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The Buck Act and The United States Civil Flag of Peacetime

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posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 04:30 AM
Did you know that prior to 1940, the U.S. civil and military flags flags only flew in federal settings and installations?

Other than that, No state flew the U.S. flag elsewhere.

The states only flew state flags.

THis changed due to Since the 1935 institution of Social Security and the Buck Act of 1940, 4 U.S.C.S. Ch. 4 Sec. 104-113,


Congress refined the revenue cutters' role in customs operations with the passage of the Act of March 2, 1799, known as the Customs Administration Act. In particular, Congress determined "the cutters and boats employed in the service of the revenue shall be distinguished from other vessels by "an ensign and pendant, with such marks thereon as shall be prescribed and directed by the President of the United States." Additionally, the Act permitted commanders of revenue vessels to fire at other vessels failing to respond "after such pendant and ensign shall be hoisted and a gun fired by such revenue cutter as a signal." By this act the Revenue Marine (later called the Revenue Cutter Service) ensign served as the seagoing equivalent of a policeman's badge, the distinctive sign of the vessel's law enforcement authority.

The job of designing the distinguishing ensign eventually fell upon Oliver Wolcott, who had replaced Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury in 1795. On June 1, 1799, Wolcott submitted his design to President John Adams for approval. Wolcott's proposal featured an ensign of sixteen stripes, alternating red and white, representing the number of states that had joined the Union by 1799, with the Union to be the Arms of the United States in dark blue on a white field. It is significant that Wolcott turned the arrangement of the stripes ninety degrees to vertical to differentiate the new revenue cutter ensign from the U.S. Flag, to denote civilian authority under the Treasury Department, rather than military authority under the War Department.

Also, a great quote from Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton;

"They [the officers] will always keep in mind that their Countrymen are Freemen and as such are impatient of everything that bears that least mark of a domineering Spirit."

What happened?

the institution of the Social Security,
the Public Salary Tax Act of 1939
the "shadow" States, and
the "Buck Act"

Find our more here

Under the "Buck Act" 4 U.S.C.S. sections 105-110, the federal government has created a "Federal area" within the boundaries of all the states. This area is similar to any territory that the federal government acquires through purchase or conquest, thereby imposing federal territorial law upon those in this "Federal area." Under federal territorial law as evidenced by the Executive Branch's yellow fringed merchant law flag (see Federal Courts for an explanation) flying in schools, offices and all courtrooms.

Obviously due to these maneuvers and the manipulations of 1913,
we were sold out and since and now are still looking for our civil freedom.

The way these things were done are purported to be by way and use of legal means, but I object.

I think these are laws that usurp law.
It is still happening today and Congress is but a joke.

When the likes of Rove and Bernanke ( nd his predicessors) cn get away with running roughshod over Capitol Hill, this all is but a magic trick, and we know the illusion seems solid yet is but a trick and not real.

Mankind should consider enlightenment and peace over slavery and war.

to reitterate a question from Kucinich in a recent one minute speech,

[]Who are these people?[/url]
*link to video on ATS thread above

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 04:41 PM
I was going to post a new thread about the facts of the US civil flag, but I did a search first and found this post, so I'm bumping it up.

Well-researched and good job, OP.

And this post gives new meaning to "flag contribution level", eh?

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