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Why we do not see God.

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posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 08:38 AM
The problem is not that we removed God out of our sight,
the problem is we do not want to understand God.
We do not want to see Him. He is one, stated in your book.

God has a lot of other names,
HE is the truth, or isn't he ? he is ? well, his name is truth

so wy do we not include in our classification
all those that search 'truth' , why do we say they
are not believers ?

And science ?
why do you not see truth ? Truth is One ?
yes, its absolute, and includes all,
god is pure logic, logic is his other name,
One, including all, to be searched with truth = honesty.
So you laugh away all those stories you do not understand,
why don't you use them to see what's -behind-
they invite you to explain them, not to laugh away

so why do we not allow people who search truth, (scientists, atheists, buddhists, ....)
to be included in our classification of 'believers'

why do we not allow people who live for care and love
to be included in our classification of 'believers in god who is one,
as stated in our own books', they act towards one as believers

why do we not allow people to worship our god
from their religion that worships the same god
(quran states torah is the law, and gospel is the truth, god is one)

or from their philosophy or science,
searching God = One= Truth, from their perspective
to be classified as believers ??

Why do we not allow jesus to be one ?
why do we steal his herritage of salvation,
and do we see him seperate from our one god,
life, to include us all, when he teached us that
everything is one, together in our God.

He did not say salvation comes by a name of a person,
he said salvation comes by MY NAME = ONE
salvation in the name of ONE, in the name of care, in the name of TRUTH,
not ignorance.
So why does atheism attack religion ?
if they search truth, they are believers.

Why do we not understand religion and science
as one, do we accuse what is One,
do we accuse god ?

why do we accuse all what is from god,
because (s)He has more names then the word god

why do we accuse god
because (s)He has more names then the word 'jesus'
why do we say 'you go to hell'
when one talks to us with the name Emma or Mohammed,
instead of spelling its name as J E S U S
why do we think mohammed said he was the prophet
when he knew god is one, and god is our prophet

why didn't we search our truth first, before accusitions,
translating at least our scriptures right
instead of accusing gays (god is one)
accusing god

why do we accuse god
when He is still growing up,

do we ask our children, us (god is one) to understand everything
or to grow ?

so when do we stop judging, accusing people
because they do not know everything
and when do we see when they try, care
and put care together with their wish to be valued
they are believers

when we do understand religion, science and truth
as one,
then we will understand our god, life

some of us
we will be grown ups soon
become angels
and be judged by the others
but we will give them
something to think about
and after their anger
they will regret = see,
and will come home too.
We angels are the one to become the rapture
but we will not run away,
because of our knowing
we will give them
their anger
to understand.

thats why we do not understand.
we forget to repent, see
every day again.


[edit on 21-8-2009 by pasttheclouds]

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 03:16 PM
The truth is a man and His name is Jesus.
He is the embodiment of all truth.


posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 10:27 PM
Study the next verses.

Within Christ the entire physical manifestation of God is embodied. Col 2:9
God is one Deut 6:4

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