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dedicating my life to UFO research and more worried.

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 05:04 PM
huggs everyone,,,,

thanks for your input and opinions...!

I never write anything in stone and am silly and still learning,,,,I am me...

But I do must have to say with gentleness on this with abductions...for those who thought it was ok or enlightenment???

I dont buy this,,,period.....

what goodness has this done??

you must recycle or we humans are destroying ourselves so they abduct us to tell us that yet one cant remember 99.9% of the abduction??

I dont see me being abducted being a positive experience,,,,,personally,,,they should abduct the politicians???

And those wanting to be abducted agian????,,,what and why???

I dont buy it....

its sinister to me and creepy,,,,

they didnt play their cards during the aztecs or mongo hoards or the horrible atrocties so I dont buy it now...

so lets save the ozone and stop the nukes is silly and bs to me why they are here to help us....

the abductions are for experiments,,,,99%,,,

and we dont know what the truth is,,,,they return 99% of us,,,,Im sure theres some who never return,,,,???

only a few percent of abductiions are reported,,,,,,,and only a few percent of ufo's are reported...

the math is scary if one thinks about it???

tally it up that 99.9% is fake,,,,on a monthly basis,,,

we are under an invasion!!!!!!!

I am sorry to say this on my feelings...


posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 08:30 PM
reply to post by SmokeJaguar67

I understand and fully resonate with what you're saying, though I know in part the mission doesnt quite make it that simple. In other words, that the was then, but this is now. And the wake up for so many starseeds and humans is coming.
I just dont know where this is coming from right now, but I do know some of this apathy and polarization that is amongst the cosmic and human side of things will be changing, there is the other side, but I wont focus on them right now.

But as an example the current atmosphere on ats would be that the new movie that is going to come out, The Fourth Kind, and others that are dry, or factual, negative or dramatic get alot of support. Anyone who is toes into the skeptic arguments, or who calls themselves rational thinkers, will call my thread nutty, or recently I was asked about soft membranes. Yet, I've been an experiencer and now aware of being a starseed all of my life, and my family has experienced the crafts, and two visitors to our home, and have energy recognition and some psi. Due to the energy recognition I have reached out to those I recognized, and they have reached out to me, and a group of friends and acquaintances develop that not only inspire each other, but it turns out some of us share experiences together, advisors, exact meetings that each is aware took place, we write to each other about. And I am so very grateful to everything that has occurred in the last year and a half and to the lights have inspired me, awoken me even more, an allowed me to access memories as well.

So in the current atmosphere the rational or more negative gets top billing, which tells me alot, hmmmm...... wonder who is behind this control of the human mind. And the starseeds or experiencers are all new age kooks and touched in head, and they just keep reaching out to each other and slowly growing more aware. But the fear based messages serve in entrapping great lights. We are ONE. We and the omniverse are the Creator. A cell in your body is identical to a cell in mine, except for a tiny layer of information that tells us its a liver cell, a heart cell, your cell or my cell. The cell is basic and mainly empty, which tells us alot. We are one. We each shine at a unique signature vibration, yet are one. We get to keep our unique vibration, as the cells in the body keep their unique vibration, yet all is one body and we are one soul. know if we remember who we are and remember how to access and use our energy creational abilties, do you control creators, you have to dissacociate them from their own identities and abilities and limit what they believe and spread the fear and keep them creating hell on earth.

So, fear gets a lot of applause and is told is the most rational of the ufology, whereas how do they see jessica?

A good friend from ats, sent me her video knowing I had energy recognition and he had had a dream to share this with me, I won't bring him into this as his work is wonderful, and he can't do this right now, however. Well, not only do I see her in uniform, but....she is a starseed from Sirius B. That came to me very strongly based on my own recognition of this energy before. So I wrote it back and am watching all of her videos, for what she is saying, I already know, and this is such coincidence. The one about doing work locally in the community, the messages overall, its the timing. Exactly right, and though younger than me, she is meant to stimulate a chain of reactions in others and almost like an overseeing everything.

So naturally I wrote to her, and told her what I felt and she confirmed back to me today that she knew she was from Sirius, the exact race I wont share, but I did know that as well.

Watching this is not only good, is reaching the real starseeds and contactees who are aware, is the most positive message you will every here, but is absolutely true. But I wonder, until what I said in the first sentence occurs, and the change does come, how many will see. So on this level, its still for those who are aware, or close to being aware.

So ironic, for some of the ones being told they are discrediting ufology are cosmic in origin and on cosmic missions and are aware of them.

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by amyfriend
huggs everyone,,,

I didnt imply that every human or ET is evil and bad..(but some are),,

Its hard for me to nail my feelings/opinion down on this so most understand where Im coming from...

Its kinda like the animal world,,,a hawk and a pretty little sparrow,,dogs and cats,,,...
even though all beautifull yet different on how they are...

like the world we live in as well,,,the good guy is bad to others or the bad guy is the hero of others...

I feel as Im a good and kind sweet person,,but i am not a vegetatrian..

say if scientist found a family of bigfoots,,,,I dont think they'd be living happily ever after....

I know 98% of sighting are military or explainable,,,,but that leaves open 1000's upon 1000's of cases on the 2%....

I dont think ??,,we'll ever know the whole truth on what/who they actually are...
And as well could be dealing with several ET races....

also,,I am more interested in ones opinions,,not to debate you on your beleifs..

I hope this sums it up a tad more so you see where Im coming from,,,,smile

huggs everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You wouldn't be able to apply some aliens were evil without prior experience. For all we know, there are no evil aliens. Just aliens who think differently from one another. One thing that is quite interesting as that most of the "evil" aliens are invented or made-up. Only the good and neutral aliens actually exist.

You couldn't have aliens of opposite agendas operating in the same environment without shooting or killing each other.

How can a peaceful Venusian or Nordic be able to share the same air space of operation with a diabolical Draconian? They can't. They would kill each other. They would seriously shoot anti-matter warheads until one of them was dead. This is nature of conflict. And it is inevitable when you have something in nature like that when a peaceful alien encounters a not-so peaceful alien.

If there are any peaceful aliens, there are no malevolent aliens. Because the malevolent wouldn't allow there would to be any peaceful aliens who could possible jeopardize the operations of the malevolent aliens and vice versa.

We don't see any star wars battles up in outerspace. I mean you should see explosions in the sky every day. There should be a tremendous war taking place like the Star Trek war between the Federation and the Romulans.

That is just how it would be. So either there are no peaceful aliens or there are no malevolent aliens since there is no proof (no star wars) in the sky. No conflict means no evil vs. good aliens. No conflict of interest.

Now why would the good aliens exist and not the bad ones?

If the bad ones existed they would have already have the means to take over and would have done so already either through some technology exchange motivated by our leaders greed of profit or by just running our government for us. The problem with this idea is that either way you wouldn't be able to explain why movies like Independence Day and this new V could be allowed to be released. Having us fearful or angry and hateful at the presence of extraterrestrials would work at their disadvantage. They would want us to think of them as you see in V as friendly saviors. Obviously there are no aliens running our government and V is pure propaganda #.

So since there are no malevolent aliens, then there can only be neutral and good aliens like the Pledieans.

Or at least those who have actual power (military power and governing power) are good or neutral. You could still have evil extraterrestrials, but they would be an extreme minority and be regarded as criminals and hunted down most likely by the good aliens.


Anyways, if you want to know the real truth. Find a means to ask the aliens yourself.

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posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 09:23 AM

Originally posted by amyfriend
huggs everyone.

I been gone awhile cause my PC went to poop on me.

I hope you all are doing great!!!!
And I missed you very much..............

Im going to intensify my studies on UFO's/and ET's...

Im not good at much,,but more a listner..

I know some of you are skeptics,,,and some of you who are beleivers think the ET;s are shining becons of lite and beautifull.

I do not!

Hard to explain why,,their species/us are uncompatible in thought and reasoning....

we are just as dangerous to them as they are to us..

Some say well,,they havent killed us,,,or taken over,,,
well,,,,i think we are in the beginning stage(s) of whats going on,,,,(tell that to the abtuctees)with their needles and sex probing devices or whatever they are.

And if theres a few dozen ET craft visiting our planet daily,,,,this to me is worrisome and cause for concern...

I better quit,,,smile...

But Im glad to be back and hear everyones opinions and topics!!!

missed you all so much!!!!


Hows all that coming along for ya after two years?

posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 12:26 PM
Good and bad are points of view. No alien race is good or bad en neither is humanity.

U could go on about that in philosophical views but won't.
Regardless, Earth has little to offer. The one important thing is that Earth is a naturally stabile planet and the rest is valueless. If there were aliens knowing of Earth and somehow interested in it or us positively or negatively they would not be 'subtle'. Kidnappings and so on are a load of the big heap of you-know-what.

But Earth is remote so not really worth the effort.
Ofcourse there is also the little matter of kepping your hands of from somebody else it's science project. You might attract attention of the owner.

posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 02:10 PM
reply to post by amyfriend

And if theres a few dozen ET craft visiting our planet daily,,,,this to me is worrisome and cause for concern...

It is of great concern to me as well. Not from the angle of Independence Day or your standard Hollywood invasion scenario.

More from a deeper perspective. Is there something fundamental about reality that our species isn't getting that we are supposed to by now? Just like one would be concerned if your 3-year old child hasn't learned how to talk yet. I realize that's a pretty bad metaphor, but hopefully gets the point across.

posted on Oct, 1 2011 @ 02:34 PM
Hi Amy,

Way off topic, but this is driving me crazy lol

Why do you use multiple commas in all your writings? This is a serious question.



posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 09:00 AM

Originally posted by Falcifer
Hi Amy,

Way off topic, but this is driving me crazy lol

Why do you use multiple commas in all your writings? This is a serious question.



I believe I can help answer this one. It's something to do with each online personae having an unique writing style, and the individual writing styles severe as some sort of copyright markers.

Writers and TV production folk... they have their corks, but I think their corks are all about business.

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