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are these the actions of a president who loves his country..?

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 11:34 AM
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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by Janky Red

Originally posted by St Udio

I'd like to add a point or two, which applies to Pres. BHO from this article:

Source: Thursday, October 29,

"Stansberry: Detroit's socialist nightmare is America's future"

The likelihood America will become a giant Detroit is growing – rapidly. Politicians now control the banking sector, most of the manufacturing sector (including autos), a large amount of media, and are threatening to take over health care and the production of electricity (via cap and trade rules).


Every single mayor of Detroit since 1961 has been a Democrat. Every single mayor of Detroit since 1974 has been black.
Detroit has been a major recipient of every major social program since the early 1960s and has received hundreds of billions of dollars in government grants, loans, and programs.
We now have a black, Democrat president, who is promising to do to America as a whole what his political mentors have done to Detroit. ...

the underlined emphasis in the 1st paragraph is my doing to point out what Pres. Obamas is influencing right now.

Pres. BHO, was brought up socialist, & went on to become a 'neighborhood activist' --all underwritten by all sorts of efforts from 'the GreatSociety', which was bolstered & given new life from its justified demise by the Affirmative Action blather...

then the PoliticalCorrectness mantra that stymies all reasonable thought and action (such as 'Profiling' be it child molestors or terrorists)...

The outlandish P.C. in concert with the myraid of handout programs like mandantory breakfasts/lunches then after-school programs, then midnight-basketball etc etc
-> all devised so that gov't would provide (free of charge) ~ 18 hrs of babysitting/daycare/in-loco-parentis care for 25% of the society that never got their repairations...

its my view, that Obama's self-styled mission is to provide the promised "40 acres & a mule" , in a 21st century context.

and Detroit is a model the Pres. is familiar with.

So then

You tell me



Cause if you have not, it sure is taking a long time to get this socialism running

SO far he has giving $$$ to corporations

I suggest you smell the coffee and get the applicable ISM going...

This is not socialism

I got 7 grand for cash for clunkers. Does that count?

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by kozmo

you call me blind?

The one who blindly says "NO" to any question about another person, simply because he thinks he must?


Allow me to clarify my point:

Too many people in this country are too fast to believe whatever they hear about Obama...regardless of fact, logic, truth, reason, etc etc etc...simply because they HATE him because they feel as though they were cheated since Bush did such a horrible job.

Obama has done a lot of stupid things that CAN be proven, but instead of concentrating on those - we get garbage like the OP here, and the rest of you drool over it like drama queens at a sewing circle.


Whatever makes you feel better.

Oh, and if you had 1/2 a mind for yourself, you could see my post history definitely does not paint me as a fan of Obama.
Im just not a fan of stupidity either.

So i speak out against it when it shows up.

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