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Oh dear, 2012, is it the next Extinction Level Event – The Final factual proof?

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 09:41 AM
The Local Interstellar Cloud
Illustration Credit & Copyright: Linda Huff (American Scientist), Priscilla Frisch (U. Chicago)
Explanation: The stars are not alone. In the disk of our Milky Way Galaxy about 10 percent of visible matter is in the form of gas, called the interstellar medium (ISM). The ISM is not uniform, and shows patchiness even near our Sun. It can be quite difficult to detect the local ISM because it is so tenuous and emits so little light. This mostly hydrogen gas, however, absorbs some very specific colors that can be detected in the light of the nearest stars. A working map of the local ISM within 10 light-years based on recent observations is shown above. These observations show that our Sun is moving through a Local Interstellar Cloud as this cloud flows outwards from the Scorpius-Centaurus Association star forming region. Our Sun may exit the Local Interstellar Cloud during the next 10,000 years. Much remains unknown about the local ISM, including details of its distribution, its origin, and how it affects the Sun and the Earth.
Science, 4 March 2005, by Lallement et al.
the Heliosphere is highly sensitive to the density of interstellar gas, and it could fail almost completely if the Sun passed though a dense cloud of gas, exposing the Earth to massive amounts of harmful radiation. There is some evidence to suggest that the Earth has experienced mass extinctions caused by interstellar explosions in the past - perhaps caused because we were in a dense cloud when the effects of a supernova passed us by.
The gravitation field of the Galactic Plane can cause solar-like winds to behave like steering currents on comets and other objects . The Earth has been pounded in the past, The very sparse, hot gas of the Local Bubble is the result of supernovae that exploded within the past two to four million years Thirty-four thousand years ago (34,000), the second part of a supernova explosion, the shock wave portion, hit the earth. The first shock wave comparatively did not disturb the Earth– It was rather unnoticed. Nothing happened, such that the inhabitants of the Earth would have become alarmed. Nothing heavy plummeted to the planet. They may have noticed a large array of ‘shooting' stars coming into the high, rarefied air. This cosmic castoff from the supernova with cosmic substances in the cosmos were pushed onto Earth. Evidence of remains of dust left behind from event was picked up 1992 by Eleusis space craft interstellar origin Micro meteorites coming from outside solar system They were caused by ions and small particles, all heavily laced with near to microscopic iron. Signs of evidence inside ice sheets over 35 thousand to 72 thousand years old Zodiacal belt shows Evidence of remains of dust left behind from event These toxic radioactive particles would later cause havoc. Man, animals, and plants suffered with radiation sickness. Mutations occurred. Tests of archeological finds show that man then had one blood type: O, some 100,000 to 40,000 years hence. After the supernova influence, humans started showing up with blood types A and B; and O continue to express itself also. Blood types A or B did not exist thousands of years ago. According to some scientists, if we possess those blood types, we are "blood brothers/sisters" to a supernova in the not too distant past. It Would be FOOLISH to not way the possibility that in 2012 we may be entering into a Dense region of Gas...As we align with the Center of Our Galaxy Our SUN Sol has and is being bombarded by particles now coming through the Heliosphere the sun has Gotten Brighter from these particles and has changed from A yellowish hue to a more white because of the increase in particles... We may be on te edge of a Dense Cloud of Gas ..and soon to be entering in 2012 the Densest parts of the LOCAL FLUFF held by the gravity of the black hole of the Milky Way galaxy...

posted on Dec, 18 2009 @ 08:01 AM
reply to post by orwellianunenlightenment

so true.. architects of our own destruction...
thank you for that contribution.

what we fear...we focus on
what we focus on .. we can create..

scary eh?


posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by pantherstar

I would like to understand why people focus so much on proving that we'll all die in 2012. Is there really any reason in proving it?

Okay, great, we've come long enough in our evolution as a species, that thousands of years ago, people made calendars that ended on specific dates. Fast forward thousands of years to present day, and with the fear mongering world we live in, we're obsessed with interpreting every prophecy, and even more ridiculous, every ending calendar as a message of impending doom.

All of this is part of the reason the world may (but more than probably won't) be coming to some cataclysmic end.

In my opinion, bash it for all I care, attempting to prove impending doom is promoting and attracting such an event. Otherwise, what's the point? Prove to people we're going to die very ****ing soon? If that's true and you honestly believe it, is the point then more noble, if your intent is to inform and protect? Or is it just another case of stroking the ego in fishing for "flags and stars" by giving "proof" the world is going to end?

If it does, no body will care about any post made attempting to prove it, so what's the point?

Just love a little, and give up on this "end of the world" BS

posted on Dec, 19 2009 @ 11:01 AM
I BELIEVE that we are already on the outer edges of the central galactic plain and that the end of this "cycle" could be rapidly coming to an end. Is there any actual proof that says how slow or fast we move as we approach the central plain? I think that humans as a whole have "sped up" monumentally in the last 100-200 years, thanks to technology. Are there any scientific links that humans "speeding up" could be a result of us rapidly moving toward the central galactic plain? I'm quite new to astronomy as a whole and I am simply stating what I think could be happening while trying to hear from "experts" on this matter.


posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by Bosanski91

I never said anything about the end of the world!!! I hope the world doesnt end. I was actually talking about the law of attraction. How we can create our own cr*p. I didnt even consider the world was going to end.... and then I started reading the 2012 posts. What amazed me was the amount of people who trully believe it will end. That scares me. I have never put up a post on an opinion on 2012 being the end. I was just agreeing that we are the makers of our own destruction. I believe that we can create a both good times in life and some bad in life whether on a solo level or a worlwide level.
My father was murdered 2002. My world already ended back then.
I came through alcoholism, attempted suicide, job loss and loss of relationships. I have been through my own personal hell. I have come through it. I am now sober for over 4 years. I was re born. My world re started. I am more positive now. But I know that I helped to put myself in a destructive and dangerous path. I caused a lot of my own pain. Hence the comment on how we can create our own destruction.
I believe that if anything did happen... It would not be the end. We would start over. i have faith in spirit. I also know death is not the end.
What i fear is that we will create something to happen due to collective consciousness and its negative view of that time.
I hope love and hope will conquer fear..



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