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posted on Oct, 30 2009 @ 04:33 PM

A few days ago I wrote this letter and distributed [emailed] it to most people I knew. It was received pretty well so I thought I would pass it on to others who may find use for it. Tweak it, change links, add or remove sentences, paragraphs; I don't care! Go Wild! If you don't like it keep it to yourself! Just spread the word (in a simple to digest and easily referenced manner!)

To whom it may concern,
The government has been gearing up for quite a while now for something major to happen. The DHS, the WHO, the CDC and many other public organizations have been taking steps and making statements that are foreboding and mainly negative in their tone They have been hyping a flu which has been proven to be more deadly than an other flu and pushing a vaccine that may be overtly harmful to health. This has been used as a reason to not only change how the World Health Organization categorizes virus transmission, but also to raise the existing level to that which is the highest: phase sixOn Friday, October 23, President O’bama officially declared a national swine flu health emergency. When the current number from the WHO regarding swine flu are well below normal yearly flu numbers, this act garners suspicion. Let me tell you that our government knows just about everything. There is evidence now that the government may have known that the attacks on 9/11 were imminent, and their more recent displays of inept judgment now make me believe that something else major is just on the horizon. This time, however, I believe it is economic in nature.
The American economy is currently in a very, very deep hole. We are deeply in debt, and the situation is only getting worse. Many prominent economists and forecasters have chimed into an-iincreasingly-growing-chorus-of[/ url]-[url=]voices sounding off to the idea that maybe everything is not ok. There are reasons to suppose that there are more sinister intentions behind why this is occurring, but the matter at hand is that something is going to happen; whether it is a drop in the stock market, the demise of the Dollar, or the collapse of our financial system. I will point your attention to other, nonconventional sources that are making similar claims. Though many will choose not to acknowledge it, taking even a few steps to secure you and your family's finances could prove practical. Being that the nature of the event is unknown and each individual’s economic circumstance is unique, only you will be able to assess your situation and act appropriately. If this is something that concerns you, preparation should begin immediately as I feel this may happen within the next couple of days or definitely within the next few months.



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