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Living Water

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 01:57 PM
Water has consciousness. I can believe that without a problem. We are in micro and macro environments and so this makes sense. What is in one will likely be found in every other to a certain degree.
Some say... as above, so below.

I must share something that happened not too incredible really but I find I can't stop wondering about it.
I bought two flowering vines. They went crazy and kept climbing and producing the most beautiful pink flowers, abundantly clinging to everything in sight.
To help the flowers and vines gain purchase (and not envelope my lawn furniture) I bought 2 very large trellises.
I was excited to anticipate them climbing to their hearts content. (if flowers have hearts- and I hope to convince you they do)
Because they had such a firm hold on a rickety little structure I tore off the top part of the insufficient trellis taking all the flowers and vine that had grown to that height with it (thinking this would be the same as cutting them back)
I have never seen another flower on either of these plants.
They stopped growing completely. They did not die but they are small green bushes. They refuse to climb. They refuse to flower.
Everyday I look at these two unhappy bushes sitting in front of the two huge trellises I put there for them.
Everyday I see I have squashed their will to live by ripping off their beautiful flowering vines. And yet they will not have the good grace to die completely. there they sit mocking me. Shadows of their former selves.

I think this effect can happen to people when we destroy their self confidence, when we deny them room to flourish or when we cut off their hopes and dreams. Just like my flowers, they have simply given up.

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 05:00 AM
maybe if you talk to them, show them you care, spoil them somehow or send them positive vibes, they will feel better. Send them love. i think plants (like water) respond to love.

i understand what you say totally.

(as an unfortunate killer of many plants. I love them, i care for them, but i tend to either neglect them or over water them.)... i am trying to improve.

but i have a vegetable garden, and i used to look after it a lot before i started work. i used to care for the little plants etc. Then i let my parent pick stuff from the garden for our food. but she overpicked the kale, and generally overpicked a lot of stuff. and i had been neglecting the garden too. lately i went back to it, and it just looked depressed to me.

all the plants looked really depressed, and the kale refuses to grow any bigger even though ive been watering it. i think it is scared because it got picked so often, and never got a chance to fully spread out properly.

i know you have to give and take; you cant just keep picking leaves off a kale every day and leave only a tiny amount left. you have to let the kale have a break from time to time..

plants do have feelings.

i used to live in a unit by myself with just a cactus. i swear i was developing a relationship with the cactus... i felt like i was communicating on some level with it.

i used to have a mint bush inside and i had all these dreams about it just before it died...

my record is not very good. but believe me, they do have feelings. and they feel pleasure and pain.

that s why i feel sorry for plants when it doesnt rain and they're thirsty.

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 05:25 AM
reply to post by rapunzel222

I totally relate. You are very sensitive. Most people don't care about plants as if they have feelings. They may not realize trees can communicate news of impending danger such as storms or insect infestations over great distances. They tighten up their bark to prepare.
I have tried everything. Fertilizer, water everyday, apologies, talking to them, putting them close to each other- nothing helps.
But at least I learned something.
If water has consciousness, much more so do plants.

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 05:36 AM
maybe in time they will be okay.

it always makes me sad when a plant dies and i cant stop it. i would worry more but there's just so much stuff i could worry about.

yes, plants can communicate over long distances. also they draw the rain. so people are silly to knock them all down. when the rain doesnt come not only will they suffer, people will too.

plants also communicate through space i think, via biological communication. they send signals out into the cosmos. i like looking at plants at night. then you realize what they are - sitting on a planet in space, sending out signals into the universe and stars. plants come alive at night i think.

two things:

i had this pineapple (another sad story), - we had a pineapple plant and i planted the top off its baby after we ate teh fruit. i felt that the plant was very grateful to be planted in its pot. but it wanted to be moved somewhere better. i moved it to my vegie garden (mistake no.1) and it just didnt take to the soil. i tried to rescue it but it died. i was very sad becaus i feel it responded to being rescued and planted, not just left on the scrapheap.

another case: i was choosing between a basil plant at a garden shop. there was a big healthy one and a small scrawny one. i just FELT that the small scrawny one really WANTED me to choose it. it wanted to be rescued somehow. So i chose the small scrawny one even tho i didnt thi nk it would do as well. When i planted it in our garden, it just went BESERK. you have never seen such a HUGE basil bush as it grew into. it was practically a TREE. and i didnt do anything different to it than to the other plants. i always felt it was GRATEFUL to be 'saved' or picked out of the shop and grateful that id picked it (clearly it didnt know about my unfortunate record with plants). and thats a true story.

posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 05:40 AM
reply to post by rusethorcain

thats cool about plants preparing for storms. i like that.

you know what i realised - bark is the SKIN of trees. like humans shed skin, trees shed bark. so our ground is all covered by the skin of trees - ha... and yes, like people, trees shed their skin/bark every so often.

its cool to watch in australian gum trees, how they shed their bark when it rains and underneath is a new shiny layer as they are growing. like snakes shed their skins as they grow too..

posted on Feb, 14 2014 @ 05:04 AM
I'm hoping that if something can be done by one person then it can be done by others. In this case "tasting water as living water".

Was it my senses that detected the water as living like an illusion of my senses or was the water itself living and anyone elses senses would've detected the same thing. I just don't know.

Can it be reproduced? Hello Science? Reproduce living water in a glass that others and anyone can taste.



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