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G20 Pittsburgh: ATS ready?

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posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:47 PM
Those are just the highlights. The big issues now are that the City is denying or postponing issuing permits to protest in order to discourage organizing. Which I feel is wrong. There was absolutely no planning by the City of Pittsburgh before agreeing to host his event. The news outlets here are really not on the side of the protesters. They run stories on how the protesters are secretly hiding out in abandoned buildings already, collecting human waste to throw on security personnel, using GPS and computers to map out spots to loot and riot...a lot of reports just borderline on ridiculousness. I did hear that some of the dignitaries will be staying at a resort near my other home. Nemacolin Woodlands. They have an airfield and air support facilities, limited, but could land a helicopter there. I think this is why I see the Apache's near my store.

City cops are not the nicest here in Pittsburgh. Most are typical close minded hot heads and probably easily inciteable, knowing they are going to be pulling extra long duty for an event they already don't want to police.

If you come, good luck.

reply to post by briantaylor

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:57 PM

This gives you some of the idea on how our city and county officials operate...beyond their means and over their heads.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 12:59 PM
eyes and ears in the PITTZ ATS.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 01:22 PM
Note: Repost of Edit from earlier for ensured dissemination...

Who's in pitts beside Van001?
Who else is going beside warrenb?
Where will they be?
How will they get messages out?
Phone Cam twitter facebook text skype etc.
and to whom?
We'll still have to get the messages into ATS.
I can offer my services as correlator of info, arrange a muti-user twitter account for instance that repeats on a specific as of yet named ATS forum
Anybody got a better way to collect the data coming in from pits?

Is anybody but me willing to do some work here?
Is anybody listening?
Is there anybody out there?

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by briantaylor

Pittsburgh: POG G20 Resistance Update #1

Since we last spoke so much has happened, and so much more remains to do. Our last statement laid out POG’s decisions regarding the G20 and let people know about a soon-to-be formed entity against the G20.

The Pittsburgh G20 Resistance Project (PG20RP), concluded its two-day summit two weeks ago and has officially formed as a way to bring together individuals and projects to mobilize a broader resistance. The initial meeting had ~60 people, all locals. The size and structure of the project, with regular general assemblies and working groups, is a promising organizational development.

This structure is (hopefully) not a vehicle for any one particular group, anarchist tendency, or viewpoint. It will, of course, seek consensus, work to educate, and issue statements when necessary. The general website promotes flyers, posters, literature, statements, and calls to action that are submitted. Check out the new 16 page informational zine on the G20 that‘s been released.

POG is excited that a larger, open space now exists for the respectful expression and articulation of views, updates, questions, plans, and dreams. We’re looking forward to utilizing it and we hope others do similarly.

This can only aid the gathering momentum, the coming storm.

It was towards that aim that we released our Call To Action and G20 Statement, which collectively laid out our group’s perspective on the summit, how we see our relationship to the new PG20RP, and why we hope to release a series of weekly updates on the progression and challenges of the September mobilization. We aimed for a comprehensive update because it allows us to avoid multiple statements on different aspects of the mobilization and reduces the number of questions people send us.

In Solidarity and Struggle, Pittsburgh Organizing Group

Here's the latest release

Some others that will be there
The Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project -
The Green Party of Pittsburgh -
The Thomas Merton Center -
Bail Out The People -
The Ruckus Society - Private
National March for Jobs - No www
Socialist Party USA -

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 01:42 PM
I can try and post what I can, but I probably won't be able to get in the middle of it. I do have some friends that will be working there and I will be in constant contact with them. However I doubt I will be the best source.

To all planning to protest, bridges are going to be your friend or enemy. There are many places to be seen including on the bridges, from both sides of the river, there are many converted rails to trails that lead into the city...the city is not that big and if you are willing to walk you can get there. Oakland where the University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University is, does not sit in Downtown portion of the city. There is a place called The Hill that is between the Downtown area and Oakland. (It is also a high crime area.) I have no doubt many protest will originate in Oakland and try to funnel their way into town. It is about five miles. Just so you know.

I doubt the police are going to try and force the protesters towards the point, I could be wrong. They do have a heavy River patrol force and protesters could easily be detained placed onto boats and ferried to a collection place out of the way.

Remember, Pittsburgh is one of the most traffic unfriendly places. Do not think you will stay outside the city and drive to you protest place. You could very easily be sitting in traffic til the G20 is over.

reply to post by briantaylor

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 03:04 PM
not that many people from ats going or do they not want to say ?

good luck to the guys and girls who are going

lets hope it stays peaceful but gets noticed.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 03:09 PM
I've had a few U2U messages from people who wish to stay anonymous and that's fine...
But we will always need more.
There can''t be too many...

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by briantaylor

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 04:49 PM

Originally posted by Ophiuchus 13
eyes and ears in the PITTZ ATS.

Has the irony of 'The Pitt', escaped us? A fictional bastion of slavery and corruption, chosen as the sight for a meeting of the world's economic 'leaders?' TPTB either WROTE, or PLAYED Fallout 3?

You guys be on your toes out there.

The Battle of Sterling Bridge

Battle of Agincourt

Terrain trumps numbers almost all of the time.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:00 PM
thanks to warrenb for that website. very informative. It is true KDKA's Marty Griffin has been a real driving force in scaring the #e out of everyone in the city. He is a local news caster and morning radio host who has quite a large elderly following. He has a lot of Pittsburgh's older population (which we have one of the highest outside Miami) so worked up it is not funny. He has a nightly scare fluff piece on the G20 protesters on the evening news.

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by warrenb

Is this serious vid? I was totally laughing trought the whole vid untill the end where the news part begings. Not very convincing

posted on Aug, 31 2009 @ 05:54 PM
Sorry to show at the party late.. But life calls sometimes.. Anyway..

If anyone wants a good idea of what Pgh looks like.. Rent steal borrow Striking Distance. It is all Pgh...

Anyway I plan still to be there regardless of whatever.. I am going to stay wit a freind in northside so in case they shut the city down which i hear they are planning.. closed schools and i heard they are closing 279 also.. That road leads from Pgh to the airport..

I will have a a few friends with me also.. we all are going to have a still and cam cameras.. not this half baked crap real cameras..

Anyway I will show what i see when I get back from it on the 25/26th..

Maybe us ATS'rs should get together and plan something ourselves you know.. a meet up or something.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 01:02 AM

Originally posted by PsykoOps
reply to post by warrenb

Is this serious vid? I was totally laughing trought the whole vid untill the end where the news part begings. Not very convincing

It's not. Article 1 of the bill of rights?

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 01:10 AM
That video was the worst call to arms I've ever seen. The guy was barely literate. Of course it's the barely literate right-wing he's trying to appeal to.

The government should have no problem crushing a RETARDED NAZI MOVEMENT.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by warrenb

wow, I guess there can be too many.
anytime someone uses the argument that their rights were "god given"
I'm Audi.
There is no such thing as rights. They were a made up fairy tale.
If you think rights exist, we can discuss why they don't...
A good place to start is here

Love the misguided passion though!

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 08:39 AM
Ok listen folks. I don't wish to be anonymous. The G20 is going to be a serious thing.

I live about 30 minutes west of pittsburgh, and should SHTF...I have a place to go. Shelter and food for about 10-15 people for a few days.

I don't expect things to get that bad. But, I live in the woods, by myself, (with my german shepherd
). I am willing to take on a rendevous-point, or a meeting location if it gets that bad. I don't think it will. But, you never know. U2U me to let me know if you want contact info. If you're going to the protests and just want to know someone close, I'm not too far. Again, about 30 minutes west.

I can't make it to the protests that week because of work. Terrible, I know, but I still gotta try and keep my job.

Kind of like the AAA when you get a flat. Its just nice to know someone is near-by that can help if necessary.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 09:21 AM
Highly recommended book to read

Necessary Illusions
(search google for title with "PDF")

A book about how political power uses propaganda to distort and distract from
real issues to maintain confusion and complicity, preventing real
democracy from becoming effective.

I also recommend learning the Propaganda Model

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 10:34 AM
Living in Pittsburgh as well, I really don't expect things to get to the point were we need to retreat into the woods. I support the protest, however I can not take part cause, like havok, I have a business to run...I will tell this to any and all protesters. I really think that the police and security are going to be exceptionally brutal and abusive. They are going to be overworked and seriously strained during this. Plus with all these scare tactics each night by the local media they are going to trigger happy....I don't really think they will close I279 or other main routes into town. People still have to get back and forth and the city still has to have some sort of operation, but don't expect to drive down to the protest rallies. Stay in town if you can.

posted on Sep, 1 2009 @ 05:58 PM
thanks havoc!
that's a usefull offer...

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