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The Zodiac Killer: The Case Reviewed

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posted on May, 28 2012 @ 01:11 PM
Very interesting thread, thank you!

rh = Richard Hoffman

Just a random person here who has read a hell of a lot of crime books over the years
thought i might give you a new perspective to ponder over. Its easy to get caught up in theory after
theory. However, this man needs looked into further - Richard Hoffman. One of Zodiacs earliest known murders was that of Cheri Bates. This was back at a time when Zodiac didnt know he was going to
become the "Zodiac". He was in his "baby steps" of becoming a cold blooded murderer
and wasnt as highly organised back then as he was later to become. Here we can clearly
see a possible "motive" for his crimes in rejection by woman. Anyway, thats all just
guesswork but he wouldnt have been "organised" enough to "hide" who he really was
back then, signing 3 letters to Cheris family with the initials RH and also a desktop from
the library later found with the initials RH. Darlenes sister has repeatedly said Darlene
was afraid of a man who was at her painting party and it is known fact that
officer Richard Hoffman was one of 3 police officers attending that painting party. It
would also make sense if she did see this officer "kill" someone at one time or another and
why she would be so afraid of him if he was corrupt. Then to top it off, we have this very
same Officer Richard Hoffman putting himself at the very same crime scene of Darlene
Ferrin 15 minutes before the call??? Also, unconfirmed but according to one of the earlier posts on here he was also first attending officer at another of the Zodiac crime scenes,,, Also, what better way to hide that you are actually a police officer, than by pretending to hate the police.. He actually rode in the ambulance with Darlene and when Darlene was pronounced dead, the family members receive anonymous phone calls with just breathing being heard traced to a phone box, right outside a police station. So your "police involved" theory could possibly hold more weight than you originally thought. However, i believe this man was working alone but hey you couldnt get better alibis from other police officers if you tried. Bear in mind Darlenes companion who survived also thought it was a police officer when Zodiac pulled up by the way the man pulled up behind them and walked up shining a bright torch. Would love your member to come up with more on this guy. I actually have a photo of him and even though he is older there is a clear resemblance to the Zodiac identikit.

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 05:09 AM
If anyone here wants to learn more about the ciphers of the Zodiac killer, this site might be of interest to you:

There you will find a great deal of the latest information about the ciphers and the efforts to solve them.

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