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Has religion become a Conspiracy?

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 07:04 AM
Understand first that I am a very spiritual man... I applaud peoples efforts to get closer to their god(s)... I feel we all crave a little enlightenment in our lives... yet...

The Powers that be seem to encourage all this bickering over who's god(s) are true, who's method's of worship is the correct one... religious leaders scream from their pulpits how only we are the chosen and how any non believer is a heathen, an enemy as it were...

Has it ever occurred to anyone these powers that be only do this to distract us from real issues, like getting along with our neighbours, feeding our families, questioning our governments actions?

Seems to me this bickering is not only allowed but encouraged... as a smoke screen so the real power with a whole other agenda is free to do as they wish without question, scrutiny, hidden under the cover of religious right and moral outrage?

Why do these same powers never seem to preach tolerance and encourage diversity? how to accept our brothers and sisters for who they are regardless of faith? Do they not want us to become a community a unity? Maybe they feel safer if we fight amongst ourselves... Safer to let us encamp and lash out at innocent families? Maybe they want our attention elsewhere?

Okay so this is just my ranting true but we all here at ATS know how religion has been used to control a population before, I wounder if covertly its being done again? to keep us from knowing... what?

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 07:20 AM
I apologize sincerely, but 'who are these powers that be?"

I know it may be a rant, but who exactly are you upset with?

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 07:34 AM
I'd say yes, in the sense that there are people abusing another's weaknesses.

Word 'religion' means 'to bind, strongly', which is kinda same than 'conditioning'. If you get people well conditioned, they become more obedient in a way.

Now, whether this binding is purposeful or not, I cannot really say. People always seems to be escaping themselves and looking comfort from religion - so they are easy prey for those that see this. At least it is a possibility.

Originally posted by DaddyBare
to keep us from knowing... what?

Knowing ourselves; knowing from that there isn't nothing to know. If we (in high quantities) become unbelievers, there would be no way starting wars and no reason for states, control and so on...


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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 07:47 AM
honestly the purpose of religion is way beyond my understanding, it gives me a head ache thinking about why a religion gets started and how it gets so popular.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 08:19 AM
Religion has always been a control item. It is a way to get a person from exceeding to far without the help of a deity or a god (hence the control). From my observations is it used to when a politician wants get elected, or the famous I got myself in doodoo and now would be a good time to play “I have been born again card”. All religions do the same thing, if you don't follow my word you will be doomed to a dark place or a punishment area, the list goes on. The people that are superstitious will become religious at some point on another, it is a fear thing the unknown.


posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 08:39 AM
Religion as control. Let's see....

Religious leader wants new car/ house/ vacation somewhere nice and exotic. Leader goes on tv telling his 'flock' " god said I need (X) Donations! Dont you feel he's told you the same thing? *Brainwashed flock* "guuuuuuhhhhhh.... Must... donate... god says good......." Leader gets his stuff, snickers at flock.

I've seen this way too many times. For a REAL bad example, turn on your local Christian Tv channel. See the suits? You should see where they live, the cars they drive, ect. For lesser examples- take a peek around various churches, ect. The Islamists are just as bad... It always amazes me how the leaders of a religion are fat and happy, and their followers are unwashed, poor masses who GIVE these 'people' money!

How is it a leader of people who are hurting, poor, and in need can even think of owning anything more than the basics?! Those of you who even think about saying 'it doesn't happen that way' are full of absolute, complete and utter C R A P. It's control, it's stealing, it's WRONG. Whitewashing it, skipping around it, or worse, defending these jackals is complicity. Like the kid who's always cheering for the bully- the ones who defend are the ones who get a lil extra one way or another- kinda like 'cheerleading pay'.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 10:33 AM
I believe that it is not likely those hidden PTB so much as it is we who do it to ourselves. It is sort of built in to human nature.

The "tribe" mentality is pretty innate. We like those in our own group and fear those who we perceive to be out of our group; no matter how you define the group: religion, culture, neighbourhood, ethnicity; etc. etc.

That is why even people who hold clear prejudices, such as race, will so often not be prejudiced against an individual of that race who is part of their group.

In spite of the fact that some of my older relatives slipped occasionally into racial stereotyping, they were extremely hospitable to my friends regardless of their race. It was hard for me to understand then, but I think in this light it sort of makes sense.

Of course it is certainly understandable that cads who want to manipulate people will exploit this "weakness" in human nature to achieve their sick objectives.

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