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Superstar CBS Reporter Blows the Lid Off the Swine Flu Media Hype and Hysteria

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 09:58 PM

Originally posted by C-JEAN
Hi, "no-swine" fans.

To see other GOOD reasons NOT to get vaccinated, see:

99 flags and as many stars, right now !

Blue skies.

Just because a thread has 99 flags and many stars, does not make it credible.

Just check the many hoaxes that have been proposed here. Some people will read or see anything and take it as fact.

I'm not saying the thread is not credible, I'm just saying.

I am one that does not believe the Hn1n hype myself.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 10:16 PM
I think everyone posting here is aware of all the facts and how they actually manipulated the entire planet this time. They improved their tactics from manipulating americans to manipulating the entire world.

Incredible but true. The truth is worst then what we can even imagine.
All this for money
All this to make us better followers
All this to learn how to manipulate us
All this to prepare for something bigger.

I dont know if its just me that sees the paterns of control being used over and over but this time applied to the entire mass. This time the word of the day is not terrorists but H1N1 an invisible enemy even worst

You can make him appear were you want and make him disapear when you want. Hey the military Complex had their turn now its the pharma elite ... whats next I ask?

The problem is the rest of the sheeple still follow and are still sleeping. They just dont want to believe the gov could do such a thing

No matter what you tell them they just dont want to believe the truth.

The truth is all of this is a big joke and we are all sitting around watching like if it was a soap opera.

So everyone that didnt do so ... go get your shot quick because as predicted everyone should be infected and dieing by now

But seriously I have a gut feeling the worst is to come ...

Trust No One, Fear No One ...

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 10:44 PM
I admit being caught up in the hype. We're not out of the woods yet. Ill wait until march before I make any final conclusions.

A couple ideas immeditely popped in my mind. The first is that "science" including medical opinions has always been for sale. Remeber docs selling cigs just a few decades ago? The difference now is that it is happening on a much larger scale and the corporations have bought the governments around the world including the CDC.

The second, and more provocative idea plays on a theme that's been running through my mind for the last few years.I believe the ultimate battle between light and darkness is underway and being fought behind the scenes.

I believe that the dark side's biggest fear is a global spiritual awakening and that humankind wakes up to our limitless potential. The dark side is willing to go to any length to prevent that and to turn citizens against themselves.

What I don't know but suspect is that forces of light may have been allowed to keep the playing field level and have manipulated the virus or our immune systems.

I ask myself why there has not been the classic landing of an interstellar vehicle on the white house lawn. Why haven't they revealed themselves by hovering over a major city?

There may be rules we don't understand. This may be our fight to win against our goverment sell-outs? What good would it saving us at this very early juncture before we have been truly tested?

We are going to get a chance to fight but the darkside won't get away with slaughtering millions with illegal weapons before we've had the chance to dig deep down and display our true selves.

Will it be service to self or service to others? Each one of us will be given the chance to choose.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 10:51 PM
this is not about the swine flu. this is not about climategate. this is not about Obama's birth certificate. this is not about UFOs.

These are all distractions. The real issue is the US dollar, its purposeful devaluation, the criminal acts of the federal reserve, the complicity of the treasury, and the complicity of Congress and the president of the United States of America to destroy this country for selfish and arrogant reasons.

That is the only issue. As long as you are distracted with this other nonsense, we will LOSE our battle against the true enemy of our state.

So go ahead and dither with this BS. six months to a year down the road you'll look back and wonder what the F you were doing.

warning has been served over and over again. But ya just don't listen or see the writing on the wall.

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 11:11 PM
Run on the U.S. Dollar ....Soon
Currencies / US Dollar
Nov 30, 2009 - 04:33 PM

By: DailyWealth

Porter Stansberry writes: It's one of those numbers that's so unbelievable you have to actually think about it for a while...

Within the next 12 months, the U.S. Treasury will have to refinance $2 trillion in short-term debt. And that's not counting any additional deficit spending, which is estimated to be around $1.5 trillion.

Put the two numbers together. Then ask yourself, how in the world can the Treasury borrow $3.5 trillion in only one year? That's an amount equal to nearly 30% of our entire GDP. And we're the world's biggest economy. Where will the money come from?

How did we end up with so much short-term debt? Like most entities that have far too much debt – whether subprime borrowers, GM, Fannie, or GE – the U.S. Treasury has tried to minimize its interest burden by borrowing for short durations and then "rolling over" the loans when they come due. As they say on Wall Street, "a rolling debt collects no moss."

What they mean is, as long as you can extend the debt, you have no problem. Unfortunately, that leads folks to take on ever greater amounts of debt... at ever shorter durations... at ever lower interest rates. Sooner or later, the creditors wake up and ask themselves: What are the chances I will ever actually be repaid? And that's when the trouble starts. Interest rates go up dramatically. Funding costs soar. The party is over. Bankruptcy is next.

When governments go bankrupt, it's called a "default." Currency speculators figured out how to accurately predict when a country would default. Two well-known economists – Alan Greenspan and Pablo Guidotti – published the secret formula in a 1999 academic paper. The formula is called the Greenspan-Guidotti rule.

The rule states: To avoid a default, countries should maintain hard currency reserves equal to at least 100% of their short-term foreign debt maturities. The world's largest money-management firm, PIMCO, explains the rule this way: "The minimum benchmark of reserves equal to at least 100% of short-term external debt is known as the Greenspan-Guidotti rule. Greenspan-Guidotti is perhaps the single concept of reserve adequacy that has the most adherents and empirical support."

The principle behind the rule is simple. If you can't pay off all of your foreign debts in the next 12 months, you're a terrible credit risk. Speculators are going to target your bonds and your currency, making it impossible to refinance your debts. A default is assured.

So how does America rank on the Greenspan-Guidotti scale? It's a guaranteed default.

The U.S. holds gold, oil, and foreign currency in reserve. It has 8,133.5 metric tonnes of gold (it is the world's largest holder). At current dollar values, it's worth around $300 billion. The U.S. strategic petroleum reserve shows a current total position of 725 million barrels. At current dollar prices, that's roughly $58 billion worth of oil. And according to the IMF, the U.S. has $136 billion in foreign currency reserves. So altogether... that's around $500 billion of reserves. Our short-term foreign debts are far bigger.

According to the U.S. Treasury, $2 trillion worth of debt will mature in the next 12 months. So looking only at short-term debt, we know the Treasury will have to finance at least $2 trillion worth of maturing debt in the next 12 months. That might not cause a crisis if we were still funding our national debt internally. But since 1985, we've been a net debtor to the world. Today, foreigners own 44% of all our debts, which means we owe foreign creditors at least $880 billion in the next 12 months – an amount far larger than our reserves.

Keep in mind, this only covers our existing debts. The Office of Management and Budget is predicting a $1.5 trillion budget deficit over the next year. That puts our total funding requirements on the order of $3.5 trillion over the next 12 months.

So... where will the money come from? Total domestic savings in the U.S. are only around $600 billion annually. Even if we all put every penny of our savings into U.S. Treasury debt, we're still going to come up nearly $3 trillion short. That's an annual funding requirement equal to roughly 40% of GDP.

Where is the money going to come from? From our foreign creditors? Not according to Greenspan-Guidotti. And not according to the Indian or Russian central banks, which have stopped buying Treasury bills and begun to buy enormous amounts of gold. The Indians bought 200 metric tonnes this month. Sources in Russia say the central bank there will double its gold reserves.

So where will the money come from? The printing press. The Federal Reserve has already monetized nearly $2 trillion worth of Treasury debt and mortgage debt. This weakens the value of the dollar and devalues our existing Treasury bonds. Sooner or later, our creditors will face a stark choice: Hold our bonds and continue to see the value diminish slowly, or try to escape to gold and see the value of their U.S. bonds plummet.

One thing they're not going to do is buy more of our debt. Which central banks will abandon the dollar next? Brazil, Korea, and Chile. These are the three largest central banks that own the least amount of gold. None owns even 1% of its total reserves in gold.

All of this is going to lead to a severe devaluation of the U.S. dollar... Which I expect to happen within 18 months. I examined these issues in much greater detail in the most recent issue of my newsletter, Porter Stansberry's Investment Advisory, which was published last week. Coincidentally, America's paper of record – the New York Times – repeated our warnings (nearly word for word) last weekend. Word is getting out.

If you haven't taken steps to protect yourself from the coming devaluation – like owning gold and silver bullion, foreign real estate, and farmland – make sure you do it soon. The dollar rout is coming.

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 11:30 PM
Talking about the swine flu, I thought most of you would like an update from my perspective. Currently, I'm an RN working in an ICU in a Southern California Hospital. I've worked there for over decade and I've seen and done almost everything there is, specifically with critically ill kids. At the beginning of the swine flu scare, a few months ago, we would get a lot of patients with the flu ( the normal Flu type A ) as they would call it. For God's sake, for some reason they told us that anyone who had any signs of respiratory illness ( any patient with a cold or cough or fever ) was to be put into quarantined isolation.
The staff was forced to put on masks and gowns as well as gloves while inside the room with the patient. Now, while I realize this would be for our ( nurses ) protection, but many of these patients didn't appear to be even sick. Many of them had no signs of flu whatsoever. They were even diagnosed with something completely different than anything remotely close to swine flu, yet they were placed in isolation for fear of what they termed "assumed swine flu" Nearly every patient has been put on Tamiflu, although no formal confirmation of flu was diagnosed. My co-workers and I are befuddled why these things are happening , no one can provide us answers. Strangely enough, for some odd reason, the numbers of assumed swine flu and flu in general has slowed down to a halt, I would say over the past 2 weeks. The swine flu craziness has slowed down for whatever reason, Thank God. I'll give u guys further updates from the hospital setting as they come in.....God Bless all....

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 11:54 PM

Originally posted by NIGHTRID3R

But seriously I have a gut feeling the worst is to come ...

Yep, watch enough horror films and you get used to it. You need to step it up a notch some how.

Avian flu, west nile virus, etc. All of a sudden you don't hear about these anymore. They are not scary enough anymore.

One of these days, some John Doe with no relationship to anyone alive is going to die of natural causes and they are going to make something up like "He died of South Dakota Buffalo fever" sending everyone in a panic because of the big push for Buffalo meat on QVC and then they going going to put another tax on our paychecks.

A Center of Disease Control tax to pay for more wars.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 12:17 AM
reply to post by Symbiote

My Bad...Just got home.
Here is the correct link.
Correct Link

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by Drunkenshrew

Kudos for the links. I was off for a long day and reposted the correct link I was referring to prior to going further.
I usually check them, but was hurriedly out the door after posting.

The correct link auto starts all the parts you posted, but I'm glad we can unite on this type of error. Lest we divide, we stand.

In the second video at the link I corrected, I was surprised that the good Dr. Mercola kept shrewdly to the anchors topics and questions. A very professional appearance considering that some get all heated and bark out in a way that weakens their impression.

In a matter of fact tone, he did show the appropriate concern, dismay, and jabbed in a few choice words and phrases in an outstanding performance that made the idiocrity of the "estimations" given by a certain department more looney-toonish than the obvious rhetoric of the numbers given and he did emerge victorious, indeed on the H1N1 and cancer topics.

edit..7 & 1 didn't take

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 12:57 AM
Swine Flu is utter nonsense and media induced hysteria, and I can prove it.

A guy called Maddox, a personal hero of mine, issued a 'swine flu challenge' on his hugely popular website which nobody rose to.

Basically he invited anyone with swine flu to give it to him and he would document his recovery on youtube. you can see his page about it here.

I can also thoroughly recommend his book 'The alphabet of manliness' available on Amazon. I bought one for myself and my son in law as a Christmas present. It's hard to get through it, the guy is a genius. You have to stop and think so often.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by NIGHTRID3R

The truth is that most HCW don’t realize the real situation. They have been taught in school to trust big pharma and not question or do any independent thinking. It has never occurred to many of them to do otherwise. Medical school really doesn’t encourage freethinking; it is mostly a regurgitation of pre-approved material.

The bottom line is that it is becoming abundantly clear that TBTP want to sell as many doses of vaccine as possible. Make no mistake; big pharma is about as deep into TPTB rabbit hole as something can get. One motive is of course greed. Could there be other motives? Globalists have made no secret that depopulation and population control are high on their agenda lists. Would they want to vaccinate us in order to save us all? That doesn’t really seem to coincide with their stated objectives of reduced population.

Consider the following information:
There has been a massive push to vaccinate people against H1N1 even though there is good evidence that the H1N1 we have seen up to this time is less virulent than the usual seasonal influenza.

Now emerging from the Ukraine (after Dr. Moshe warned of a planned bio-weapon release in that country, causing him to be tazed, gassed and carted off the a mental institution) is a strain, which carries a much more lethal gene directly from the 1918 influenza. This gene, D225G, is associated with DAH (diffuse alveolar hemorrhage) and appears to be much more lethal than the previous versions of H1N1, as it causes infection deep within the lung tissue and has a greater propensity to trigger cytokine storm.

Mill Hill has recently announced that the influenza vaccine is a low reactor with the new and more virulent D225G strain, which means that the current H1N1 vaccine will not adequately protect from this more lethal strain.

This creates two problems. One problem is that all of the vaccinated people have now given a selective advantage to the more lethal D225G strain, for which there is no current significant vaccine protection. Just as the current H1N1 has replaced H3N2 as the dominant strain, the new mutation with the D225G now has the selective advantage to become the dominant strain, and the much-touted vaccine will not offer any significant protection from the more lethal D225G strain.

The other problem is something known as original antigenic sin. In simple terms, when a person has been vaccinated against one strain of influenza, and a closely related strain that the vaccine will not cover appears, the immune response when exposed to the second strain will be derailed. To put it bluntly, the vaccination will make people more susceptible to the more deadly D225G strain, as the immune system produces a greater antibody response to the strain of the vaccination, and not the new D225G infection. Since the new D225G infection is the more lethal of the two the vaccine will hinder the immune system in mounting a response to it, while instead mounting a useless response to the vaccination strain.

So whoever said that TPTB didn’t want us to be vaccinated is in error. If TPTB didn’t want the populations vaccinated, they would not have produced the vaccines, nor would the media have hounded people to become vaccinated, nor would medical organizations have been pushed to encourage the vaccinations. The vaccine clearly is advantageous to the decreased population agenda of TPTB.

Now you possibly know why this has received no media coverage. Good luck to us all, we will need it.

The above is not intended as medical advice, and just represents my personal opinion and interpretation of recent news events.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 02:22 AM
I have a much simpler way of assesssing this pandemic. I ask my family how many of their school children and school friends are down with the flu? And as yet none.
UK resident.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 03:07 AM

Originally posted by C-JEAN
Hi, "no-swine" fans.

To see other GOOD reasons NOT to get vaccinated, see:

99 flags and as many stars, right now !

Blue skies.

I viewed the videos linked at the aforeposted thread last week, but reviewed them after linking to the same thread, and I must say,
It was better the second time. Like a great motion picture, but with reality, resolve and indignance, this really is a backward society, allowing big pharmers to deliver their crop to market, when there is much data supporting it's rejection.
Greed, and psychotic personalities equal power that has no conscience, no soul, no empathy, no morals, no remorse, no human qualities of any good nature.

Incidently, when everything is perverted, soon those who uphold law are are a consequence of the unrelenting addict of power. As lofty a bunch that ever was to devour themselves by attrition of the dishonor of thieves.

The unsettling part is that our representatives holding publc office, mainly Congress, are in a capacity to repeal the 1913 take-over and subsequent raping of our Nation, it's valuable assets and sovergnty for nothing more than a fix, just as any addict. The difference being on a grand scale never before seen.

The beatings will continue...

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 03:22 AM
reply to post by angus1745

Maddox owes me a Rolls Royce.

That's all I can mention about him...but I do find his derrogatory editorial style quite interesting, though I haven't visited there of late. I'll have to check out the newer entries I have avoided...somehow I believe he'll never square up.
(this was before his comic book debut)

On topic, This conspiracy of world powers and corporate corrupted RECO style sociopathic psycho consortium of bio terrorism and the players is almost to the point where you could soon see a decenting rival taken out in blatant broad daylight with no legal repercussion because that is where things seem to be heading. Dare defy the masters and you will be dispatched as was the last real president and uncounted others.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 03:31 AM
I would give George Noory of C2C some credit here. He has been publicly stating for months that this H1N1 hype is way out of preportion with real statistics. Yoorah George!

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 08:42 AM
Every time I hear "swine__" I just say "swine what" and realize that other flus have caused more deaths than any new media-hype sensationalist stunt ever will.

I would probably be in the high risk group, and my doctor doesn't advise me to get flu shots, ever. I would never get such an unnatural substance stuck into my body. Likely seeing has the government has ways of doing more harm than good in nearly everything they touch (public school, health legislation, etc), they certainly can't get any remedies right, and I know for sure they aren't searching for cures.

They are lucky to have the size and staff they do now. They are terribly inefficient in all their affairs and severely overpaid. Given the chance, a good-natured person would help others with minimal pay and not have to live the lavish life in a huge house with fine-dining and celebrity status.

The world seems to have lost its way, and it might taken destruction of nearly everything to bring back a natural order to things.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by imd12c4funn

I'm telling you. They are NOT testing here. Even if you ask. That's been bugging me forever. Why would they NOT test with all the hype going on, testing would seem like a no brainer?

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 09:08 AM
In other countries the impact of swine flu is also exaggerated. The faulty diagnosis “swine flu” for various diseases is happening elsewhere as well.

In Scotland not a single death is attributed to seasonal influenza, whereas 48 deaths as result of swine flu are documented this flu season.

Our ref: FoI/09/01511
17 November 2009

Dear Mr McGillivray

Thank you for your email of 2 November which requested information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 on the number of deaths from seasonal influenza in Scotland since the start of the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic. I have been asked to provide a response to the question you have raised.

Thus far this flu season (2009-10), there have been no deaths from seasonal influenza communicated to colleagues in NHS Health Protection Scotland. However, I detail below some of the difficulties that exist around identifying deaths as a result of influenza.

This is no wonder, if autopsies are abandoned and the diagnosis are made by untrained call center workers.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 09:40 AM
What gets me is that the doctors are even laughing at the hype!?!?!

When I asked my Dr to test me (I had severe cough and flu symptoms) he laughed at me. He offered an antibiotic prescription but said it would do no good (for a virus). He told me to drink plenty of fluids, take some tylenol, and come back if it got worse. He was thoroughly amused at the whole thing!

My wife has a friend with twin girls, and they went to the emergency room, they got diagnosed with Swine Flu, and they got prescribed Tamiflu. They took it for one day, couldn't sleep, quit taking it, and went back to school in about 3 days!

My brother also went to ER, got tested and did not have Swine Flu, was sick for a week, is still a little sick with a sore throat and cough, but carried on as usual. It did convince him to get his son the Vaccine (against my advice) and he hasn't had any adverse reactions, but the logic still seems so odd? Swine Flu = minor symptoms, Regular flu = worse symptoms, but convinced him to get the Swine Flu vaccine?

Good marketing at work I guess!!!

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 12:03 PM
What if I said to you ALL, that the SwineFlu was something created globally as a story just to distract EVERYONE from what is really going on.

Whats really going on?

And while your all thinking about it, TPTB and people who dont care about conspiracies are all enjoying their lives while people like us vibrate at a negative frequency because we are worried about people who are not worried about us.

Poetic isn't it?

Still, I strive on and try and help people as much as I can. Its a short time here on planet Earth. We will all laugh about it at the other side once we all die of "whatever".

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