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Astronomers unravel secrets of space blobs

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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 05:01 PM
Massive burps of gas linked to formation of galaxies with black holes
By Clara Moskowitz
updated 14 minutes ago

Perplexing "blobs" of gas seen in the faraway universe are a bit more comprehensible thanks to a new study.

Glowing with an eerie brightness, the massive blobs seem to surround very young galaxies. NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes examined the distant gas balls and found that their luminosity is likely due to energy released by black holes and star formation inside the galaxies.

"For 10 years the secrets of the blobs had been buried from view, but now we've uncovered their power source," said James Geach of Britain's Durham University, who led the study. "Now we can settle some important arguments about what role they played in the original construction of galaxies and black holes."

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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 05:09 PM
why does MSM science have such a hard** for black holes? They use them to conveniently explain away what they themselves cannot explain. Oh it must be due to that invisible black hole which we theorize to exist but have yet to verify 100%.

The electric model, can explain these mysteries without inventing new theories to back up other unverifiable theories.

We have some physicists and scientists (like mnemeth1) on this board who believe in the electric model and I would love their input on this matter.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 05:48 PM
It could very well be they are wrong too, in thier belifsthe physyics and mathematics has happened repeatedly since the 20th century..I was watching a documentary last week on history channel, about the universe. They were trying to explain where it all came from the big bang...Perceval Lowell estimated something like the universe was 2 billion years old...but it didnt fit the mathematicl timeframe other scientist worked out..Einstein didnt wanna touch this subjuct...i forget the other names, some russian physisist and a feew others, had their own ti would have seemed, lowell was the closest in his estimates! belive it or not..
See, the thing about physicis, is it can explain anythig at all...we dont know enough about ourselves or everything around us at all...physicis to an extent is ove complication things, as oppsoed to rational explanations. Yes, physics and mathemtaics gave us E=MC2 aka atmic bomb...but then agian, it could have been achieved without, simply by some scientist stumbling on the atomic chain reaction, thats all. It dosnt take 3 chalkbaords of numbers and eqaluations to explain how an atom smashes!!

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 08:12 PM
This is all new to me, I just assume everything out there
is as befuddling to them as to me.
Perhaps there is always two sides to every story.
Like gravity.
Gravity is not measured from the tower of Pizza.
Gravity is measured on an inclined plane.
College Physics students should remember that from lab class.
Thats it.
It can't be measured anyplace else unless you have an inclined
plane with you and a science lab.
For all we know its 32ft/sec/sec on the Moon.
Einstein really did an number on us.
Not to mention the guy that put time in as a dimension.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

Indeed, if not for Einstein perhaps Tesla would have gotten the recognition he deserved as well as the funding for his projects while he was still alive. Imagine the world we'd be living in today using refined Tesla technology.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by warrenb

Tesla stuck to electricity old school from Kelvin but surpassed them
all in the electrical arts. A tough match to make if you want to be
an electrical engineer.

Einstein struck the new wave nuclear science road but solved many
an empirical formula with Plank's constant and statistical integrals.
He would be a tough match for the math student.

posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by Pauligirl
Hiya PG, subjects like this are always interesting to me. New developments in our understanding of the distinct weirdness of parts of our universe is always a challenge. The science behind the theories is often a long way past my subject knowledge. They still remain intriguing...It's like watching Il Postino without the subs...compelling, but a lot of the nuance goes over my head
Much better with the subs so people like me can better understand the science involved...

With that in mind, I had a look for papers related to the article. I was blown away by the amount of scientists that have authored the paper...around 200 scientists were involved in the conclusions! It's an international effort that involved universities from Europe, Japan and the US.

No doubt some ATSers will feel able to dispute the conclusions and cast doubt on the intelligence, education and professionalism of the authors? Nothing new there......

posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 11:00 PM

Originally posted by warrenb
The electric model, can explain these mysteries without inventing new theories to back up other unverifiable theories.

Exactly, this is another example of the recent findings that fully support and bolster the plasma cosmology model.

The blobs are plasma, not once in the article does it even mention the word, they always talk of heated gas, mechanical shockwaves, and thermal heating.
The plasma is an ionized gas and does not behave like gas under heat or pressure. It behaves according to the laws of plasma physics.

The blobs are glowing brightly in optical light, but the source of immense energy required to power this glow and the nature of these objects were unclear.

It only takes a tiny fraction of ionization to occur before electric currents begin flowing. I'd bet this is how the blobs are illuminated.

"We're seeing signs that the galaxies and black holes inside these blobs are coming of age and are now pushing back on the infalling gas to prevent further growth,"

Once upon a time nothing not even light could escape black holes, then jets were observed, oh that must be the accretion disc, yeah a accretion disc that is excreting. Did I not hear of one spewing water?
Now they push matter back.

It's ridiculous.

In five of these blobs, the Chandra data revealed the telltale signature of growing supermassive black holes – a point-like source with luminous X-ray emission.

The tell tale signature of a completely theoretical concept.
The X-ray emmision is a tell tale sign of electrical activity, as is synchrotron radiation. This is seen in dense plasma focus devices on earth, these replicate many of the observed effects of the supposed black hole.
the point like focus may well be the result of the electric currents squeezing the matter down under there magnetism.
Unlike the untestable black hole assumption, this process has been verified as the Z-pinch or Bennett pinch effect.

Black holes are plasmoids, the focus points of electric currents that shape the galaxies.

I grabbed the quotes from this article.

In fact another recent announcement also confirms this theory.
Magnetic fields dominate young stars of all sizes

A team of researchers led by Josep Girart, of the Institut de Ciències de l’Espai (in Spain), studied the slow evolution of a dust cloud into a massive star, and realized that the cloud’s magnetic field controls the star’s development more than any other factor.

Magnetic fields dominating over other forces! but how are these magnetic fields produced? Magnetic fields are ONLY produced by electric currents.
Magnetic fields are constantly spoken about in astrophysics without even acknowledging this simple fact.

The authors describe how the magnetic field at G31.41 has deformed the dust cloud into an hourglass shape – a telltale sign of magnetically controlled star formation.

This is the z-pinch at work in the hour glass morphology.

Yet another hit for plasma cosmology, the evidence is mounting. Ready or not a paradigm shift is coming.

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 01:12 PM
From the image its blatantly clear what they are looking at to me.

Its a clear manefistation of an electrical z-pinch.

The hourglass shape of the pinch is telltale.

The top and bottom of the hourglass shape denote where the electical currents are flowing into the heart of the galaxy.

The top of the hourglass is a focus into the rear of the galaxy which is on its side to us and the bottom of the hourglass is the focus from the front of the galaxy.

This formation is extremely common.

Here is a star displaying the same formation from a side view:

This is how all discharging objects in space are powered.

I'd like you all to keep in mind that neutral gases acting in a vacuum do not behave this way. Gravity does not provide answers to the shape and morphology of these "blobs". Scientists are forced to use magnetism as a means to explain the shapes of these blobs but they provide no answers as to how the magnetic fields that form these shapes are created or maintained in the first place.

For those of you looking for a scientific paper on the subject of z-pinch galactic formation look here:

Advances in Numerical Modeling of Astrophysical and Space Plasma, Part II Astrophysical Force Laws on the Large Scale
A. L. Peratt, APSS 256, 1998

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posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by mnemeth1

glad you joined in!

how long before the EM is an accepted fact?

I know it means rewriting all the science books but at least people would be learning truth as opposed to fanciful ideas and theories

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