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Think President Obama is Listening? Yeah, Not So Much. Obama Reads 10 Letters a Day From Citizens.

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posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 08:00 PM
President Obama promised transparency. (Still not sure we've been getting it, but that's for another thread.)

The President receives swarms of letters each day, but only a special 10 make it to the President's Oval Office desk each day. Of course, they are carefully sorted through my many interns and staffers first.

So, ready to write a letter now?

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 08:39 PM
Sadly, this is probably still more than previous presidents would read each day.

I like the shameless healthcare reform plug once Obama starts talking about the individual letters. Any chance he can get to shove that bill down our throats...

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 02:50 AM
Honestly, Obama reading 10 letters from citizens a day is fine with me. I'm sure he gets thousands and thousands of these letters daily, and there's no way he can possibly read them all, or even come close. And with all that's going on elsewhere, from the nation's economic crisis to foreign problems with Iran and North Korea, not to mention this public healthcare bill he's so eager to force down our throats, I would say that there are a few more slightly pressing issues he needs to worry about. I'd rather him take more time to be a be President and to (at least attempt) to fix these issues up than to spend an extra few hours to read a couple dozen more letters than he already is. Maybe once its all said and done, if he somehow manages to provide the country with a once-again booming economy, is able to achieve peace between America and foreign countries, and he is able to implement an improved and excellent new healthcare system, then I would say go for it. When that happens, he can read as many letters to his heart's content.

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 02:56 AM
So he reads only ten, isn't that better then none?

How many do you think he should read, 100, 1000 or all of them?

How many would be enough for you not to whine about it anymore?

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 03:06 AM
BREAKING NEWS: Obama spends all day reading fan mail.

FOX NEWS: Obama only uses ten letters a day, not American enough to use the other 16. What African language is he speaking in the Oval Office.

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