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Humor me, let's talk about Supriem Rockefeller

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 01:45 PM
I'm not going to go over the long history of this guy and his supposed story, if you've not heard it, the whole thing can be found here in Wes Penre's e-book.

This story is one of just a couple things that made me register here at ATS. When one reads the outlandish claims made in this story, it is very easy to immediately dismiss. Despite the scope of Wes' story, there is something about it that I can't let go of. Wes Penre has been around for quite a while and has done some really good research...normally on things far removed from the 'alien' and NWO realms. I'm talking things like the CIA-hippie era connection and other things. The idea that such a person now believes whole-heartedly that the story he's written is true makes me want to take a closer look.

There are all sorts of theories and speculations presented in 'conspiracy' circles that I don't look twice at. The community is filled with the most far flung and far reaching claims one could imagine. These claims are promptly debunked, or at least discussed, until some sense is made of the situation.

The Supriem story on the other hand is either so transparant and I'm the only one who can't see trough it, or has some sort of psychic barrier attached to it that keeps people from addressing it in any sort of depth. I don't believe this man is Lucifer incarnate/redeemed, but I do believe there is more to the story than one would gather from talk within communities like ATS.

I'd like to present a few things I've worked out regarding this man's internet presence and see what people here can make of it. As far as I can tell, Wes brought this story to our attention just earlier this year, and was not even aware that such a person existed much longer than that. Yet, there are references to such a person dating back as far as 2001. See this 10/18/2001 post from Cyber Space Orbit (Ctrl+F for Supriem to find the post), which as far as I can tell has been a good resource for various UFO / Conspiracy news for many years. Note the claimed Omega symbol next to Supriem's file at Fort Meade (possible connection to Langley AFB/Omega Agency?)

There are references to the story scattered around the next. A bunch of YouTube videos of him and his lady 'Hathor', a Facebook page that seems to relocate his from Nashville to NY and Masonic forums which may/may not reference the Michael Prescott in Wes' story. There are a bunch of updated photos Wes posted in his July updates section, supposedly of SDR.

Other than these, there is a web of business connections referencing SDR and his 'trusts' connection to a global banking system. I'll post links to them below, first I want to jump on the inevitable comments about the reliability of 'press releases' on the internet. The person who submitted these releases, Paul Ross according to this FreePress version of one of many releases, is listed here on LinkedIn as the 'Director and Chief Financial Officer for S. D. Rockefeller Holdings Lt.' which apparently 'is a holding company with focus on offshore Asset & Trade Management and domestic and international project funding, currently with over $1 Trillion in assets pledged to the firm' I am convinced that these people exist at least, and at most the company itself exists.

---Continued Below---

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posted on Aug, 11 2009 @ 01:49 PM
Here are the links, and summaries of the business connections I've found. There are far more releases than this, including several versions of each. These are the links to releases posted on the actual company websites:

This first one has nothing to do with SDR directly, but it involves his further associations and may be relevant.

1. FranTech / WorldVuer - 08, 2006 - Hit the 3rd news link from the bottom

Next, just 2 weeks after the FranTech/WorldVuer announcement, we get this in which SDR makes FranTech the official license holding of the Allied Unit-- a global electronic currency-- which will be funded and backed by Supriem bank in the Caribbean.

2. SDR / FranTech - 08, 2006

Third, linking the above two, is a deal between SDR, FranTech AND WorldVuer in which FranTech obtains official licensing for SDR and WorldVuer's "Global Bank in the Sky", an "Interactive Banking platform to achieve a world-changing vision of creating the first "Global Bank in the Sky"

3. SDR / FranTech / WorldVuer - 10, 2006

Shortly there after, we've got the following deal between FranTech and an odd company called SatCom, whos odd website is SpaceSat. This deal supposedly gives FranTech licensing rights to SatCom's Librarian Satellite system, which according to the SpaceSat site they've been trying to fund since their 1998 company newsletter (odd). I have doubts about this SatCom/SpaceSat may be completely fake or a cover.

4. FranTech / SatCom - 12, 2006 - Check the 11-DEC-2006 Link
Same release from FranTech site

Lastly, we see nothing until 2008, where SatCom announces they are no longer going through with an attempted buyout of their Librarian system by SDR. Odd, this buyout was never hinted at although all of these companies are linked through SDR.

5. SDR / SatCom - 06, 2008 - Check the most recent release

These press releases include some LOFTY relations to say the least. They list Bill Clinton and GWB Senior as invited company directors. I know this means nothing, but shows how lofty the releases claims are.

One link I overlooked, this odd German website, supposedly the home of the modern Thule Society, is scattered with photos of Supriem.

I'm eager to hear thoughts on all this.

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posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 01:57 PM
A few more references I've found:

Supriem's supposed YouTube Channel- Only video was posted 6 weeks ago, of a helicopter leaving a pad.
Bambino1974- Supriem's 'friend', named after Supriem's supposed birthday. Note the videos here. Also, Bambino's occupation on his profile is an intern of SD Rockefeller Holdings.

If anyone knows anything concrete about this story, I would love to hear it. It would be great to squash this once and for all, if it is indeed a hoax.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 02:48 PM
In the Cyber Space Orbit email noted in my first post, it is said by 'Grant' that:

"His name [Supriem] has been talked about for over 50 years in classified documents but his current photo on file looks like a man in his 20's"

In the 1950s a man named Ofreo Angelucci had an alien encounter he wrote about, where he was told that Lucifer was currently incarnated on the Earth. His story is about more than just that, but it circumstantially verifies the 'Supriem for 50 years' statement in the email.

posted on Aug, 12 2009 @ 03:15 PM
For me thiswhole subject is fairly new so i can not realy comment yet.
But i want to thank you for posting this so i can look a bit deeper into this.
Any more info that will give a good overview on this topic would be welcome.


posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by El Davicho

I think it is very interesting that my cousin told me that I was mentioned on this ATS website on a blog about my very good friend Supriem Rockefeller. I guess I should introduce myself, I am Steven W. Pearce. I am known in the Hip Hop Community as Bambino or Bambino Machievelli. I am always adding something to Bambino. I am a very known underground record producer and I am in alot of media. It is actually offensive to say that my name or 1974 has anything to do with Supriem's supposed birthday.

I am now a student at Weber State University and am getting ready to go to law school. I sometimes intern at a law firm who does some of the legal work for Supriem Rockefeller. I introduced them. The due dilligence was done by the attorney on Supriem Rockefeller's background and everything came back better than expected.

I have never heard Supriem Rockefeller refer to himself as the anti-Christ, people say this about him. I think he thinks it is funny but is now starting to get out of hand.

Let me make one thing clear, I am a devout Muslim and there is no way I would associate myself who refers to themselves as the anti-Christ. We have this tradition with the name being al-Masi ad-Dajjal. Supriem does not fit the descritions of the Dajjal or anti-Christ.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 06:24 PM
I agree with Steven, who is my cousin, I actually showed him this fourm. I'm actually suprised that No one has mentioned Michael Prescott's youtube channel. It is more controversial than Steven's that is for sure. He is apparently a "crucial" part in the supriem story, although he only worked for him for 4 months and supriem does not even associate himeslf with Prescott. He says he is the "third prophet". His channel can be found here :

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 07:01 PM
I am the one who introduced Supriem to Prescott and I regret the day that I did.

posted on Jan, 24 2010 @ 09:01 PM
I find none of this convincing. It has the same ring of authenticity you find in those highly contrived Nigerian scams, or maybe some photo you see here on ATS that is so clearly photoshopped that it evokes both amusement and pity.

My guess is that it is a group of pampered rich kids having a joke, but maybe beginning to believe their own PR. It's pretty simple to scatter any bogus press release across the web. It costs around $300. You can generate your own bogus PR, starting here:

Finally, I do think what they are doing is a bit dangerous. You have to be pretty bored, and a little sick to get a kick out of perpetrating something like this. I am reminded of this story:

This Supriem Rockefeller story seems obviously phony and self-promoting -- in the extreme. I think it takes more creativity than this to promulgate a worthy internet hoax, irrespective of the hours spent on it. At least that's what I think, anyway.

I would suggest, if the perpetrators are listening (and they probably are, hungry to see the public response to this work): Guys, spend some time re-evaluating what you want out of your one-and-only life. This isn't a productive track you are on.

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posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 08:42 AM
Supriem David Rockefeller claims to have been raiased by his mother, whom alledgedly had some form of ties to the Rothschild family, and he was, according to the mythos, later adopted into the Rockefeller family. Another origin story for him currently circulating is that he is con-artist named Chris Hanes from Kentucky who embezzled some money from his job. Neither of these is necessarily mutually-exclusive of the other.

Past and present associates of SDR include Michael Prescott (so-called "third prophet"), Jarl Vidar (or pseudo-Thule), Wes Penre (who claims no direct contact), Frank Love (business affiliate). At one point, Leo Zagami's backer at the time, Scott Bruno, was seeking more information about SDR through me, but I didn't have anything to say at the time.

SDR maintained, for several months, his own page on facebook. Supposedly, someone accused him of being a fraud, and he posted a scanned pic of what he purported to be his passport, including the Rockefeller name and his photo. Immediately after this, his page was deleted, but within two days was back. Since then it seems to have disappeared again.

Here are some links that have developed since that time, about a month ago:

SDR debunking group

run by Jeremy Lightfooot

the SDR "fan club":

created by Hamshel Kal:

Frank Love's facebook profile:

Jarl Vidar's facebook profile:

Michael Prescott's facebook profile:

SDR's youtube channel:

a caller to Jason Bermas' infowarrior mentions SDR:

I hope these links help researchers of this topic. Please contact these people, they are ready, willing and able to discuss SDR from every point of view. PEACE. - Jon

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posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 08:57 AM
some additional notes about SDR:

identifying body characteristics:
the "Superman" S within a pentagon symbol on his shoulder blades.
the "Eye of Ra" on both left and right backs of hands.

hair: sandy blonde.
dress: often casual, jeans, baseball cap, t-shirt, sun-glasses, occassional dress suits.
diet: "oyster Rockefeller" and martinis. heavy alcoholic drinker.

beliefs: rebuilding the "third" Hebrew temple in Jerusalem.

- Jon

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 06:37 PM
The man calling himself "Supriem David Rockefeller" legally changed his name from Kris Raynes. He was convicted of theft in Williamson County Tennessee. Following his conviction, he changed his name in order to fraudulently claim lineage to the prominent New York family of the same name. His motives appear to have been both social and financial.

Kris Raynes, a high school dropout who was born in Louisiana and grew up in Oklahoma, moved to Crofton, Maryland with his Mother as a young man. While in Maryland he worked at a handful of remedial jobs, such as a cashier in a fast food restaurant. According to some sources, he also made a few failed attempts at professional gambling.

Because of Kris Raynes' failure to achieve self sufficiency, he was forced to relocate with his mother (now remarried and named Barbara Lehman) to 9624 Rhodes Road Bon Aqua, TN- where he was living with his mother until at least late last year. Presumably because of Bon Aqua's proximity to Nashville, Kris gained some exposure to the music industry and decided to try his luck as a rap artist. The publishing details of one of his pieces can be seen here,s,w,p,b,v&results_p p=20&start=1

Since Kris hadn't had any luck achieving financial independence he was still living at home with his mother. He was still also meandering from one remedial job to another, since opportunities for him were limited due to the fact that he was a high school dropout. He eventually procured employment as a clerk with Cool Springs Wine and Spirits in Franklin, Tennessee, owned by James "Woody" Woodard. It is here where Kris' legal problems began. Feeling discouraged and desperate because of his abject failure so far in life, Kris began to steal money from his employer. Before long Kris' scheme was discovered and he was fired, at which time he procured employment at another local wine and spirits store. Much to his misfortune, however, the Woodard family had decided to seek criminal charges against him. Kris was arrested and charged with grand theft from Cool Springs Wine and Spirits. More information, including contact information about Cool Springs Wine and Spirits can be found here:

It was in the midst of this affair that Kris legally changed his name to Supriem Rockefeller and began to tell people he was the son of David Rockefeller Jr. Many people naturally began to doubt him since he was curiously absent from any Rockefeller biographical material and from any Rockefeller family record all together. It was clear that his plan would need some additional adjustment.

Since the Rockefeller family has a very well documented ancestry, he had to contrive a story which would explain why he was mysteriously absent from all of this thorough biographical documentation. This is a task which he completed in no small measure. In fact, he was even able to dupe gullible conspiracy writers such as Wes Penre. He claimed to be a secret child of the Rockefellers with plans to usher in a one world government. He even claimed to be the Antichrist of biblical prophecy, with ties to ancient secret societies. There were all sorts of fanciful details to the story including everything from extra terrestrial DNA to Mono-atomic chest implants. More on the Supriem Rockefeller/anti-Christ/ Alien ancestry can be found via a simple google search of "supriem rockefeller". Here are some examples:

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 06:42 PM
When Kris wasn't busy trying to sell MP3s and ringtones of his sensational rap music, he kept himself busy. Indeed, Kris made a noble effort to create some credibility behind his mythical persona. One method he used was to create faux press releases about bogus companies such as this one: . About an anomalous mining company from whose random venture into the USB key business "Supriem" decided to back to the tune of millions. As comical as we may find this ruse, there were several who actually believed in it's credibility simply due to the Rockefeller name.

This all culminated last week in Kris deactivating his Facebook account in a defacto admission of defeat to his elaborate facade. He deactivated the account in the midst of an onslaught of questions about his identity and past which he failed to answer. This page will be dedicated to discussing the hoax, and speculation as to what Kris' next big idea will be. Because let's face it one thing he certainly does not lack is creativity. All updates are welcome as are any comments and/or discussion relevant to this topic! Thanks for your time and attention.

The Rockefeller family offices can be reached at

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 08:44 PM
He contacted me because of music. This is wild of its true.

posted on Jan, 25 2010 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by shakalakaBOOM

...and began to tell people he was the son of David Rockefeller Jr.

You obviously know a lot more about this hoax than I do, but I remember reading a while back that he claimed to be Michael's son. (Nelson's son who died in New Guinea)

Did he change his story afterwards to make it more credible? (even though Michael supposedly disappeared in '61)

posted on Jan, 26 2010 @ 12:03 AM
Well OP. I'm interested in your post enough to download the e-book, I will bump it to the top of my reading list for 2 reasons:

1. your suggestion that the content of the ebook may have a psychic barrier attached to it, this is a notion that has occurred to me many times regarding other material, and the derailed thread in my signature speaks to it.

2. there are several replies by VERY new members who seem to have "direct" knowledge of supriem Rockefeller, or of the subject, and very quickly denounce the material as hoaxed. It strikes me odd when brand new members jump on particular bandwagons, of course I could be sorely mistaken, but the notion of paid disinformation on conspiracy forums is not new.

star and flag for you

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 02:24 PM
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posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 03:42 PM
Here is Supriem Rockefeller's official statement.

We are not out to mislead anyone, in anyway, so let me clear this up. The Kinti press release said Kinti would be supporting The Temple Institute and working "in conjunction" with them in order to build the Third Temple. Kinti is not out to "steal" people's money, Kinti was merely set to make donations to The Temple Institute to go to the great cause of the The 3rd Temple.

My personal goal is not to build a Temple that saves one race, I am of GD and want a Temple that unites all races. I stand by my support of the PNIC and an Israel-Palestine One State Solution. In the end, GD is the ultimate judge and my actions to try and help The Temple Institute and the people of Palestine will be seen by the world as truly sincere. I ask that all people in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities give me their support for the Holy vision of uniting all of GD's children.

I will do anything to see the Third Temple built except alienate other races in the process. If I have offended the Jewish community in my support for Palestine and Israel uniting, I ask you to see GD's vision and not the vision of a biased nature. The only certainty is uncertainty, so in these times of tribulation I ask that we all stand together as One.

If anyone saw Kinti's work as a scam, I sincerely apologize for all we wanted to do was help raise money for The Temple Institute but at the same time bringing in funds for the Palestinian National Interest Committee. I am on GD's mission and will continue my work of having a One State Palestine-Israel.

With GD's blessings,

posted on Feb, 3 2010 @ 04:45 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous2
With GD's blessings,

With all due respect to the poster of this, as well as, if they differ, it's original author....

Why should anyone trust "Supriem David Rockefeller" in business, politics or religion, if he cannot (or will not) answer the point brought up about his own real identity?

I do not care if he supports the "3rd temple" or a "1-state" Israelistine. I do not want to know why he thinks what he does. I am not agog at him. I want him to answer the point raised a few posts previously, regarding his actual identity being a kid from Tennessee who's real name is Kris Raynes. If he does not answer this, I do not care what else he says, because it will only be misdirection, smoke and mirrors to avert this point.

- Jon

posted on Feb, 6 2010 @ 08:38 PM
this video was just released on Michael Prescott's youtube channel:
It describes "SDR" (now calling himself "SPRM") and Prescott's plan to build a "3rd temple" to Ammun in Egypt. Tell me this isn't the most frightening use of an Enya song ever!

- Jon

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