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Saddam Hussein Talks to the FBI before death

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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 02:31 PM
Link to original article

link to government transcripts

Quite interesting. A few things that stand out to me:

Saddam denied any connections to the "zealot" Osama bin Laden, cited North Korea as his most likely ally in a crunch, and shared President George W. Bush's hostility towards the "fanatic" Iranian mullahs, according to the FBI records of conversations from February through June 2004 between Saddam and Arabic-speaking agents in his detention cell at Baghdad International Airport.
- From


"By God, if I had such weapons, I would have used them in the fight against the United States," he said, according to the FBI notes.
- From Fox News article

What do you think? Honest interviews? Or something entirely different?

posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 02:34 PM
Doesn't matter, the bastard is dead.

Now a bunch of posts will follow mine putting down Bush, Cheney, America and the military.

posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by jd140

Which would not be my intention. Just wanted to let people know that these documents are now available to the public.

posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 02:40 PM
none of that is all that surprising. North Korea has hated america forever and would have (and might still) jump at the chance to fight america.

why would he not use devastating weapons if he had them and had to resort to hiding in a hole in the ground?

of course he hated the leaders of Iran, they were the more powerful bully in the neighborhood.

ad infinitum

i think they were (relatively) honest interviews. he had no reason to lie any more. he was caught and either bound to be executed or in prison forever, and im sure he would have preferred execution. the truth would certainly earn him that.

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posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by Juston

I wasn't implying that was your intention, but it is going to happen. You should realize that after your "I'm a recruiter" thread.

posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by jd140

Oh, I agree and it's expected

Anywho, a lot of this is pretty interesting. Saddam says he only used a phone twice since 1990 and that most of what he learned about our culture he gained from movies...

No wonder he hated us.

posted on Jul, 2 2009 @ 03:45 PM
No flaming here. If he lied about WMD's, that was part of the faulty intelligence reports that led us into Iraq. Bush acted on what the CIA and the rest of the anacronyms told him.
Now, it's time to come home though.

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