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The Greatest Movie NEVER Made

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 12:42 PM
This movie has no main character. It has no narrator. It has no good or bad. It just is.

It starts at the Big Bang. Starting out (13.5 billion years ago), the Big Bang forms the Universe as we know it and we speed up to the formation of our planet Earth. As Earth is a formed (4.5 billion years ago) we see it moving through space getting bombarded by comets and asteroids and we see gasses being let off the planet, slowly forming our atmosphere.

We then fast forward to 600 million years ago when the first animals started popping up on this planet. As this life goes through many changes we see other life forms from the Universe descend upon Earth and start performing scientific experiments upon all the living life. The trees, the soil, the animals. Whatever these other life forms from the Universe did, our animals started to change, they became smarter and more aware.

We then fast forward to about 230 million years ago and start to see the first dinosaurs. Again more life forms from the Universe perform scientific experiments on these dinosaurs and these dinosaurs become smarter and more aware. They stop ravaging each other and slowly adapt to their new mind set. We slowly see them evolve from massive beasts to walking "human-dinos". These "human-dinos" are shown forming complex societies like we have today. They develop technology and are in contact with their "creators", some life forms from other planets. Over time they are slowly forced underground due to mother nature.

We then fast forward to about 2 million years ago and start to see the begining of human evolution. The life forms on our planet and off start performing scientific experiments on apes. These apes become smarter and more aware as evolution now startes taking place. We see generations and genereations becoming smarter and smarter and more and more aware. These other life forms periodically check in on their science experiment's, tweaking this and doing that, while even more life forms from across the Universe come to Earth to put in their "2 cents".

We then fast forward to about 50,000 years ago and start to see life create things. Works of art, temples, statues. The life starts to learn communication. It begins to disperse throughout this planet slowly colonizing the lands. As it moves more and more generations are made, and every now and then other life forms come down tweaking and adding to the existing life. Earthlings begin drawing pictures and art to convey thoughts as they have not yet devoloped a language.

We then fast forward to about 6,000 years ago to ancient Sumer. We see the formation of language, writing, and religion. One of the first stories told is the story of where "we" came from and how we got to be. It is told about the "Gods" who came from the skies and caves and helped develop us as we now see ourselves.

We then start our story:

It now becomes a story of good and evil. But the good and evil is not portrayed in any certain character, but in many different characters.

We fast forward to about 4 BC and see a boy born in a manger. This man would become known as Jesus Christ. We slowly follow this man as he grows up in life. We realize something is different about him. He has irrational thoughts for the time, is in constant battles with himself, see's "halucinations". As a child he asks his mother where he came from and she tells him he is a miracle child. Jesus begins to think, where did life come from? As Jesus free's his mind great knowledge is bestowed upon him. He is able to mentally travel and see the

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 12:42 PM
formation of the universe. He feels like he is getting messages from elsewhere. At first Jesus doesn't know what to do. If he tells anyone the knowledge he has been given, he may be looked at as a nut. Jesus tries to live a normal life by having a wife and kids, but never quite shakes the voice telling him "his purpose". So Jesus began to slowly step back and become aware of who he was and "unlock" things inside him that most back then had kept dormant. Jesus began to practice his new "powers" and decided that he was going to try and use his "powers" for good instead of evil as he had seen in his society.

We fast forward to Jesus at 30, as he begins to preach the knowledge he has found within himself. We see the some of the stories told in the bible begin to play out. We then see Jesus crucified on the cross, solely due to the teachings he was spreading. Jesus was not the first person to be "put down" due to his beliefs, and he wont be the last.

We fast forwad to around 325 and the Council of Nicea held by Constantine. Constatine was in the process of taking over the world, and he knew the only way he would be able to control the world would be to form societies beliefs. He sets up the Council of Nicea to unite the 2 major beliefs on spirituality at the time. Constatine, being the most powerful man in the world at this time, decides he can not let the world know the true story about this man, Jesus Christ, so he has his men and the powerful church leaders at the time grab up all "spiritual works" available at the time. The council decides to decieve to keep the status quo. They give us the story of the Bible as we know it. While using these "spiritual texts" as references, Constatine begins to form his own religion. He uses factual evidence to spin Good and Evil in his own way, knowing that if the public never knows the truth of where they came from they will never be able to escape the control he would have over them.

Constantine set's himself up as a false emperor , making people worship him, instead of doing what Jesus was asking people to do which was worship themselves and thus creating a sort of internal spiritual prison. He knew that Jesus was trying to get people to believe in themselves and show the true power in one human being, and need it supressed, for if the public were to know how powerful the individual was, he would not be able to have power. He decided to give the people a version of the Bible almost as we know it.

Constantine was aware that history repeated itself and that others would be able to unlock there "powers" if they ever knew the truth of spirituality. Not only that, but Constantine understood Timewave Zero and that time would eventually repeat itself unless he could make the masses not see it repeating. So Constatine, making the Bible during the Council of Nicea, decided to hold writings and also change some dates. Constantine changes the date Jesus was born to December 25th, and the day Jesus was re-born to be Easter. Knowing that Jesus was actually born on Easter and that he was "re-born" on December 25th. Constantine, knowing Timewave Zero, knew that if that masses were aware that eventually someone would die for them around December 25th, he may lose his power and control.

We then fast forward to 1776 and the formation of the USA. We see our founding fathers discussing how they would like to run a country with "God-Given Rights". To do so they had to escape the Church of England and the oppression of the British Royals. The British are the new power hungry controllers of this time. The British see that they can not simply chase these Americans as they will lose control on their side of the pond

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 12:42 PM
by stretching themselves to thin. So the crown gets together and decides, if you can't beat them, join them. Thus begining the British "re-claiming" of America by co opting the American way of life. We see British spies come to our country and begin to postion themselves in positions of power. Britain had learned from history, knowing that the way to control the masses was to "play" the American system.

We fast forward to Nazi Germany and see Adolf Hitler in a meeting with his Nazi SS officers telling them to go find biblical artifacts. His SS goes through the world far and wide uncovering the history of this planet, and come across some things that would make any person tremble in fear. We then see Hitler in a meeting with foreign heads of states talking about how they could conquer the world. All agree that it would not be easy, as they have seen throughout history the failures by all heads of state. Hitler tells them to learn from past mistakes. The heads of state do. Hitler understands that what had kept other leaders of this planet from conquering was greed. Everyone always wanted to see the day that their beliefs would govern free society, but Hitler was wiser. He knew he himself would never be able to see that day, and once he understood this he knew he could actually conquer it. He would be patient, slowly playing mind games with humans.

He would stage a gigantic false world war, and bring in a co opted side to "end" the battle. This side was the United States. Hitler had technology that everyone in the world wanted, and would be willing to do anything to get. Hitler had found the "secret of life". With this secret he was able to do anything, physically possible and not currently physically possible. He knew that the US would be a perfect country to co opt his movement with. He fathers the idea behind Operation Paperclip, and allows himself to be "killed" and his ideals brought to a land that was so far away from the rest of the world at the time his vision and technology would not be bothered by other countries.

We see Hitler and the Bush family having dinner in Germany going over the plan. Positioning themselves to control America by problem-reaction-solution. We see these men setting a date for they're goal to be accomplished by, and setting out the plans course of action that would bring this plan to fruition.

We see the Vietnam War

We see the Fall of the Berlin wall

We see September 11th

We see the election of Barack Obama

We fast forward to December 20th, 2012. A man is on the run from TPTB. He has broken through the conditioning given to him and is determined to wake up the masses. He knows time is about to repeat itself. He has learned that the Hadron Collider is going to make another Universe adding to our multiverse and creating another parallel reality. He must tell the people what TPTB plan on doing. He knows he his about to die for this, but knows it must happen. He knows that his death will keep this planet from falling under total tyranny and evil. He can stop this plan set in motion a long time ago when the tyrannical other life forms planted their evil genetics on this planet.

We see December 21, 2012. While society is waiting for the planet and life as we know it to end TPTB have caught this man and put him to death. Nobody will know who he is or what he died for, at least not for a long while.

We see Decmber 22, 2012. The world is still here, life continues to move on.

We see December 23, 2012

We see December 24th, 2012

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 12:43 PM
We see December 25th, 2012. The man is re-born and taken off planet. By standing up for himself and the truth he ended up getting the last laugh. He ended up being saved in the end, along with 144,000 others who did the same. The people on this planet never learn of this as TPTB blackout this event. They have their status quo to maintain.

This is just the very very very very basic plot of a movie. It's not real, nor does it have any basis in reality. This movie is currently being made, but who knows if it will ever be distributed to the masses. It currently has a written ending, but seeing as how nothing has been shot yet it is always subject to change. The question is how will it end?

That's honestly up for society to decide. Society gets to make and distribute this movie. Society as a whole are the writers, producers, directors.

The importance of this post is not the actual movie itself, but the meaning behind it.

It's time for society to wake up and open their minds.

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 01:31 PM
Hmmm, another person jealous of the Brits, poor Brits, hated around the world even longer than the Yanks have been, I bet the Brits are glad mother nature gave them nice thick skins!!

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 01:45 PM
hmmmmm...dont I smell a David Icke in here. But where are the reptilians??
As per Icke, the entire European Royalty and most of the Big Families are reptilian.

Yeah where are the reptilians???

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 06:43 AM
Yes, we need these Reptilians in there.
And why insnt there any movies on the Rep/anunnaki Garden of Eden Adam and Eve made by Ninshurag and all that ??

I want to see such an movie, the bible is so full of good movies...

Well, we have CloverFiled , but. More with ufo's along the lines you put up here..

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 10:57 AM
Sorry, but the best movie (by FAR) to never have been made is the Live-Action Captain Planet.


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