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Kindness Will Make a Difference.

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 10:13 AM
So when was the last time you were genuinely kind or nice to someone, without expecting anything in return for your kindness?

Those moments when you are not thinking about anything in particular and act on your inner most kindness, without a single thought of reciprocity. The French have a word for it "Altruisme" or English "Altruism"

I am as guilty as the rest of you, but I find that when I am not under a great deal of stress these occurrences of altruism happen much more frequently.

A few months back I was having a really bad time, it seemed that no matter what I did more crap was piling up. I was feeling like life was a worthless turd and the numbness of chaos was consuming my being.

A beautiful April day I rested at a local park, surrounded by trees, nature, people, there in my own pity, self doubt, misery and everything else negative that I could muster. Out of nowhere, a little girl, that was playing walked up to me, with not a care in the world, and handed me a leaf she had found. She couldn't have been more than 4 years old, she said to me don't be sad mister, look at this pretty leaf I found, here you can have it, it will make you really happy. She saw right through me, a 4 year old, saw that I was in a state and was able to bring me into the moment.

I didn't know what to say, tears started to pool up in my eyes. Her mother watched on as she handed me the leaf. I knew right then that kindness, wisdom, sensitivity does not come with age, but with being conscious, having appreciation, and looking at the true beauty of the world.

I still have that leaf as a reminder, since then I have been much more focused on the beauty of life and extending kindness to others.

This story is my leaf to you all.

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 10:23 AM
Very nice. Your story captures the essence of what it is to be here, alive now. All spiritual wisdom is summed up in your story.

Thanks for sharing.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 10:25 AM
Your story is incredible, and it makes me beleive that the modern experience sours a person

People always say "Chivalry is dead." Maybe not dead, but certainly endangered.

I try to go about my day holding a door here, giving a genuine "thank you" there, and generally trying to be nice to people in passing.

The other night, i was biking home from the bar when i biked by 3 kids sitting on the sidewalk out front of my old high school. As i passed, i said something to the tune of "hey boys," and got no response. Well, i was no more then 10 meters away when one of them piped up, in a rather unsure voice, and said "Fu#% you".

I just smiled, and thought to myself "what a loser." normally, something like that, coming from a friend, might faze me. but, coming from a modern day low-life like that, i only felt sorry for the kid. Like, i actually felt bad, not just for that kid, but for entire generations of people who are being taught to treat other people as if they don't exist or aren't people.

This is why we need economic and social reform, because we are truly doomed.

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 10:26 AM
RealTruth that was exactly what I needed to hear. Reading your post I started feeling like you described.

I've always thought children are more human. The innocent way we used to see the world. The complete absence of self-protective emotional walls, without bias about anything. Children imagine, they practice being what they feel.

That child may grow up to feel like you one day. And in a perfect moment, someone will remind her of the kindness and joy still in her.

What a beautiful story and reminder.

When I'm feeling really good about life I smile. People have told me that my smile makes them happy. I forget to smile too often.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 11:32 AM
Hope lives eternal.

This is a lovely story.

We must all try and strive to do acts of kindness in our own little way. It can be something silly like while sitting in a traffic jam letting someone get out of a side street. Takes less than 30 secs to do it but will make such a diffrence to that person.

I try and live this way. Spread Kindess and compassion to everyone. Be positive and calm so that we can control our emotions instead of them controlling us.


posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 12:35 PM
You just gave me a great idea. Check this forum for the post I am about to write, and you will understand. Wish I could give more than one star.

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posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 12:38 PM
Who'd ever imagine that such a small gift, a leaf from a child, could not only change your mood for a day, but also change your life?

What a beautiful story.

It reminds me of the little stone I have sitting next to my computer. Nothing fancy but it has a few sparkling flecks in it. A granddaughter of a friend brought it to me one day telling me that she wanted me to have it because she said, " it is as pretty as you are."

Sure enough, she arrived to give it to me one day when I was at a low point like you were on the day you described.

Just like your leaf, I keep this little stone near, because it holds a lot of magic!

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 02:26 PM
That was so lovely, and you've passed on a part of that feeling through your post, because even just reading something like that lifted me up a little!

It's just the best feeling when something like this happens, and it feels just as good to bring that sort of joy into someone else's life, not expecting anything in return.

Aw shucks.

And I bet that little girl is going to grow up very very well.

Thank you Realtruth.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 02:48 PM
I have always tried to treat others as I would want to be treated.Usually a smile to a stranger at the store or just those little acts of kindness like letting someone into your lane when they are desperately trying to get to the off ramp.We have plenty of complete jerks but I think there are more of us who care.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 02:52 PM
If you have had to live my life you would not bother too. People want to use you in one way things, where they take, so i cannot be bothered.

People are scum, and they lve destroying others lifes.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 02:55 PM
3 cheers for the little girl, and 1 to you for sharing this story!

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 03:01 PM
I was reading about the definition of Altruism yesterday and I found something interesting - it seems to be that for an act to be altruistic, the person doing the giving must sacrifice something or do something that somehow lessens their own quality of life - even for a small amount of time, to help another. Now while that seems perfectly reasonable, (I was thinking about this for a while), I realised that it would not be unethical to do something that helps EVERYONE, including you!

My new moral philosophy therefore became: "An act is morally positive if, in one's actions, through those actions one /at least/ does not cause a negative consequence for others, and at best improves things for everyone!

The only exception I could think of where benefiting oneself in the process could be considered less morally correct would be not to offer to lighten their burden of another person who IS sacrificing something in their pursuit of that aim.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 03:02 PM
Realtruth, your story is inspiring.

It is a reminder that we are all capable of kindness, and that it is something we should practice on a daily basis. Sometimes people get so caught up in their own self loathing that they forget that there is still good in the world.

I try to be kind to people whenever possible, but it seems as though many people have forgotten what it means to do so. Most of the time if you hold a door for someone, they look at you like you're an idiot. It's strange how even that has lost symbolism to some.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

Thank you. You brightened my day.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

Very nice thread, a nice reminder. Thank you RT.

The difference between we adults and the 4 year old is that she is still relatively unburdened by life. She has the time to stop, smell the roses and remind others to do the same. The more our lives progress (and isn't that word a clue) the more we are burdened. It's not that we aren't altruistic, it's that we are too damn busy. I find there is so much I want to do for myself and others. What fills my precious time? To think of others and to simply "think" at all takes time. And maybe that's the key to the story. We need to find or make time in our lives. Without time, we can't help anyone.

Thanks again RT!

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 04:09 PM
Awesome post. I too was thinking of posting on here about soliciting a 'pay it forward' campaign. Nothing formal, just wanting to see if anyone would be willing to step out of their comfort zone and do something for a complete stranger that they would never do.

Sure, I hold doors for people and little things like that, but wanted to do something that required a bit more sacrifice. For example, if out to eat somewhere, how about anonymously picking up the tab for someone.

I wanted to experience the joy that comes from just giving without being acknowledged or expecting anything in return. Just like violence begets violence, so I believe it is true with exceptional acts of kindness.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

Ah. It's nice to see more and more people coming to. :]

Thank you.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 04:56 PM
Random acts of kindness are becoming very rare. It happened to me a few months ago at a busy Costco where all the lines were very long, I had maybe 6 items and the person in front of me had a full buggy of goods. They looked at me and said "you go first you don't have much" I replied, "are you sure",
and they said "yes" I thanked them and went through the line.
This story made me think about that.

Grateful people always remember acts of kindness. But that characteristic is fading too.

How often will you see a teenager give up a seat on public transportation for an older person anymore?

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

I agree. But I would argue that kindness must be exercised with reserve as there are those that will unhesitatingly take advantage of that kindness and drag you down. I have learned this many times.

posted on Jul, 8 2009 @ 05:42 PM
Awesome story. It is unfortunate that most of us are faced with a type of reality that an act of kindness to others is perceived as weakness and may in fact open us up to a negative situation. It is sad that we must be discrimate when being kind, due to the predators that walk among us. However that is not an excuse not to be kind to others, but instead it is more of a reason to keep the thought in mind that an act of kindness to someone truly in need is a gift that is more than appreciated.

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