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Dennis Kucinich Who are these people?

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 11:37 PM
In a one minute speech from the floor,

Ohio's Congressman Dennis Kucinich, speaks about the $106 billion war-funding bill and how incentives for efficient cars, (vouchers) is tied to a war bill, but not expressly for the purpose and purchase of American made cars, while Detroit is basically dead, dealers are being closed, (forcefully in some instances), ...

He refers this as "Cash for klunkers and bunkers in the same bill" as to the war bill auto incentive tie....

Americans losing homes, retirment funds, investments, etc...

as well as cash for war efforts in Iran, Afgahnistan and Pakistan.

Monies for China's efforts to sell cars to Americans,...

all of this as jobs and manufacturing are going over seas...

He questions those that "keep coming up with these innovative ideas..."
and asks the question;

Who Are These People?

It seems just as the exotic derivatives and instruments used by the elite to pilfer America has mutated and is alive and well in Washington.

We now are dealing with what I refer to as exotic legislation as well.

We know the exotic financial instruments became toxic, as anyone with half a brain would know from the onset, if they were not mixed, cut, sliced and packaged along with other market investment funds.

The over-view of a failing America and the question posed puts it all in a one minute nut shell and to commend Kucinich, is simply genius.

Link to the speech below.

Who are these people?

More of his political position

I too have a question.

These exotic legislations....what happens when their toxicity reaches a terminal level?

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 12:29 AM
I thought it was great how he stared out for a while after he asked who these people are. Like he was looking at someone in particular.

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