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Reality T.V. and Talkshows ...Gotcha!!!

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posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 02:52 PM
Most of you ladies and Gents know that T.V. reality and talk shows are nothing more than the parading of stupid people in stupid situations. However there's a further twist to this type of programming.

The twist is that it has convinced us that we are NOT stupid....THEY are! I think this is where most of us make our first mistake.

First of all, it is obvious that they pick people with low self esteem and morals in exceedingly unacceptable circumstances. However, it is having a very large affect on our younger generation who do not know any better.

What it is doing is creating a consensus among our youth (and some of us as well) that we are fortunate not to have grown up DUMB as a bell.

BUT this is exactly what TPTB want you to think. That YOU are smart after all and there is no need to double check or doubt yourself. You are the good person, YOU are the one with a job and responsbilities. YOU have far better relationships. YOU don't believe in this God nonsense. You're a man that will believe other people's evidence but not your own. A fool.

It's this type of self acceptance that is creating the most ignorant people in human history!

Everyone is solidified in their belief that they are right and justified. They believe that they do not need to re-evaluate themselves. What they've learned in their lives was the truth. Their country, culture, or race is better than others because of the "information" they gathered on the net.

Facilitating this solidarity of ignorance is the introduction to conspiracy sites like these that give people the impression that the internet can be used to go "under the fence" and get to the bottom of things.


The fact is that EVERYTHING you have ever read over the past decades and EVERYTHING you have ever seen with your five senses is a complete fabrication created to make you think the way you do. The Romans have tried it, and many other ancient tyrants. But they got it down to an art now!

I know there are some smart guys here. They read all the reports and cross reference all the data to substantiate their opinions with "Proof". The FUNNY part is that not one of them created the data to begin with. They're reading reports written by other people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the punchline. They have defined their entire world and existence using only the knowledge they were allowed accessed to by MAN himself!!!!

Oh how powerful propaganda is!!! Because if you make them think they have the true side of the story, you can rule them like the idiots they are.

The social structure has gotten so bad, that now we are a collective of ignorance with access to all the ignorance of the world. Taking sides and scanning through the internet for proof of this and that. A bunch of tap dancing soap box dancin fools.

There was a time when we received evidence within our soul and we did not need anyone to tell us where we came from or what our life means. These awakened slaves would inscribe it in stone for future generations. Nobel Kings would exercise their powers with it.

Now all we are, is a world of internet proof gatherers. Nobody is looking within for the answers anymore.

We have become the easiest of comforted slaves and the most lost people of all times.

Anyway, back to finding unclassified government documents and eating the crumbs that they give us.

I walk outside and I am surrounded by sad people. They appear happy, but deep inside they are angry at others. They look like they've been beatin by the bat of oppression and they don't even feel it anymore. In fact, they don't feel anything at all! They have no expressions and they can't look you in the eyes for more than a fraction of a second without looking down, looking angry, looking "WHAT YOU LOOKIN AT?", or looking pissed.

This is a nation...of broken people who drive bank owned cars, rent small homes. chasing money and junk while hating other people for the misery in their lives.

It's a nation without any more hope. No one has any joy, no happiness no fulfillment. Even the mention of God pisses them off because he never was invited into their lives. Even the ones who DID invite God into their lives, rarely witness him or the Divine personally.

Everyone is slouching in their posture, they greet you with robotic messages and don't care about the reply they recieve. No body cares about anything any more, and Apathy has reached levels unseen.

But it's never too late to embrace the ultimate truth.

Let's peel away this B.S. and see it for ourselves. That way you don't need to spend the rest of your life demanding proof from your fellow man. Do your own search inside and VIBRATE HIGHER!!


I love you all and I wish you well in your search. I urge you to make it internal.

[edit on 2-12-2009 by juzchilln]

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 03:14 PM
I love this post! It is crazy when thinking about this sort of thing, it is like a spider web that just keeps going and connecting to so many other things. It is hard to get a grip on the true source. You are so right talking about people as a whole and how they can hardly look you in the eyes. I wish we could sit down and talk. It would be a wonderful conversation. "They" have done an amazing job. The truth is soooo hard to put a finger on... It is crazily frustrating!!

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 03:52 PM
I cut off my cable tv a few years ago, it's perfect.

sometimes when I visit friends I am amazed at how much crap there is on.

That's why they want total control of the net, the truth is still out here.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 03:55 PM
For some reason I can not stand the reality TVs, soapoperas or talk shows, they feel like an insult to humanity at least to me.

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