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Spiritual path away from a government made lifestyle

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posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by Codazzle

Yes you bring up very good ideas, i like the one in which we would communicate with another more established tribe but that requires we know their language and would have to get there, i doubt there are any native tribes in the US. =)

Also i know you and a lot of others like this idea, but it isnt a easy one and would take some serious effort to get back into something most of our ancestors left behind 200+ years ago. i would say doing this lifestyle with no outside help out of no where would be much harder then our society made life, so i would suggest that we still go into society while living out in the wild to work and get atleast a low income so we can buy certain things we need, i.e. basic materials, & food and water when were not doing good foraging ourselves. make sense? i think so. =)

Im living in Seymour indiana, close to indianapolis. so if you move here and you still want to try and do that i wouldnt mind meeting up and camping! so you can see what its like, but maybe you know more then me, do you? if not it will still be a good experience.

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 04:53 PM
reply to post by 4stral4pprentice

I have started a small group in mid TN. We really do not have some of the usual financial constraints as I have been very fortunate (probably for this very reason). If this feels right, feel free to U2U.

- PM

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by 4stral4pprentice

what if we were to build a home OUTSIDE of all this city life, somewhere countryside/forest side, grow our own food (even eastern indian people believe in growing their own food on the basis that it gives you the most satisfaction) use our own time. I mean, when your living somewhere like that, what is the cost of living? Living off the land is VERY simple with the right approach.

Im not talking about going out into bear infested death-trap forests, with no land to grow food, but living on hills is great, and alot easier.

Now, depending on what we grow, we can sell, pumpkins are needed EVERY halloween, and bring good money, people like apples (MY APPLES! >.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by Codazzle

I completely agree.
It's better to barter the things you have in abundance, for the things you desire.
At worst you could sell at market.

I've created a price calculation system to insure fair trade.
root(productWeight^vibden,desiredVibden) = desiredWeight

vibden 1 = rocks
vibden 2 = plants mushrooms and lower animals
vibden 3 = fabrics, tools, man made things

Also to insure that you have plentiful abundance of food with minimal effort, grow a seedball forest garden.
seedball 1 part seed, 3 part compost, 5 part clay, enough water to make it doughy.
first mix seed and compost,
then mix in clay and water,
roll into balls and let dry.
then throw them where they will grow well.
wait for harvest.

Remember Codex be implementing after December 31st, which will irradiate food, so getting import food from the store will be pointless, as it will lack nutrients (even if organic), though may retain some calories.
The Royal Family doesn't want us to continues living, they want the majority of us dead.
If you don't the cities are turning into concentration camps -- already having concentrated populaces.
Grow your own seedball forest garden on some free land, learn to thrive in the wilderness.

Seedball forest garden also more discrete and well hidden, (no plowing)
When you make a home, make it blend in with the scenery,
in case some of the royal military come by to try to evict forest dwellers,
they would have to find you first.
Remember to have two exits in every building, one casual, one emergency.
Have backup homes with food that stores well,
many eggs in many baskets.

Remember that many trees have edible inner bark -- though it should be cooked before eating. Food be plentiful in the forest.
If you want to travel around the world then get or build a wooden sail boat!

Me and my beloved plan to move to the West Coast Temperate Rainforest.
In about 3 and a half years, we'll be there.
Right now, studying skills to thrive in the wild.

Already have started a forest garden (on some nearby freeland),
and learned basic pottery (made spoon, bowl, tablet and fired in camp fire),
made cardboard boat.

So a basic summary of skills to have to thrive in the wilderness:

fire making,
water collection,
plant identification or trapping or fishing,
wood working,
shelter making,
pottery making, (for cookware, cutlery, storage and refrigeration)
fabric making, (weaving with loom)
paper making, (can use clay tablets for long term storage) I've made a phonetic cuneiform for easier inscription,
transportation making (boatbuilding, horseriding, cart making)
radio making (long distance communication),
bioplastic making.

I've practiced most of these skills,
only ones I haven't practiced yet be masonry, metallurgy, and steam bending of wood (for boatbuilding or wheel making)
but I know the basic principles and watched quite a few tutorial videos.

I'm still in the city, since I'm learning all the skills required and stocking up on useful books, seeds, and even some tools.

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posted on Jun, 19 2011 @ 02:54 AM
This is a great post that is right up my alley! Too bad I am about two years too late to the party.

I've been working on figuring out how to live such a life myself, for nearly 10 years now, preparing for it physically and mentally, and getting lots of practice runs in. I too wish to do it mostly for the spiritual contemplation I could get out of it and the closeness to nature, but also because I love adventure and I always wanted to travel. What cheaper way could one travel than on foot and living freely off the land?

You might find this article helpful:

It is an article on some of my thoughts concerning this way of living and some of my suggestions to those who would like to try.

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