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"MOSSAD plans to detonate a nuke in the USA"; From The Arctic Sea Ship

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posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by mmiichael

I made plenty of distance in the OP. I read all Your comments, and You made good points. I'd like to make one now. The modern MSM is continually feeding us lies fed to them from higher in the food chain. It is at the point now where You cannot trust them, and many People are seeking their news from elsewhere on the net. I understand there is a lot of rubbish out there, but rubbish is all we get from the MSM.

Another thing I've noticed is no matter what the news, or event the outcome always seems to be the initial one needed to further the NWO. I again, didn't, and don't have any problem posting this thread based off of that blogger...... Why? because I take responsibility for myself, and what I choose to take as the truth; I do this because the MSM is full of propaganda.

reply to post by dzonatas

Uh, er, Your comment confused me a tad bit. The JIDF thread floating around ATS is one of my favorites.......... Any ways there is proof that the NWO, and all their minions start propaganda wars ahead of desired outcomes; it helps to numb the average Person, or desensitize them.

Something like,"I already knew about that, the govt. told me"..........making it harder for the truth to come to the light of day.

posted on Aug, 22 2009 @ 11:41 PM

Originally posted by mmiichael

Originally posted by A Fortiori
History from ancient Egypt to present time is filled with corrupt governments, with back room dealings, with "false flags" to create an instigation for war. Read the Nuremberg transcripts and you will see how easy it is to do, and how no one ever believes it until ten years after you've done the deed.

No government, not the Israelis, not the US, not England, not Pakhistan, not Japan, not even New Zealand is perfect. They all act in self-interest. Saying the Israelis are incapable of deceit is ridiculous. All people are capable of deceit and governments are filled to the brim, last I checked, with people!

Thanks for your balanced comments. I think there was a misreading. I do not exonerate Israel, Mossad, or any govertment and it's agencies from anything.

But one has to get real and differentiate what stories have any basis in fact and which are dot connecting speculation attempting to spread propaganda and disinformation.

If you scour Hindi source print media and websites you'll find reported claims Pakistan's ISI, Inter-Service Intelligence, who were actively involved in the prep work for 9/11, are planning to nuke India. These kind of unsubstantiated stories circulate everywhere.

When an on site investigator or journalist tracks a story, finds indications in the form of testimony, paperwork, leaks, etc we have something.
With the kind of reporting we are talking about here we are dealing with pure conjectures that are often malign in nature.

There are many things happening today that we should be justifiably be concerned with and tracking. In fact Pakistan's ISI, who control foreign policy, security and defence in Pakistan, and who are demonstrably aligning themselves with extremist Muslim militant groups, are a very big one.

But Western conspiracist will invariably select from the evergrowing library of horror stories that feed their particularl paranoias and circulate them. Mossad is a popular villain these days. See how many threads there are attributing something disastrous to them. Hardly any attributions to places that have a long track record of executing murderous attacks on Western targets like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Libya, etc.

Do you know why?


First, sorry for the many spelling errors earlier. Should never type in a rush. That said...

I have an, um, friend who worked for an intelligence agency. Many, many of these leaked stories aren't suppositions, but are events that were thwarted by back-room diplomacy, covert operations, or just an inability for one group or nation to get the job done. Some, of course, are just conspiracies.

I hear many people say that it is Israel that is singled out and I do not believe that is true. Moreover, there is always a cry of antisemitism associated with critiques of Israel's foreign policy that I think is likewise unfounded. Having been to Israel I can say that if the government of Israel wants more sympathy from the world they should act more sympathetic. *sighs* And yet, they won't...and...also...they probably can't. It is most-likely now too late to make any radical changes in their Palestinian policies as the hatred now runs so deep that I honestly do not believe there is anything left to be fixed. However, in the eighties they could have done things much differently and Israel would not look like it does now. They chose not to as they felt a right to do as they pleased. This is not a "Jewish" thing, this is a trait inherent in people that "won". To the victor goes the spoils.

The people, as with most countries, are usually impacted by the dealings of their government, and, unfortunately a certain type of person usually runs for office which is why (yes, long sentence) all governments inherently act like bullies when they can get away with it.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the Israeli government is not the Israeli people. I would not put it past the Israeli government, or any government to do something completely self-serving.

posted on Aug, 23 2009 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by A Fortiori

Well said!!!!

I tried to communicate the broad spectrum in the OP. I've posted articles in some of my other threads that outline at least the US govt. using subversion through the news services to desensitize People to coming traumas........It works by giving People a mental block of sorts to not listen to better informed truths of the matter.

I posted the article in the OP because it's showing the subversion coming to light...not the blogger, but WND.

Oh, I hate when People keep showing me my grammer, amd spelling

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