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Big Bang...

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posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 10:16 AM
Hmm.. Doesn't the solar system look to you like the structure of a HUGE ATOM? the sun= nucleus and planets and moons= electrons or whatever? What if the solar system's just a partical, moving so slow we can't feel it, a partical of the whole universe, and the universe is just gas- so we, the solar system are loose from all the other particles (solar systems)... and because this universe is soo big, we can't feel that we are actually moving as a particle- so slow, we haven't yet bashed into a single other particle (solar system).

posted on Jul, 27 2009 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by Crying-Lightning

Hmmmm Interesting what a few Pictures in our Soul causes us to feel and Experience...

LIFE known also as Awareness, Consciousness or Mind, has created the Perfect Virtual Reality of All..... LOL.

See how huge a little picture in your Soul, makes you feel it to be, yet it The holograph of the Universe is only a fraction of the size of your Soul containing the processing system that produces this experience.

Immagine the Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom and Love it has taken to produce such a system and for your Mind to experience this.

The Soul....

This drawing shows the "Partition Map" for its Processing System on the Underside...

posted on Aug, 21 2009 @ 06:19 AM

Originally posted by Republican08

Originally posted by spy66
reply to post by InfaRedMan

I agree to what you say about Big bang being the cause of time. Meaning that some say that there was no time before the Big Bang.

But if there was no time before the Big Bang. There would be nothing to cause the Big Bang. If there ever was a Big Bang.

We cant say that energy always was and always is and at the same time say that there was no time. If there is no time there is no changes. No cause to create a Big Bang.

So if there was no time before the Big Bang. That would mean that energy ain't infinite. But created some how at a point in time.

Fancy eh', fancy for something cannot come from nothing, unless it's a guy who creates stuff on a whim.

I think the universe which is what we perceive around us, is only a small view of what is actually there!

Although in this thinking it makes one feel extremely insignificant. It witholds the answer of where did it all come from.

We may, and quite possibly never know were it all came from, and if we do, trust me by brain along with tons of others, will explode in a fury.

As long as we keep going step by step, we're making progress, I mean if you look at what we've done in our lifetimes is excellently great!

We've discovered our solar system, sent machines/drones out to study it, and we're still trying to grasp how our own universe came about, not to even begin to think how the universe, into which breed our extremely small universe into it, and how that bigger universe, came to behold the smaller universe which held our smaller universe which we're in, and so on and so forth, till we find the answer.

Sad thing, is in our lifetime we will die and become atoms again without ever knowing the answer.

Kinda like in the new indiana jones movie...she vonts to know all the ansvers (#ty Russian accent)
so the alien gives it to scares her and she begs to stop that it cant be true...her brain gets an overload and she simply vanishes, ceases to exist.

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