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Weirdest/creepiest dream(s) you've ever had?

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 02:30 PM
I love reading about dreams....they are fascinating to me, and sometimes I wonder, where the heck do they come from? I know they are supposed to be manifestations of our subconcious thoughts and whatnot, but it seems like often, the things I dream are things I couldn't even imagine in real I'll try to think of an idea for a scary movie, and won't really come up with anything scary, but then I'll go and dream something that terrifies me.

So what are your weirdest and/or creepiest dreams?

Here's mine:

A couple days ago I dreamed that my family and I were driving slowly down a lonely road at night, there was nothing to the sides of the road, just blackness. Then up ahead we saw a figure in the middle of the road. He started to run, but the thing is he started running hard, right TOWARD our car instead of away from it. So before you know it, he ran right into the car, but we weren't going very fast so we didn't run over him or anything, but he took his arms and just SMACKED the windshield like he was trying to get in. Then I realized he was some kind of homicidal psychopath, and he was bloody. Of course we tried to get the heck out of there but for some reason the car would not go more than a few miles an hour, and this psycho started running alongside the car, hitting it, chasing really freaked me out bad. So somehow we got to an empty house and found a shotgun, and shot the guy, and he just would not die, he just kept getting shot up and bloody and still coming after us.......ugh.

Another one really wasn't violent or anything, but it really bothered me. In the dream I was looking through my apartment for my mom, but I couldn't find her, and finally I saw the light on under the bathroom door. So I started talking to her, but she didn't answer, it was just dead quiet and the room looked distorted like it wasn't real. I kept waiting for her to reply, and I started yelling at her, and I got the most horrible feeling that it wasn't my mom behind the door, it was something else and I could feel this evil was almost like a lucid dream where you know you're dreaming, so this evilness was pressing down on my and wouldn't let me wake up...when I finally did, I just cried because of the terrible feeling that my mom wasn't coming back....

so there's mine...I'm sure there's more but that's enough for now...heh. Yours?

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 02:52 PM
I just wrote down mine in another thread yesterday !!

click this link

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 02:57 PM
I'll start with giving a quick back story. I went to bed Friday night, I had to be at my DUI class Saturday morning for my one on one with the consular. So I know I was anticipating waking up, and I did at 7 am but I had another hour and a half to sleep before I had to get ready so I feel back asleep and that's when the below takes place.

I was in a caravan (8 cars or so traveling) driving through Mexico when I was talking to a lady who told me that I will need to get out and find my own vehicle to travel in. I found it there was something personal with her about me as I asked it if it was me why she wanted me out and she replied with a yes. I quickly disregarded her response as I was quite distracted by the scenery of large beautiful mountains and cliffs and waterfalls. I asked where we were and she told me Mexico.

I then wake up in my dream looking at my clock on my cable box and thinking strange, why is it 6am? I just saw it was 7am before I feel asleep (see first paragraph) so I told myself must be daylight savings time sweet I get to sleep in more. So I do (keep in mind im dreaming this) so next thing I know its about 8am in my dream.

I then end up at my dui class I have on Saturday mornings but I arrived an hour or so early, I seemed to have a negative attitude today (in my dream state) so I was in the front of the building waiting for my one on one but I had an hour to wait so I decided to go to the back room. Once I got to the back room I instantly feel a vibe felt difference, not sure what but different indeed, I was caught up in my own feelings though so I went to the back of the room and threw my bag on the bench and did like most people do and glanced around my surroundings, I started to notice that people around me seemed different from me almost gothic like (nothing against gothics incase there are some reading this) So I began to hear this slow, soothing almost hypnotic sound of a violin playing I began to close my eyes and place my left hand over my face like someone would do to shade light from their eyes. As this music was playing I noticed people started to make out all around me and I could see the couple in front of me look back at me as to see if I was staring at them but my eyes were shut so I wasn't yet I could see them still (strange I know)They went back to doing what they were doing and then I noticed I felt something hit my lap and crawl up to my stomach and began to violently shake me. I tired struggling and felt like I was trying to actually yell in real life the typical sleep paralysis was kicked in as I would have flown out of bed with as hard and I felt I was struggling with this.

I believe dreams do mean something and I don't know what this one means but It felt different then most so I felt like I should share. If anyone thinks they can shine some light on this please do. One thing that really stands out to me is the music playing and how it made me feel hypnotized that was a new experience for me and I still remember the way it sounded I almost feel compelled to look for a music track with that sound. Dark and ominous almost.

Thanks for reading.

I would like to add that earlier in the night I had another dream that I had a letter from my older brother cause he was in jail and thought to myself why havent I wrote him back? I woke up to realize I can't cause he is deceased from an accident last year. that kinda jacked my head up a bit.

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 03:49 PM
The creepiest dream I have ever had:

In the dream I am in a house with an ocean view. I remember I was looking out some sliding glass doors that overlooked a small dock/porch that went over the water when I heard a voice in my head beckoning me to the water. My body kept going but I remember speaking things like "no, please" or "I don't want to" as I got closer and closer to the dock. I mean, I was terrified going down the dock towards the water. And before I got to the end of the dock I woke up. I had an adrenaline rush like you would not believe.

The scariest dream I ever had:
I was in a limo with my real life friends at the time. We are all sitting around and talking but then my teeth start to fall out and my mouth starts bleeding. I start freaking out and all my friends could was laugh at me. They stopped the limo and kicked me out. I started vomitting and they all started laughing harder and harder. Some man near where we had parked starting coming towards me with a knife. I was begging and pleading for help but they all still laughed and one of my friends said "we might as well help the girl out" and they all pulled knives out. Then I woke up. I think I cried for like an hour straight I was so scared lol. May sound stupid to other people but it was so real.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by HarlieQuinn

The scariest dream I ever had:
I was in a limo with my real life friends at the time. We are all sitting around and talking but then my teeth start to fall out and my mouth starts bleeding. I start freaking out and all my friends could was laugh at me. They stopped the limo and kicked me out. I started vomitting and they all started laughing harder and harder. Some man near where we had parked starting coming towards me with a knife. I was begging and pleading for help but they all still laughed and one of my friends said "we might as well help the girl out" and they all pulled knives out. Then I woke up. I think I cried for like an hour straight I was so scared lol. May sound stupid to other people but it was so real.

The most common explanation for the teeth dream I've read so far is that it has to do with a misplaced understanding of you ability to support yourself.
One thing it could be is as basic as maintaining a solid economy that can support yourself or you and your family.
I've had the dream myself a couple of times when I was younger and sure enough when I look back, I was in a poor state of taking care of myself in a reasonable way.
Another reason could be teeth as a symbol of being able to bite back, or in your case not being able to.
Something which had you upset but you weren't in a position to react to in the way you thought needed. Could be something someone said or did and you didn't allow yourself to get angry about or show your discontent at the time. Ie. a lack of control.

I agree with you that the teeth dream is quite scary and if you have a tendency to "believe" the dream then you'll wake up quite scrared. I woke up myself and immediately found a mirror just to make sure :S

Dreams are often a meeting room where the ego is confronted by that part of your subconscience which I don't know the english word for... authority something.
If your ego has too high expectations or beliefs about itself, your authoritarian part of your subconscience will appear as a contrast to that in order to confront it or downplay it.

It's interesting stuff, but of course you can't generalise it since everyone grew up with different ideals and symbolism. An concrete object could have an entirely different meaning to you than to someone else.
But when it's about teeth, then we're dealing with something basic in the human being. Something common to all.
Growing teeth is a vital part of a childs growth. It's a step forward in selfcontrol and indepence from being breast fed or fed non-solid food with a spoon by your mother or father.

A couple of my own significant dreams have been:

The fall
I must have been in the early teens. For a long time I had a recurring dream in which I was on my way down the stairs in the building my great grandmother lived.
I would take a few steps and then suddenly fall over and roll down. It seemed it would take no end. I would always wake during the fall or just as I landed head first after the flight.
Needless to say I would by crying my eyes out at the age of twelve.

The fall 2
Later on... this would be in the late teens, the dream took a different shape. I was walking down to the centre of town. Everything would look like a replica of the town, but as I make one of the last turns, I see a large crane.
The box where the worker would stand in was on the ground. For some reason I'd get up in it and then it started to rise up. At first it seemed funny like a ride in a theme park, but as it reached the top the fun stopped.
The railing would disappear and the box turned into a flate plate with no protection what so ever. Suddenly the arm of the crane seemed to thin to support the height at which I was and it would start to sway in the wind.
I was incredibly scared and the more scared I became the more the crane would sway from side to side, back and forth.
Finally the sway was too much for me to hold on to and I fell off it towards the ground. Again I'd wake up the moment I hit the ground. I was very reluctant to sleep after those dreams :S

Some more ATS kinda dreams:

The aliens:
Actually this one appears only as part of a long dream. It is somehow weaved into the major dream, but I always seem to remember that part.

I was walking around somewhere. I was daytime and decent weather. I'd look up and there was these huge ships, I mean, they really looked like ships. An example would be a more industrial version of the cruise ship in The 5th Element.
There was a whole fleet of them, just slowly patroling above the city. As I stand there looking, an elderly couple walks by in a fast pace while the man says something like: "come on mother, they are starting again..." which I in the dream interpreted as "oh... they are going to start shooting at us."
I didn't stick around to see what happend, but fled into a building and the dream changed to something else.

This dream has appeared quite a few times but varying in the intend of the aliens and location.

The latest I had with aliens, was during what I saw as a false flag event.
I was standing in line outside some kind of social building. Someone behind me yells "here they come!!". I turn around and see something that looks like a futuristic helicopter shooting something that I can only discribe as what rays from a sonic weapon looks like in cartoons (hehe).
People start panicing, running to all sides. Suddenly a loud boom from above gets my attention and as I look up I see one of those things come crashing down. Me and 5 others jump for safety and barely makes it.
After that our small group are really getting stressed and we try to run towards that social building we were queueing for.
As we come close we see a security guard closing and locking the doors. We shout out to him, pleading him to let us in. Then he turns, pulls out a gun and shoots at us. He kills the 5 others and I dive to the ground pretending to be hit as well, but he calls my bluff and shoots me two time in the neck and back. Everything turns black in the dream.
Some seconds later I wake up, and to my surprise I'm alive and well, lying in a bedlike thing in a large room.
I look up and see other people and beings there... I ask where I am and why I am alive. One of the beings approaches me in a way that makes me feel safe and welcome and says "Don't worry... you're safe now."
I'm overwhelmed with the feeling that he's telling me the truth and I somehow realise that I'm onboard a vessel of some sort. The other beings here seem to be a mix of different races, along with other "saved" humans.
The next thing I ask is if I can freshen myself up a bit, to which the kind being says yes, and points me towards the bathroom. I go down and splash my face with water, but I as come to the toilet stalls I see that it requires some form of currency and I go back to the room to ask how I can obtain that.... then I wake.

I've tried to redream that dream, but with no luck. It was very interesting and I really want to have a bigger tour around that vessel

Thx for reading my wall of text hehe.

EDIT: added info on the teeth dream.

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 04:23 PM
I have crazy apocalyptic dreams like at least twice a year...but here is my fav that I remember of them all. (My freshman year of college is when I had this dream)

So in the dream i was standing outside my dorm at night smoking a cig, and I could see some girl who was sad/lonely who needed help. (The weird thing about seeing her is that I always saw her as if I was in her room while I was outside. So I went up to meet her and there was a strong connection between us and we ended up going somewhere on the bus. When we got on the bus there was another girl on it, she was sexy but felt evil.

I left the girl who needed my help to sit with her. So the next thing I know we are returning on the bus from wherever we went. When I got off the bus, there were people running serpentine into the darkness. There were no streetlights, no stars, etc. So a group of us started to walk back toward the dorm and while we are walking I notice that the trees are crooked and have crosses carved into them, somebody told me the world was going to end and the moon was red....

My favorite creepy dream because of the archetypes.


posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 04:29 PM
Both my weirdest dreams are UFO/Alien related, of all things!

This one I am in Bedford, some council estate and a full on freaking alien invasion happens, HUGE ships in the sky, blocking out the sun causing Day into Night - the sky goes dark red not quite night. The fear and panic, the hiding and the unknown were all a theme in this dream.

This Alien dream is the weirdest. The whole dream was visually amazingly clear and vivid. My thoughts were odd and I wasn't sure where I stood in relation to the alien invasion that was occurring on Earth (I was in London for this one) but I can't for the life of me place who I was - my thoughts were, I dunno, alien, colours were odd too.

The first half of the dream I was on a mission, like some covert one. The second half went totally odd, I was on another planet - everything felt weird again - Im telling you, all my senses were involved in this dream. What was actually going on in the dream was quite banal except for the invasion part. What I mean is it seemed like ordinary life but a dream and only a small excerpt too. I remember trying so hard to fall back to sleep and dream more but couldn't.

Such is dreams!

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 04:33 PM
Probably the creepiest one I had was about a year ago.
I dreamed we had to eat our dog because there was no food anymore.
And then it was split up among many people that also shared what they had. We had no choice but to band together to survive.
Too real and scary to really think about again.
Thought I'd bring it up here. Kinda sorry I did now. You asked.

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posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 04:41 PM

That one


That one. In recent memory.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 05:54 PM
I have posted a couple of ewird dreams on The ATS thread "tell me about your dreams..." But those were recent ones. I'd have to say the wierdest dreams I ever had was one where my boyfriend turned into the snake man thing from dreamscape...wierd but didn't really scare me. and another where a talking gray tabby cat gave me directions in this weird futuristic city.
The scariest one I have ever had was one in which I lost control of my vehicle on this road around a mountain(of course one side of the road was a drop off over the side of the mountain.) So anyway I lose all control of my car and in fact go over the side. I actually had this dream every night for a whole year, but in this, the last of them I actually hit bottom and everything went black, the next thing I see is I am walking into my living room and all my family is gathered and crying, being funny (I thought) I walked over to my mom and said "MOM! Who died?" She didn't respond, "Mom" I said again", no response so I went to hit her arm to get her attention and my hand passed right through her!
I suddenly awoke in a very cold sweat with my heart pounding in my chest! This was the scariest s*** I ever had happen in a dream!
Good topic, S&F!

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 06:15 PM
I just woke from a catnap on the couch...had a couple of weird dreams.
In one I was around some lake with my sis, our ages we seemed around 20. We got into a boat and started riding across the lake, it was very gloomy. It was like we were floating along at one point and I was looking into the water and saw deep down a boat. It looked like it had just sunk, did not look old. My sis dove in to see if anyone was aboard. It kinda looked like she was going to free someone. I was in a panic because she was taking a long time. For some stupid reason I went back to shore....was I going to get help? It appeared we were completely alone on this lake. Then, she was coming on shore and acting weird. She went into the house not answering my questions about was anyone on board. She just acted so strange. I can't remember what happened next, I think she went in to lay down.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 06:58 PM
One's here.

A recent one had me driving a truck, with three other people in the vehicle to a party on a road that was familiar* but not a usual route of mine.* The girl in the passenger seat was my girlfriend* after a short period of driving we were at the party. She was standing beside me as I was looking into a mirror when a feeling of distortion came over me. I heard the girl say "You've got that vacant look on your face again." A quick shake of my head broke the vision and I was still driving in the truck. My girlfriend asking if I was alright, I seemed unconcerned; as though visions were typical. It happened a second time, this time when I shook my head the mirror shattered as if struck. I felt something was immediately wrong and headed outside to look for the truck. It was not in the immediate vicinity of the house so I proceeded to jog down the road looking for it. Around half to 1 mile down the road there was the pickup, infront of a rather ramshackle building with a sign "Mauler" on the side. It gave off a very "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" type of vibe and looking back at the pickup there was a scythe propped up standing on end in the bed of the truck. Retaining enough of a lucid grip on most of my dreams I woke myself up.

*note: These are dreamscape specific, I knew none of the people in the dream in real life.

Others typically feature incredible architecture, things of indescribable size and unfamiliar shape.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 07:01 PM
Dreams are a fascinating subject. I commonly have the most random, ridiculous dreams where you know none of it makes sense and yet it makes perfect sense at the same time. But then I'll have some really disturbing dreams about zombies or psychopaths or even rapists. . I actually dream about zombies a lot

The problem is I tend to forget them quickly upon waking up, unless they had created a very strong sense of emotion, which has happened a few times.

A couple I remember having are when I dreamt about the end of the world, a couple of times when I was younger, and also dreaming a considerably unimportant event that actually did occur later on in reality. At the time when I realised what was going on I remember having the most enormous sense of déjà vu. . .

So, in my 'end of the world' dream, what I recall was being young, of primary school age, and seeing what I thought was a/were large Chinese character/s written in the sky, or a symbol of some type. There was a large group of people crowded around outside looking up at these symbols. And then suddenly everyone was floating up into the sky except for me and I became very frightened. I mean, I was a kid and all of the adults were floating away.. I specifically remember my aunty standing beside me and she began to float up and i tried to pull her back down again, to hang on to her. In the end, I can't remember if I floated into the sky like everyone else or if I remained grounded. I remember having the same dream at least a couple of times.

The dream that resulted in my big déjà vu experience involved my cousin, brother and I sitting in church in a seemingly mundane situation. What I remember thinking at the time was how it was weird that my cousin was there, because she only occasionally goes to church. Then we were reading the bulletin and they had included some puzzles and a crossword inside. We were looking at one of the puzzles - it had one main word, the name of some weird seed that I can't recall, and the aim was to make as many other words you could using the letters of the main word. So, the two things that immediately stood out to me were my cousin being there and the unusual name of this seed.
I'm not sure how much time elapsed from when the dream took place and when the event actually played out in reality, but when it happened I immediately had an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, followed by me remembering that I'd dreamt this exact sequence.
I don't believe such an experience has happened since. That was probably a couple of years ago now..

Another funny one i remember involved Marilyn Manson. He was mad at me for some reason and made me hang the washing out, and then stand in the corner of a room filled with green leprechauns. I must have been eating pizza that night

I'm not a fan of Marilyn Manson. I'm probably the opposite of a fan. Well I definitely know I was after that episode.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 07:52 PM
I saw a puppy playing in a large field and walked over to see it but when I got there, it wasn't a "puppy" at all. It was a hamburger and it had four legs made out of electrical tape, just flopping around in the grass. Don't remember anything else about the dream..........

posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 02:31 AM
your going to love my new dream i just had (its morning here)
it was very real,i felt everything like i was awake,and it was a steven spielbergs movie xD
. . .
i was finally in canada (as i plan on going) alone starting a new life,without much money,strangly without a place to stay O_o
i met some teenegars/new friends my age we talked on the street then the guys taked me to go to school? with them.
in the classroom my arm suddenly got red dots/zits like i was going to die or something.i knew it wasnt anything serios,still i was panicked,it started to swell or something. the teacher called 9/11,meanwhule in the classroom i met 2 grannys who were from my home country O_o
then as i open the classroom door (the dream just suddenly wen crazy) i saw some wrestlers from wwe wrestling (lol) then i got into a more deep sleep again.
i was on the street (with the guis i gues) it was dark and cloudy,there was something like a carnival where some people pretend to be zombie/vampires and start chasing people trying to suck/bite theyr heads O_o
it was great couse there were hot women zombies all around,but suddenly it felt more like theyr real zombiies so i started running #less. when i was running i started to pass some girl (she had light brown short hair to the neck,green eyes,a triangular beautifull shapen face and a frozen cold illusive look) as i passed her i gived her a gaze,i was afraid she would think im a zombie chasing her and panick. the we went under a tunnel/bridge thingie.(all the people/crowd) as we escaped the big tunnel,there was something like a big wall/stones on the ground which if pushed up will close the gap of the tunnel like no way for the zombies to get us.
so we all started lifting( i feld the weight) and with a moan "aaghhh" we closed the passage.
then there was she sitting on the right side on top of the gap just looking motionless and cold...with green eyes.
i know the dream is probably from stress...but i felt like i met my next wifr or my somemate or something...or maybe my guardian angel,she looks exactly oposite,green eyes,brown short hair,skinny,triangular face so maybe she was my guardian angel i dont know,all i know is i want to...find her or see her again

i know certain entitys and spirits can go into your dream and take any form,and i know the dream is like another dimension that you can control
like everything,else its just random chaos from your brain. but whaaa does
anyone know of a girl like this being in dreams?

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posted on Aug, 2 2009 @ 09:16 AM
I woke up this morning from a dream that I was in love with Michael Jackson. He told me he was his father's 32nd child.

Weird. I never liked Michael Jackson's music and didn't get involved in his death story.

Totally creepy and weird.

posted on Aug, 4 2009 @ 08:33 AM
Wow, these are all awesome, and very strange! Thanks so far to everyone who has shared their dreams, they are so interesting to read!!!

And lol @ Hazelnut....that is kinda weird if you weren't a fan of his!
I dreamed that I went to see his London concerts (which I very nearly had tickets to) and when he came on stage he was extremely weak and frail looking, he looked bad like he was going to faint or die any minute, but then he revived and was strong and healthy and started performing. The dream was like the day before he died, not sure if it means anything, but it's kind of depressing now, looking back....

posted on Aug, 5 2009 @ 06:02 PM
weirdst dream i ever had was one were i was camping and but thar wer two many of us so we mad two team the other team was was doing way beter than mine but than sudnly i was attact i got scard started two run but he was right thare i went two nock him two thde graund but two my horror i had ript his arm off i i was scard of what i did i thro the are at the prsone and ran i lookd bake and the person was trying two put his arm bake on

i didnt wake up from this dream i gust kept on sleeping but it was rilly weirst dream i ever hade

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