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Children under 9 will get FOUR flu vaccine shots! - Bloomberg/CDC

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posted on Jul, 6 2009 @ 11:17 PM
Okay now very frightened folks


They did not say the vaccine would be MANDATORY


They said there would be 50 Million available by October... Not nearly enough to force upon...the other 250 Million... put away your guns for a second


There wont even be enough until spring for everyone, if it's as bad as they say... you'll have gotten the flu by then and never have to take the vaccine be you dead or alive


If it isn't killing allot of people, they aren't going to be able to mandate it.


We have all had vaccines our whole life, i'm doing fine, so are my kids... so are the vast majority of us


If people are dying from the flu and hospital workers are first in line who the hell can force you to take a vaccine?


We always have the option to go last... keep kids out of school for a week or so see what happens


Never Panic


Never assume anything


There might actually be good reason to take the vaccine, even if big pharma stinks and often screws up...


Doctors all over the world will examine this vaccine, if there are only 50 Million doses, you can get out of it even if mandatory long enough to find out the truth


Most doctors are people who want to heal others... even if there is a plot, it can't get very far for very long, there are a Million microscopes in this world

Calm Down

Most things people think are conspiracies are actually nothing more than bungles, it doesn't mean they bungle every time, Vaccines have saved allot of lives and some have gone awry, most however have been good...

Mistakes are made... it happens...

Wait and see... don't go first...

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