morse code

Can call China for 3 cents a minute

People pay much higher MC fees to ma Bell and her subsidiaries

never demanding legislation for their gouger's prices

apologizing for their shortage in money

Kleptocratic fascist, merry X'ed out for X'mas

climax on killing some more Sgro bro Ch'o, tomorrow

Many of those exploited were abused children which had been run through the Roman Catholic orphanage system. Not surprisingly, Dr Cameron has been conveniently left out of most psychiatric journals. This may have been, in fact, largely due to Project MKULTRA being publicly exposed in 1970, through lawsuits filed by Canadian survivors and their families. The CIA and Canadian government settled out of court so as not to be required to officially admit to any wrongdoing.

One of the wives, Doctor Cameron "downloaded" was the discarded wife of an MP

avoiding divorce's fiscal risk, gratuitously.

Do not discuss torture unless it titillates martin's canons, like strummed strumpet.

Administering Ceausescu's misogynist genocide's birth bond treasury's slave traded policies for Png's

Ch'olympia of climaxing on killling.

Cowudder death worm costa nostra, "useless eaters" who divorced Ceausescu's fake doctards, first into Hitler's MK Ultra oven

with Ceausescu's quickest death logos, fragile kapo halo.

Burning of [Ch'oraya M] in [Kanuckistan]

They only torture helots, and the army. Outcry on prison experiments was immense, because of the expense, so they switched to broken LP's graffiti vandalized 12 yrs olds.

Price of a piglet in Kanuckistan

Emancipated femininity is too much leisure time for Brittney.

Personanongrata: As far as the butcher is concerned, the animal is already dead

They even have a scapegoat for allowing Bush is only batty to fire all his generals

and give the war to slave trading mercenaries

who are not mutilated as a disability cost cutting measure with lack of flack

do not face court martial for threatening a prison manufacturing contract.

No occupation plan, looting is what "free people do."

WW XXXIV, png's "vicious sycophants" missed some secret wars.

Stealthy prescient png pawn piles

Ceausescu's cowudder acid spat face death worm mutaween. St Ch'atty is debating the haloscost with Prime minister acid face pious slave parliamentary wing.

Holocaust is not a debate, it is a pinnacle of abuse addiction's power and control bankruptcy.

Malepractice costa nostra, with a code like the mob or Png when he thinks he is Neitszche's God.

"Retarded" graffiti vandals, X'ing out "knuckle dragging maternal pedantry" for Kronos X'mas solstice.

posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 11:28 AM
It's code

Now to find the key!!

posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 05:41 PM
The cleptocracy, (it's in the dictionary), it is what is called the criminal element

that takes power, when there is a National power vacuum in representative government,

is conducting an economic global takeover.

It is pretty much complete, except for the degradation to human rights

stalling sweatshop market rates for North America.

The 1% of people who own all of the wealth on earth, hate America's sense of entitlement and respect for human rights,

they like Nebuchadnezzer's oven, for ridding tax burdens, the disabled, emancipated women

had better stay in their stables, marriage and otherwise.

The cleptocracy is cannibalizing Utah's pious child bride, or non pious prey for Dexter, in a ghetto, dilemma

created by pedophile rapists and slave owners, with no imagination

and a sick sexual identity, or power and control perversion.

Settling the clash of cultures on shared misogynist frontiers, Jihad epsilon.

Who pays the Jihadist to build terrorist camps all across America?

Bush's taliban.

Enough guns to shoot every lied to and manipulated citizen. Altruistic people don't see that coming

Preferring to think, Ceausescu's garnished wage scholarship, will finally provide a bond for his only child with her absentee father,

not make him the cleptocrazy's newest quickest death logos. Romania, was Hilter's quickest death logos

Germany had to ask them to slow the trains. Must have been his baby kidnapping, perjuring bro in Sgro.

They are intent on subjugating American people into indentured captivity, not only their women.

The cleptocracy, is trading slaves and contraband for profits, and kanada is no exception.

Adrian and Dan Sculptoreanu are Ceausescu's runaway "retarded" in Israel intelligentsia.

They are products of Ceausescu's misogynist genocide's socially engineered mass murder, slave traded birth bond treasury.

There are over 3000 psy ops operations in the mass media, right now, all of them working for corporate interest

that is non taxable contraband

Their goal is to normalize the slave trade in Sgro's immigration in Kanada,

as well as make the intentional neglect that led to the slaughter of

thousands of people in New Orleans and New York,

"Walt Disney" cleans.

Adrian is offering them fake heart miracles, disguised as pious slavery.

[edit on 25-12-2009 by frankenkitty]

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 11:16 PM
WS has written, that Patriot act legislation, reflects Hitler's socialism, more than conservative views of capitalism.

Almost the first thing that Adolf Hitler did upon his appointment as chancellor was to draw up legislation essentially ending freedom in Germany. Parts of it even read a good bit like the Patriot Act.

National Socialism, and at its dark heart is an irrevocable belief that the insiders know better how to run the country than the people.

Cops are being trained as corporate mercenaries.

You are the terrorist, the kleptocrazy wants to control. Ceausescu in Ottawa's new Securitate detach, trained as corporate mercenaries.

Slave trading funnels of taliban contraband and steroids.

Barbaric 'Honour Killings' Become The Weapon To Subjugate Women in Iraq Body mutilated and dumped like

Slave traders get the flack, In Kanada and Iraq,and women, mutilated. Unless C'avlov has spotted an invisible heart murmur.

Sgro apologized for Bro. and those who profit on the slave trade, continued profiting.

"Useless oat eating tax burdens" are only a "genocidal marker"

Not the end of the biological cannibalism, Ceausescu's pinnacle is nuclear, ironically.

Shock trauma bonded to aggressor, hostile hostages

Easy to control and grateful for arbitrary fate

Shock trauma bonded with a nuke bomb

Global birth bond epsilon

Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz, where he coldly analyzed the effects of trauma-bonding,

Then, they will love the reassurance of a resolute fascist in a gas mask.

China officially feels, the Falun Gong are infiltrated by espionage, stealth psy ops

that convincing the "cult" members, they are descendants of aliens.

This official line points a "golden compass" at the ancestry tradition of the populace

and the alien nature of stealth psy ops.

Mengele tortures in a bid for popularity, good cop, bad China,

vicious, idiotic sycophants.

A legion of "congenitally vicious", only the Grays are mirrors.

Ufologists are "The paranoid and the congenitally vicious." WS

Ceausescu's "retarded" intelligentsia appeals to the policy makers.

Ceausescu's mass murder, misogynist genocide of slave trade birth bond treasury.

Mexican immigration.

Birth bond treasury, floated by misogynist rape and murder, child abandonment, and the outlawing of abortion

or any medical rights for women, purdah of the infirm, in a sewer, or shot in a stadium.

Eastern draconian reigns of male reign of terror, Ceausescu engineered for his rape inflated, murder/neglect exterminated

birth bond treasury.

Have a pre made social malignancy, a niche for Ceausescu's securitate of rapists, in rail road baron, alcohol colonization.

The Kleptocrat's hate America. Skewed sense of entitlement for their sweatshop Epsilon.

They like China.

China is harvesting organs from live Falun Gong prisoners without consent and destroying their remains, says a report from a former Liberal MP and a Canadian human rights

Ottawa is slave trading, with shock trauma bonded identification with aggressors,

chunky women, also, will need Turkish hymen.

'Destruction of Women'

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 11:32 PM
Are you suggesting that Harper is like Ceausescu, the Romanian dictator? If not, who is Ceausescu in Canada?

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