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Are you saved?

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posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 05:32 AM
reply to post by Grayelf2009

it will be okay, for many , many , many people.
Humans who act human, will go home.

and that is soon, soon as starting right now, as now.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by pasttheclouds


Gotta admit those are very lovely words you put together there.

so I wont be snide, I just don't very much believe the whole needing to be saved shtick honestly

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 08:55 AM
Salvation is not something you can know, it's something you feel, but not know.
Because in doubts is our salvation. In security is our judgement we do not want to release.
Sonship is made by giving so much freedom that the pain will make you understand in logic what it is to be innocent.

People who s mind doesn't quit caring and searching every second,
to do their best, they are allowed to know they are in salvation.
But they are the ones who will admit they do not know.
Because they are virgins, they ARE honesty and are from god.
Until God sets them free in logic, they will die every moment their
securities, and when they become in logic free, they will be driven
towards repenting and giving and sharing until they are ready.

Are you doing the best ?
if yes, you are on the way to salvation, even when you do every wrong,
because you are not guilty when you didn't see yet,
you become guilty after hearing (knowing) truth
and ignoring it.

And truth is not some words, truth is your heart.
But words allow us judgement,
so we can release it.
Truth is one and absolute, that's why it is your heart.

That's why most people judge and gossip, they try to get peace.
Ignorance is having peace with the bad you do not want to understand
to keep your peace. It is avoiding judgement, so you can't release it, it is

Don't worry, tomorrow will be different from today,
and eyes will open, because god knows we will otherwise not
evolve fast enough to carry our cross.
Right now it's time to open the heavens.
And our heaven is our future.

God is One, he shares the cross. Time will invite you to take it,
that's why religions will react very sharply on what comes
tomorrow. But if they hate by their care, they also will be forgiven.

Ignorance is the devil that brings death. Not mistakes.

That's why the best loves of our lifes, included hate.
We wanted to accept it, we wanted to understand,
we wanted to see it's good.

God is LIFE.
Truth is One, the highest truth is free of another truth,
or it isn't truth, in that place truth is absolute and one,
logic becomes free
and that's why God exist.
You find truth by allowing truth, honesty.
Honesty will build understanding = forgiveness.

And everyone who evolves, growth, carries enough cross of it,
by faith, which is honesty and allowing oneness in your heart to rule you,
will come home.

Elijah did not come back with nice words and nice language,
nor easy words nor confirming old believes.
Nor to be found in the political correct places of this world.
He is most normal, from next door, as human as possible.
Shared in pain all his life, because there logic was made.
Logic comes together at one point, where it is released.
Someone from God in this world, shares also the lows from being one, God,
and that is what makes him human, so human he becomes an angel.
tHis function will have to break the rules of the normal reality and world, to bring hope,
and allow judgement to be made, to take away the symbols, and show the simple truth of one and logic.
He came back to be judged by the world. To reach the sons,
that suffered big parts of their cross allready.
And to be judged by the others as false prophet.
So they can repent and regret, which allows their cross.
If our goal is to be become one, then the parable of God paying
the workes all the same price, even in other lenghts of time,
will make you understand, our cross is one price, and we share all
that price. People need a wake up call to be able to pay this price.
Preparation softens the cross over time, but the price is minimal the same.
This earth is part, the millenium (paradise) the next world where the price is spread.
Choice counts double, allows a lesser cross. Humans are invited to care, that's their cross.
This time is now. That's why the sons will be judged by a part of the world.
Many people who carried cross, will see the truth and 'leave'. Not as bad, but for good.
The rapture is only in mind and in logic. Saints do not leave their cross of care, but become the cross.

Why does God hurt himself ?
Truth is including, not excluding, or it isn't one.
It doesn't need to be one, that's your choice, from God.
But when it chooses to be the ALL, it needs to be the lies
in truth, only possible in this world as paradox.

Logic is God. And the story of it hidden in all religions,
to come out in logic, grown by science and sceptical thinking.
Now everything comes together as one.
Logic sets Logic free as God. When Logic falls, now,
it is the devil that falls out of the heavens, the lies that fall.
Just as was predicted.

God is One, is Love, is Growth = cross = care including both you as us.

And now is now.
The promise is ready to be fullfilled.

The moon are the sons, the son of man,
the prophets. When they are done,
they will also become the sun. Where allready Jesus
went as being One.

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posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 04:32 AM
reply to post by SeeingBlue

I'm saved because Jesus said so :p
And I believe it.

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 03:56 PM
Responding to the OP. If you where trying to get God to prove himself to you by giving your self up to him. Your in fault. God will never prove himself to you. Knowing your saved is by the spirit in you. by following the rules and giving your self to God you are saved. I cried in a church once that doesn't mean god isn't there or he is. I promise to tell you one time I was in a church that I felt that God hug me. Another time I was in a church and I felt in my a heart a powerfully burning in my heart that it could of only been holy. There not faking that stuff. It was the will of God. OP I think you wanted to give yourself to God and thought that God will show you something. Problem is your thinking in the wrong way. God will show u only through experiences. Not by a holy light shining down on you. Or God saying to you you are saved. If God gave you proof in the way you wanted it it would kill free will. Humans on earth can not have proof of God because if they have proof they would always follow and that stops what God wants. He want children to follow without knowing he is there. Thats what make us so holy and that whats make us judge angels in the after life.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 05:53 PM
God once showed his 'face' to me. The whole, whole sky was filled. 2 big living eyes in detail watching me, the most beautifull thing i ever saw.
The thing that changed my life, the thing that made me leave christianity
as i knew it forever. The thing that made me seacrh logic until i
understood logic as being truth as being god.
I asked god then not to let me believe in manifestations,
but in logic, actually i was angry, i never had visions except that one time,
i was angry he did it, because it scared me so much, and i had to choose
between logic or no logic, i said to god, don't ask me to belive things
i can not, proove yourself to me by me, and then i willbe yours.
i said to him, i feel you are love, for every wrong
there has to be a reason. He brought me home. he showed me,
after hurting me again and again to release my honor and my lies.
He showed me after I left him. I left him again and again until he explained me,
in the end i realised i never left him.
He is love. The biggest commandment.
He doesn't expect people to proof history,
he asks them to proof their hearts.
to care. Chinese, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Jew, Rich, Poor,
he asked them to do their best, not to do stuff or see things they can not
understand yet.

He asks you to be honest, you heart cries for justification,
and it cries for care for all of us... the old christian thinking,
does not set God right, does not forgive god ( = all, he is one),
does not explain.

As i child i didn't even dare to pray in the name of the holy spirit,
because i was so afraid for not being honest, i was afraid
it wasn't his spirit speaking tongues.
Honesty is what drives you towards logic, which is god.

The gospels are true, but their interpretations are wrong
in many cases.

You are a part of god, you do not have to see everything yet,
you will come there if you care...that is salvation in opposite to

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