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Proof of Radical Islam's True Agenda

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posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by Aeons

I suspect it's not the first time you've been applauded by someone who perceived you as agreeing with something they believed or felt strongly.

I supsect it's not the first time you've been castigated for asserting things someone found to be deplorable, silly, untrue, whatever.

In terms of Islam . . . some of your later statements seem to be wholesale devoid of any contact with reality. They seem to be wholesale ignorant of the founding documents as well as the persistent dynamics within Islam between the intensely committed and the less intensely committed.

I will likely continue to fiercely and intensely assert the realities and truth as I see such in this topic area.


posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 12:09 AM
reply to post by Aeons


Not my conviction about my Christianity. RELIGION is deadly even when it's Christianity. Only a RELATIONSHIP with God is life giving.

I believe God has scheduled HIS OWN heavy handed dealing with evil doers. And I'm happy to let Him handle it.

I've always hated violence. I CAN kill for food but I really don't like to.

I think prayer is slated to be one of the most devastating types of warfare in our era.

Time will tell.

posted on Dec, 9 2009 @ 04:30 PM
Dear Bo,

Let us state here where your posts are better than those the Radical Mullahs teach. For truly you are better.
Point One: you talk to people of other persuasions here on forums like this. Most mullahs do not, and they teach their disciples not to. Change comes later - at this point you want to expose other people to your points of view and study theirs. Clearly no radical islamist has come forward here. Even though thei fear or hatred of the "other group" is very similar, this will lift you out in terms of evolution, and not them.
Point Two: you make a difference between religion and a relationship to God. In fact I wish you made that earlier. Again, the mullahs do not, they do everything to do the opposite.

As far as the group thing - I am not partial to Muslims or Westerners. Probably I would be looked upon by radical Islamists as an enemy - even though I am not one. I believe their faith is just as good a road towards God as other faiths, including Christianity. However, it does not replace a living relationship with God.

As far as my left leanings go: yes, I grant you I am a peaceful socialist, a Gandhiite, and let me point out that leftist tradition has borrowed a lot from Christianity. The two major traditions on earth that place salvation on a linear timescale are Christianity and Marxism. In standard leftist lingo, the eradication of poverty and communism which is defined by the founders of leftist thought as a moneyless society where "everyone receives according to their needs" is the return of mankind to the kimgdom of heaven. In fact, many Christians practiced the call to voluntary poverty. The West collectively has not, though.

Another striking feature of Christian faith that impresses non-Christians is the adage from the founder: "turn the other cheek". I believe some of that is what you feel in my lengthy post about the seven steps to eradicate radical islamism. Again, let me point out that - while you may attribute a great significance to this saying - the West has collectively not turned the other cheek, especially when ripped off peoples and classes began to demand some sort of payback for history. they are still turning the same cheek, and throw nuclear weapons back to stones. (Palestinians notoriously fight with mere stones and pebbles, for example.) In mayn cases, the West has historically fought back weapons and fire in exchange of bread.

The thing is, the "turn the other cheek" ideology is where Christianity as a path to God differs from Islam - everything else is very similar. But this type of attitude HAS made a lot of originally non-Christians sympathise with Jesus. Hindus and Buddhists are particularly keen on pointing out that Jesus said some universal truths - and this is one they value the most. I think that the state of consciousness where you are able to turn the other cheek is a key to escaping the prison that is our earthly existence.

There are two cheeks. One is yet to go.
Which one will it be?

Peace be with you


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