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Survival locations - on a budget?

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posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 05:34 PM
Hopefully this is not already on here somewhere, if it is I apologize, and please let me know.

I am interested in having a place in the mountains of New Mexico, or a place to go and setup a camp for me and my family if the SHTF. With there being so much National Forrest up there, and so much land that is already owned, where would be a good place to go? I used to go up around Cloudcroft all the time when I was in the military, and I loved it. I am not looking for a public campground, i am wanting something that I can own.

What would you do if this was where you were going to go? I am on a budget as well, so I don't have a large chunk of change to drop on a place (I just got into a new house where I am). Would it be better just to buy a small very remote (but accessible) piece of land and hauls a trailer up there? Or would it be best to try and find a cabin of some sort?

I have looked at some of the cabins in the areas I would like to go to, but alot of them are in a more "residential" setting. I am looking for something off the beaten path, where I can see someone coming from miles away. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by desertdreamer

Personally, if the S does hit the fan, then property rights are going to be the last of your worries. Depends on the type of S , but you may find yourself with a choice of prime real estate.

-ok, depressed now, time to hit the scotch-

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by mikerussellus

I don't may be just the opposite in a place like the mountains. People may protect and defend their property lines MORE if the SHTF. They will not want a bunch of goofballs on their property, I mean there is a reason that they live away from everyone. They will probably have all the more reason to get pushy to protect their land from everyone trying to get away.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 07:00 PM
Sounds reasonable to me. you'll want a water source on premises. if not then know thy neighbors. traditional hogans were built in that area, were they not? mud and logs..voila! home sweet home. Even if the SDHTF then its still a nice thing to have vacation property. best to you.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have been looking at some places that will have a water source. There are some natural formed waterfalls, and with yearly snow it should not be a problem. There are also some wells in the area I am looking at, so that may pan out. Either way I will be having to filter water as well. Yes, you are correct....there are some mud/log cabins all over that area. The vacation property thing is what I was thinking of doing. Getting started on it, and then when the SHTF I would be able to hopefully load up the family and take off. The only thing I would worry about is stockpiling things at that location. I would be worried that someone may get into my area while I was not there, and then it would be all for nothing. I would have to be able to really secure the area, and maybe even pay a local some money to keep an eye on the place.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by desertdreamer


I understand Your looking in one mountainous area. I am assuming it is close to You now?

West Texas, and even Chihuahua Mexico have the same high cool forested mountains....yes both of those.

What I could offer as a possible option to check into is a Skoolie. I thought about making a thread on them; should You find it interesting be my guest.

For a good diesel one You'll only spend a couple K. To turn it into a self contained BUG OUT RIG will run no more than total investment of around 10k. I mean totally self contained, and nice.

I have one in the works now, and the idea is with an extra fuel tank I can move if I need to, but sitting in one spot I can be entirely self sustaining where ever I park.

I could keep blabbing, but I won't here's a link re: the topic.


posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by sanchoearlyjones

DUDE...WOW...I had no idea! I will be checking those out! Thanks!

Star for you!

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by desertdreamer

Sure, not a problem.

You can end up with something 10 times better than an average RV, and on par with a 600k GEV Global Expedition Vehicle.........

Yes a GEV is 600k nothing overly special about them besides being gas guzzling all wheel drives. The main difference is they promote long term stays out in the besides a generator they'll have a solar panel..

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