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War Manual

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posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 12:45 PM

First, and foremost... this is a FICTIONAL *coughcough* story. This is a work of FICTIONAL ideals. It is set in the year of 2008, and would therefore, be classified as HISTORICAL FICTION.

Why is this important? Because the moderators will NOT let me post something like this if it is not FICTIONAL. Again, this is a "fictional" story.

This is "NOT" a plan to overthrow the US Government. I am a good, law abiding citizen, I pay my taxes and I have US citizenship.

Furthur, anyone can help write this STORY. If you have any ideas about what the characters in this story should do, post them here, for everyone to see.

In addition, I care nothing for the Prologue of this STORY, my grammar, spelling, or continuity issues. If you seek to correct me, dont bother. Its not that I dont like critics, its that THIS is NOT the place for them.

Last, thank-you all who will read this. It isnt exactly a SHORT story, so... expect lots of editing and things.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 12:50 PM
Not so long ago, on a land mass that has become so familiar to us all, citizens, ruled by a tyranical regime, decided that they, as a group, were going to revolt against the very hand that fed them. The people grew very tired of the way things were run by the regime, and they decided to change that completely. This is a story about a small group of men, who meet often in the basement of an evicted home. They sit, talk, plan and discuss their operations against the enemy. Their discussions began on that cold morning in December, and would last well into the next year. This is the story of a man whom helped formulate these discussions, and, who ultimately, would lead a criminal uprising that yelled for freedom and love.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 12:58 PM
My prayers flew from me into the heavens above, opposite that of the falling snowflakes. White powder crunched underneath my boots, the cold, stinging flakes covering my thick and matted hair. It wouldnt be long now untill I reached the safe house. "123 Main St." I told myself... what a strange name for a place... It was brutality effective, hiding itself amongst the slum and broken parts of the city. The house that housed my team, my brothers, often was mistaken for an unoccupied residence. We were surronded here, in the dirty part of town... good camoflauge, atleast.... My heart hammers beneath my winter parka, keeping me warm with excitement of what was to come. Would I be taken in, or turned over to the security forces? I prayed again, hoping that my brethren would have the courage to keep my identity secret....

The legenth of my journey wore on, discouraging anyone whom might be following me, or discouraging myself from getting closer and closer to my objective. The cold forced my thoughts, the icy wind forcing my pace to quicken.

Finnally, at long last, came the small shack into my view. Walls broken, roof caved in... It was perfect, hiding several "clubs" or... "cells" in the basement of its foundation. Many of these houses surronding it were tunneld, connecting us underground so that we might all meet below the wtchfull eyes.

Effective, atleast... We were ghosts here. The enemy had no idea that the slums housed its greatest threat...

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 01:10 PM
The lights were dim, barely bright enough to see the faces in the crowd surronding me. The focal point was a table, a large round table that housed many different peices of paper. The people around this table gave me anxious stares, some smiling and ready, others, grim and frightened... It was going to be a long, long year for them. My speech was unprepared, and I decided then that I would be speaking from the heart to these people. My brothers.. my family here awaited my voice with patience that made the drying of paint look quick. I spoke.
" The first things we need to carry out our plan..." my voice paused, waiting and watching like them. " Are POURPOSE" I shouted " and MANPOWER."

It was with the first that we would aqquire the second. If we had a good enough reason to die, or enough of a cause to attract thousands into our club, we would suddenly find ourselves leaders of an organization far bigger than our hopes were. If we could reach millions of people with our message, we were sure they too, would join us.'

So why pourpose? It is with pourpose, or reason, that many will come to us, flocking like birds to the south or bees to a feild of pollen.

And then, why manpower? How?

I realized that the first steps to take in our grand idea, was the recruitment, subtle, of course, of as many people as we can aqquire. We needed numbers. We needed to plan, think, and strategize our way to victory.

One of the first things we need, I thought, is the establishment of rules and code to keep us safe. We needed law and secrecy, rules about how to keep this well oiled machine running.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 01:17 PM
So it was then we began planning, plotting, and thinking. We needed locations safe from prying eyes, places where the enemy would nevger think to look. We needed a plan to keep ourselves secret, secure... we needed a code. Simple enough... just plan to speak as you normally would, only laying your message heavily with plans of operation. Somone might say "the pizza party is on for tonight" over the phone, radio, or interent. Whatever the method might be, it is safe from prying eyes and ears. It was with a code that we were able to communicate safely and without worry across great distances, passing our plans and plot right under the nose of our enemy. It was fool proof.

Once we had our communication, we began to meet at a standard time, in a pre-established place, using our secret methods of communication. We began to talk over the radio, phone and internet, realying messages to our brothers with ease. Now it seems the wheels were spinning, faster... We had our communication. And between two groups of people, housing 5 members each, we were able to share our ideas. This, in turn, gave birth to the "War Manual" or, a collection of ideas for our plot to destroy the enemy.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 01:32 PM
Chapter 1: The Formation of an Army

Now that they could speak over the phone, or radio without worry, the men began to plan their moves.

How do you overthrow a government?

1 man may not be able to do much by himself. Many men can do anything that nature allows.

It was obvisious then, that in order to formulate their strategy, they would need help from across the land mass. People from all over would be called to fullfill their duty to their fellow citizens.

Now. First, how do we organize these people? How do we house, train, and eventually pye these beings into what we want them to be?

A) The Importance of Safe Havens
Locations are important. Where will these groups meet? How? When? It is important for an army to be able to communicate freely, sharing ideas with eachother without the worry of the enemy. These places could be anywhere, or called anything, so long as the enemy caught no wind of our actions. Pubs, bars, book stores, diners... anywhere. It was under the veil of business that we should act and congregate, misleading the enemy into thinking that our safehouses did not exsist, or were certinaly NOT legal business's. We needed places that the fools wouldnt ever look, deep, deep into the water of trickery and lies. "Bob's Pizza" had a backroom, a place that housed members of our army when they needed to meet together. Should the enemy raid "Bob's Pizza" they would find nothing but recipets of business and video footage of several people sitting to eat. They would not "bug" a pizza place, nor would they suspect us to be that stupid when it came to our havens.

These were not places where we hid our weapons, maps, or other plans. These were places that everyone within a region, or sub-group, could meet and talk. We did not communicate or send messages FROM our havens, for then the enemy would have certian reason for spying there. Simply, these were public places where thousands of people went daily, with every kind of reason you could think of. Banks and other places of high traffic became ideal. Book stores, diners, banks, clubs... anything that was flooded with business, and therefore impossible to detect any bit of illegal discussion. Members could offer the reason for their business trip, and the fact that a " meeting to discuss the stock market" was already arranged. Should the enemy follow up, not only would their be multiple targets, but multiple reasons for being there. It would be hard for them to have proof that we were lying.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 01:47 PM
B) Organizational Structure and Duties

How do we manage our men? With rules, regulation and punishment (IE: death) for those who do not follow.

Now. The chain of command, or heirarchy simply does not exsist in the way one would think. There is no pyramid structure, or scheme. Such things are easily disabled and penetrated by our enemy. If you were able to capture a member who knew names and locations of key figures in our pyramid, we would fall due to one man.

This is not an option for us. Instead, we have multiple grouping conclaves.
ALPHA groups, and BETA groups, etc.

ALPHA groups, or, the high strategy, directs the operations of the entire plan. They let BETA groups know what to do, with instructions on how to follow them. BETA than hands out orders to other SUB-groups, who hand out orders to their grunts.

Now, how do we keep ourselves safe?

Members of ALPHA groups DO NOT know each other. At all. There are NEVER real names traded, or any sort of objective information passed along.

Mr. X would therefore not reveal anything about his activites to other members of ALPHA. Why? If an ALPHA member is caught, or turned, he/she has NO IDEA, truely, of what MR. X has planned. Even through torture, or mind control and brainwashing, our enemy CANNOT obtain information that the member does not have. The member does not know the name of MR. X, where he is, who he controlls or what he plans, therefore, torture or brainwashing of a captured member, is useless, as is the turning of him/her into a spy. If somone really does not know something, only a lie will come of torture.

This is a safe security measure. It prevents a complete collapse of our army. If a member of ALPHA is caught, only the members of BETA1 are at risk. This too, can become a problem, if BETA1 does not follow these rules. Noone knows any true information about NAMES or LOCATIONS of other members. This is to keep us safe. If an ALPHA member controlled his BETA group effectively, the members of his group would be completely in the dark.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 02:01 PM
How do we raise such an army? How do we set this up? It is simple.

Those in power at the beggining of our formation, are not in power later on. If Mr. Y helped set up a group, Mr. Y hires someone else to lead it. This man has no idea that it was Mr. Y that hired him, nor does he have any idea that other BETA groups like his exsist. He does not know that 100 miles west of his position, there is another group forming to do the exact same thing.

The men that begin the ALPHA group, put others in power. They train "grunts" in the art of running a group, then put them in power. They do not put themselves in power for reasons of security. The "grunts" then become ALPHA leaders, after showing that they are able to recruit without giving names, locations, dates or other important information to the next generation of "grunts"

Let us give a simple example. #1 hires #2. #1 gives a fake name and location to #2, telling #2 that he will lead this army. #1 steps into the background and dissapears, watching #2 gather together more members. #2 then gets #3, #4, and #5, to set up independant, unaware groups. #3, #4 and #5 have no idea that each other exsist and do not know that #2 has set up other groups like them.

#3, #4 and #5 have just formed the first ALPHA groups. Again, they do NOT know that other ALPHA groups exsist, only that their leader, a member from another group, tells them what to do. Leader of #3 tells #4 group what to do, and so on...

Now. #3, 4 and 5 groups have all been trained in the same manner. They run their own operations, and begin to set up other BETA groups of their own.

BETA, though regional and run by a member of a different (regional) ALPHA group, follow the same line, setting up SUB-groups in the same fashion.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 02:42 PM
C) Allies All Around

It was simple to understand that the more numbers we had on our side, the better. But who are prime candidates?

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

This is a true statement. Any person, or group of people that do not find themselves under the same flag of our enemy, often enough will find themselves under ours. Anyone who hates our enemy, is our friend.

This can include political idealists, radicalists, other groups of free thinkers, gangs of cities, biker gangs, coalitions of thugs, Bloods, Crips, Hell's Angels, Alcoholics.... any one of them are potential allies.

Expendable, but allies noone the same. Any sort of radical relgious group, any sort of school gang where talk of political upheavel is common...

These are all great sources. Members are recrutied accordingly, and kept well in the dark about operations or about who else is in the army.

If the KKK and Crips were working together, they might shatter if they discover they are flying the same flag. Thus, secrecy is always a must.

A member must look for allies every day. He must find out how a person feels about the enemy, and what his/her posistion is on the subject. Members need to discover as much as they can about the target before recrutiment, including valueble intelligence regarding who they allign themselves with.

Even a bodyguard, when learning that his master is corrupt and evil, will turn.

It is important to know, that our army MUST be made of, and inculde, those against our enemy. We must take our enemies allies from him, so that he looses numbers, and we gain them.

[edit on 23-8-2009 by WarMind]

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 04:31 PM
D) Delegation of Specific Duties

There is to be NO form of department, or jurisdictional operations within groups. This means, that there will be no group, designed for the complete planning, or carrying out, of any operation.

Each group is expected to supply its own arms, intelligence and conduct its own operations. There will be no such thing as an "Armor" department, or "intel" department. All members are expected to do the things they need to do.

This can include the securing of the following:
Valueble intelligence
Safe havens
Codes and communication
Supplies in general

Why? Because a DEPENDANT group is a useless group. All of ALPHA and BETA groups are expected to function on their own and without connection to any other affiliated group.

BETA 1 needs weapons. Thats great, but they dont ask BETA 2, because they dont know BETA 2 exsist. They might ask other sources, but they will not have any help from other groups within our army. This is to keep us secure.

posted on Aug, 28 2009 @ 08:03 PM
may I suggest .

recruiting people is far more difficult than you make it sound .
if it were as simple as " the enemy of my enemy is my friend "
it would happen more .

security is not the problem here .

may I offer a diffrent point of veiw .

in the beginning :

you collect 4 or more wealthy persons who will fund your organization .

you place in temp employment agency's 20 persons of unqualified loyalty .

as powerful and important clients to these agencys , your wealth funding requests the advancement and employment of your recruiter .

your " recruiters" have access to 10's of thousands of named persons with resume's , work history and personal history .

once identifide'd , you very carefully filter out specialists .
all the while , keeping them employed .

when you have a list of names ....
set up a teliphone number , that can make a single phone call ...
and get things done .

the call would sound something like this .

" I have 5 contracts , when completed I pay 500.oo .
if you want one , I will call again with details . "

the action contracts will not be understood by the phone agent , only the person to contact , where and when to meet .

the person they call has a " legend " , a handle , a fake name .
a debit credit card to put money into when a contract is completed .
and a cell phone number that may be changed at the whim of the legend , when they are call'd by the phone agent .


it important to understand what a mobius loop is at this time.

if you take a strip of paper (2inchs wide and 50 inchs long)
and put a half twist in it and tape its ends togather .

you can begin at one edge of the paper and begin writing names
and phone numbers .... and never have a name not followed by another name and phone number ....


you can add or subtract names and phone numbers any where on the edge of the paper , and if you follow the edge , a name always follows the next name .


unlike a list , on the other side of the paper will be a second name and phone number . a person who gives contracts and takes contracts . but never see's or knows who the person is they talk to .


if you build three such mobuis lists .
you have your alpha , bata and recruiter organization .
with out any one ever haveing person to person contact .

your three or more wealthy business men will need to fund the operation for a short time .

you have one group that seeks out tasks that need to be done , and people who feel strongly enought to pay the bills .

you have one group that receive , organize , and hand out the tasks , and pay for their completed task .

you have one group that does the task , and is paid only when and if it is completed .

the nice thing about a mobius structure .
you can put a task in at any point ,
you can receive , organize and hand out at any point
you can do the task , and get paid for its completed tast at any point...

when people are added or subtracted from any one of the lists , it doesn't change anything .

no one person needs to have the whole , for it to function .
and as it grows... you can brake it , into smaller units , or combine smaller peices into a larger whole .

the three active concepts

1) never use a real name
2) you know only what is required to do your job
3) you get paid for what you complete , not for good efforts or good attempts .

concepts of intrest

1) never ask a person to brake the law , or engage in illegal behavior ( rico )
2) never ***** in your own nest , never use locals for a local problem . never make it personal , never take it personaly , and never ever do for your self , what others will handle for you .
3) be polite , apathic and proffessional .
4) avoid radicals , passionate , philosophical , or motivated .

build a very simple temp personal agency

that uses the poor , honest , hard working , among us .

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 09:37 PM
Thanks for your additions! Editing with sources (YOU!) will come later. Star for sure!

E) "The Cause" and Morale

In perspective of war, and what it truely means to wage war against an enemy, is in fact circled around a central issue. This is, the reason to fight. For an indavidual, the reason to fight, or "The Cause" (TC) is what herds him into our flock. TC is the reason for which a man fights. Be it any form of cause at all.

What brings potential allies to us?
Why would he be looking for such allies? Why is he searching to be amongst our ranks? It is loyalty to TC that brings him. It is his beliefs that force his submit to our leadership, in trust that we share his dream of TC.

It is with the drive, and spirit of the soilder, that the war is won.

If the will to fight for TC is lost, then every battle, and essentially, the war itself, will result in defeat.

SunTzu: ChapterIII (Attack by Strategem) #2 Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence is breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.

How? By forcing him to loose faith in TC, or...loosing his will to fight the enemy.

This shows that the indavidual soilder must be well connected and learned about TC. He must be ready to die for it, without hesitation or disregard, blind, nearly, from his lust for TC. He must love his beliefs, and know that defeat will not ensure. He must not doubt victory, or TC, nor his comrades or himself. Belief raises spirits, and gives will or stregenth when there will be none.

Lack of trust

These are your worst enemy. We can be sure to fight atleast one, weaponless war. That is, the war for control over indaviduals involved.

The enemy will not hesitate to use these things against us. It is with this knowledge, that we are able to control both the enemy's and our own soilders on the face of combat for morale. A war for the mind and belief of the indavidual, has already begun.

Win the people, win the war.

The force with greater morale, greater belief in TC, and mastery of tactics, will win the war.

The general who surpasses the other for control over his opponent's forces, and turns them against their beliefs, will win.

Wise is the general that keeps spirits of his own men high, and those of the enemy minute.

TC does so much. It is honey, to our bees, and those weapons, for our enemys. Our Cause is what will drive men from our opponent, and more to our ranks.

(more comming)

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 07:07 PM
Now for the fun stuff.
Chapter 2: "The Enemy"
A) Worshiping those We Fight

First, let us look at the CHEKA case and its effectiveness.

posted on Oct, 31 2009 @ 01:00 PM
A)- cont.

The title of this section is by no means, an accident. It is very very important to learn the basics.

SunTzu speaks at legenth when it comes to knowledge of the enemy.
He speaks at legenth of how knowing your own self equally as well.

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. "

That quote is the most well known, not the only by far, however, it is educational and fairly simple for the scholar to learn.
So again? Why is it we worship the enemy?

It is key! It is with so much understanding of the enemy that we are able to outwit him. We are able to predict him, and thus, punish him. We are able to save men, time, and supplies if we know all about our enemy.
We are able to outmanuver him, trap him, and turn his own thoughts and theories into a mix. It is this key, this esscence of war, that will give way to victory.

Without knowledge of the enemy, we are blind, running on luck and good will that we pass the next trial of blood and bone.

What is it we need to learn? How do we obtain such knowledge? As for the latter? Later.

What is it we need to have information of? What is the strategic value of such information?
If we go back, and re-read the first chapter, we can understand what is it we need to learn, precisely.

For those who need a simple list, I have provided one. All things of strategic value (and those unmentioned here) fall into one of a few catorgories.

1) Political and Economic (The Head)
The situation in power. What of their government? What of their market? Religion?
2) Personal and Power Structure (The Arms)
How is it they implement and stay in power?
3) Funding and Fuel (The Legs)
How is it our enemy runs? What do they need to sustain themselves?
4) Feild
What of terrain? Feild information turns to be any information of troop deployment and movement, hard or soft targets, or anything else that the commander of forces needs to know to effectively move against our enemy.

If we know the enemy, we can win. It is so simple and such a terrible terrible thing, this way of war.
Let us worship the enemy.
Let us know him, and thus, crush him. Let us know what makes him weak, or how he will react to our pranks and tricks. As the enemy gains knowledge, we do as well, able more are we able to predict and counter his war effort.

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