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umm, what is that orange level alert thingy?

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posted on May, 13 2004 @ 12:57 PM
Id just like to know, wtf is that "Department of Boardland Sanity Cyber-Drama Threat Level Alert System" and why is it on orange? Does this have anything to do with the Homeland Security System threat level alert system?

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 01:01 PM
no it has nothing to do with the homeland security warning level.

just means some drama MAY take place...if it goes it and you'll see said drama unfold.

BTW WRONG forum for this. try board questions and business for all question comments and concerns about this board for future reference.

now if someone would simply move this thread to the apropos forum...

TIA show you what drama looks like...

now this may look like a bowl of soup but i assure you this is PURE drama and you do not want to taste it! it will burn your mouth and give you horrible bowel movements! (you'll think drano is coming out your backside)

avoid drama my friends! it leaves a bad taste in your mouth!

[Edited on 13-5-2004 by ThePrankMonkey]

posted on May, 13 2004 @ 01:02 PM
I'm not entirely sure what it is that you mean, but I suspect it is an ad!

posted on May, 15 2004 @ 05:41 AM
Read this post about the introduction of the Department of Boardland Sanity....

[Edited on 15-5-2004 by SimonGray]

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