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SELF DOUBT, conquering it.

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 12:15 PM
To me, one of the worst mindsets carry is one of self-doubt. For even if your fears of acting upon your heart's desires seems well founded, it seems more torturous to me to do nothing, and wonder what could have happened. Even if you take a fall, it is a positive experience. Wisdom through suffering, you gain insight and learn something about yourself, perhaps trusting your "gut intinct"(solar plexus above the navel).. but even still, following your heart will bring you happyness in the perceivably worst of situations. To be free and unrestricted. The freedom you dream to allow yourself to act upon what others would only sit back and hope for. The fool is one who is free. A fool in love knows they are the fool, and accept this. Those who's hearts do not know SELF-love live in fear of their actions.

Do NOT doubt yourself. Even if you can't do what you set out to do, you'll be happier that you tried.

Do not seek powerful experiences, for you're already expecting defeat. Instead become more powerful then the experience, so that the difficult seems simple and mundane. Quite literally, DO take on challenges, but rise above the challenge.

One who does not suffer, is one who see's suffering as opportunity, and opportunity as renewed willpower and drive for life.

If you doubt yourself, close your eyes and put your attention to your upper stomach, it doesn't matter if you can't feel it well, that enhances. Touch it with your hand and then let go if you need to find it, but let go, and feel it with your mind as if you were just being aware of your hand. Breathe, and imagine, even if it sounds silly, imagine some sort of power going into that area when you inhale. Let your stomach bloat out as you inhale, breathing like this utilizes all of your lungs instead of the 1/3rd we use chest breathing.

Repeat this process for as long as you like, and if it helps try telling yourself "I have courage, i have power, and I have confidence, I will not fail, but either way I'll be happy"

With time you can make it more simple, and do it with your eyes open. You might even want to try focusing on your belly button or (dan tien area), as this area I find to be more effective, but chakra wise your solar plexus (confidence/willpower) is above it. There you just cultivated YANG, now you can start karate chopping bricks in half
. In fact, I find standing while doing this with my navel area is enough to balance me and charge me. It has sort of a built in distribution function the other areas lack, sort of a holding tank that pours into full-body /mind vitality highways.

If you would like to really pull in more power, quite literally... its a mindset as well as enhanced health and vitality... and animals actually do this... BONE BREATHE... Put awareness if your hand, and as you inhale, feel like the muscles are contracting and pulling power from around you into the bones of your fingers... eventually learn to do this with your whole body. It strengthens your bones and magnetizes them. Your inner-bones have a crystalline structure and are very efficient for carrying a charge (think fiber optic cables).

This still cultivates yang and a sense of power, yin is another story but EQUALLY important.

You may notice some interesting effects like electrical surges and bubbling in your body especially your stomach. Your bones may feel like they are contracting and shrinking and your hands and body might start to "buzz" with a sensation.

You have the ability to be whatever you want. You have the ability at all times to cultivate more power to achieve your goals, if not quite literally, balance your mind and give you self-confidence.

A free heart with willpower to back it up is unstoppable. That's the secret of Yin and Yang... love/ flow/ acceptance/ feminine, mixed with raw power/confidence/endurance /masculine.

Be like water, a gentle and healing force that likewise has the power to shape mountains.

FREE YOURSELF. Every moment that goes by you have an opportunity to do so, you're just waiting for something, a cognitive process of an analytical ego perhaps to work itself out to find its concerns are unfounded. Just let go... let go so you can choose what to bring in.



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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 12:23 PM
Anyone feel free to chime in the secret of really smashing those bricks and chopping metal in half.

funny video series. part 1/ 3

can't get the link working.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 12:49 PM
Great post. You speak fluently on the crippling energies we all internalize from time to time. I'm still looking for the connection to Chi though, you jump ahead in your thought process and it can be hard to swallow in one go... but I think the self-doubt is an incredibly important area to expose and receives too little attention.

I love some of the wisdom here, it is that kind of clarity that the self-doubt blinds the mind to seeing when it most needs it.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by SteveR

Thanks man, and I think I did jump ahead.

Usually when I write something it starts as a simple reply, but thats how it flows out of me. It was a facebook post that got really long and decided to make a thread about it.

The inner workings of chi and all that can't be swallowed in one go I agree.. some concepts that might seem simple to you now and you think back like 3 - 4 years ago why it was so difficult. Its a funny process of self-doubt isn't it?

I'm going to post some elaboration from the smart ass remarks of my brother n law.

posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 01:49 PM
Of course doubting yourself could and has saved hundreds of lives.....

Many stupid people choose not to do stupid things because of doubt in their own abilitys or reasoning skills. That is a very good thing.

THANKS TO YOU hitler learned to controll his doubt and now millions of jewish people have died.....

good job. LOL

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 01:50 PM
Josh: "So I should kill the president?"

my reply:
Sometimes we want things that others may disagree with, but if we spend our life doing this nothing gets done, since everyone is so diverse and finnicky.

It can seem selfish.. but in your example, your imposing your freedom over the president's

So its not really honoring the system which works in equality, respect and personal responsibility.... See More

If we all had those qualities we could have what we want and not step on anyone's toes.

I'm thinking of an example... a soldier goes to war because in his heart he wants peace, and wants to bring peace... but how do you bring peace with war? Destruction is a demonstration of a lack of acceptance. We must fix problems not destroy them.. yin and yang solution vs yang (war) or pure yin (letting yourself be dominated)

Unfortunately, we live in fear and so we allow ourselves to get into these situations of being controlled in a way undesireable.

But for example.. you may think...maybe I want to hit on this girl or something but maybe she won't like it and so i'd be imposing on her freedom.. Well it comes down to questioning INTENTION...

If your intention is to give this person something they might want then its really just reaching out for a mutual exchange.

Now... if you said... Mr. president.. Do you want to die... and he said yes... well... dude i dont know.. maybe go for it. ? haha

I would also say, learn to differentiate the heart from the ego. The heart only knows love, it won't do harm on another. The ego on the other hand is everything else, it has all other thoughts about what it thinks needs to be done, what it thinks will bring you peace and happyness. The heart knows that the love it shares is the love it gains, and the love it gains as likewise trickled out in your every action and intention. Perpetual.

Wisdom on the other hand to me.. gaining wisdom is like the gradual deconstruction of the ego. The more wisdom you gain, the more clearly you understand the nature of your actions, and the more you realize you should have just listened to your heart in the first place.

Differentiating the levels in your mind is a subtle feeling that has a certain depth, location, etc. An easy way to learn is work with chakras, coresponding to nerve centers in your body, they make up your core being... survival/physical body/patience, then your sense of sexual and emotional power, then confidence/motivation, then love/acceptance/the balance point. Then comes your throat, writing and artistic expression, if your prone to those you might have a long neck and like the color blue.! However, any specific likeness for a certain color can also be a subconscious queue to let you know you're lacking something or prefer a certain quality at that time. But anyways, next is intuition and imagination, the next is wisdom /understanding.... See More

So for an example how they all function together, say you are making art... your physical body is the skill and ability, patience... emotions work to express your feelings in the art... motivation allows your lazy ass to make the art but also translate an element of power into it... love should be an obvious one, if your art exhibits an element of balance and peace. The throat is your actual desire to express yourself and ability to do so. Your brow area is your imagination that helps form your art and mentally visualize it. The crown would be any demonstratable themes of wisdom or understanding that is present in the art.

There's just an example. But you learn to see how they all function together, and really notice when they aren't. When they are your one balanced, chill and fully capable person. And in some respects, your mind will be less cluttered because you aren't being pulled in any certain direction anymore demonstrated by your thoughts, but instead you'll be more free to choose which direction to go.

----------- next

Josh: "I've decided that any permission I have to kill strangers is too abstract to hold up in court."

My reply:
Well if it makes you feel better josh, it would hold up in my court any day.

Its like the german guy who got permission to eat that guy.. i think he got away with it didn't he? haha.. some people have strange needs.

Another thing to note however is the differentiation from heart to ego, and that the heart will most likely lead you where you need to be to find peace and purpose. Whereas the ego deals mostly on desires, addiction/neediness, lust, excess. The ego isn't as bad as it sounds but some people take it to extremes but i don't hold it against them, simply because at any given time, we all lack a certain experience or understanding to realize what actually isn't in our best interest.... See More

For instance, the ego in me wants to make art, wants to grow as a person, whereas the heart just wants peace. We utilize the level of peace in our heart in our ego's expression. Ego - personality. If you lived just by your heart, you'd be in a state of yin...I believe they call that enlightenment..., but at this point I find it far more valueable to balance the heart with the ego, the yin and the yang. You could look at the universe as a single mind like that... it has a certain quality but in its paradox.. it has a need to express its quality.. to observe itself... like right brain and left brain, logic is self observation, whereas the right side, love, imagination is acceptance, it is the quality that posesses the creativity to express itself, so that the other polarity (logic, ego, male) can observe.

It seems like a perfect system, one that ensures it has no error, for its open ended within a concept of timelessness, provided that's true.

To deduce things to such a level of harmony and simplicity, it seems like either total enlightenment or a wall in one's wisdom, which ever comes first?

For example, we have scientists that think they know everything yet they haven't left the earth.. and likewise I might think it naive to assume I know how the universe works when i'm stuck here, yet there is this other aspect that entertains that it is a projection, something that can observed from macro to micro, with no end in either direction, and that the basic principal of its innerworkings can be observed anywhere, but endlessly misunderstood.. the more you learn, the more you learn there could be more. I think of the golden ratio, its like a frequency (up and down/ yin ang yang) if you turn it to its side.. like picture looking at a spring from its side...but really it has no up and down, it just goes around in a perfect spiral that could have no beginning or end because the harmony in its equation allows it. 1 square root of 1 to square root of 1 and 1 etc etc.. i think thats what it is.

Like looking at light fractals and seeing how they go on and on. That's why I like painting them so much. They hold so much power and mystery.

Thats it so far. Hopefully that covers any questions that comes up.

If you have any better theories anyone feel free to add. My intention is to bring help and clarity to the situation. We're all students as much as we are teachers.

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by Wertdagf

Perhaps if you waited to read the rest.

I think I cover that.

Words can never express a certain personal understanding but they can try. Try to see what i'm trying to convey rather then my ineffectiveness to convey it.

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