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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by Tentickles

Technical analysis is just one way to predict future price movements, that two moving averages converge (the red and blue lines) doesnt mean that much, if you see the red staple the price fall was something like 1.3%, probably due to some speculation about the outcome from FED FOMC meeting this july, it was not a huge price movement.

Technical analysis is not a fully reliable tool, its an complement to fundamental analysis.

The bond price and bond yields have an inverse relation, future higher rates brings up the yield and bond prices drop, its a discounting of a future value. I think we have all reason to believe that interest rates will go up this fall, from a very low level and that is a good indicator that the economy is gaining momemntum.

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 11:00 PM

Originally posted by THX-1138
Don't worry. The jobless folks will be in demand when the draft starts up. And the FEMA detention centers will be put to good use when draft dodgers and protesters do their dodging and protesting thing.

Oh, for sure the draft is coming, only now they're calling it They've got to come up with catchy names and phrases when the old descriptions or associated terms become tainted or has stigma attached. It's like, 'Girl Friday' changed to'Secretary', changed to 'Administration Assistant'. Or, Maid changes to House Cleaner. Or, like how Acorn just changed it's name, because of all the bad news and lawsuits tainting its image.

Well, now we have the 'readyserv' to replace 'military draft' (we could never use the term 'draft' after Vietnam; only, this time don't expect a pay check or veteran's benefits.

You'll be 'volunteering' and servicing your 'community'. (Servicing? he he, sounds like prostitution! OMG, that's it!! Daddy Barry is our Pimp. Oh, so much is coming clear.)

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 11:36 AM
truth and lies, we had the big crash in uk whereas most of the big banks were given billions of pounds, property was overvalued (where this money went for those that sold their homes at such high prices? was put ,uh maybe they put their vast profits from selling their overpriced houses in the bank, but no because the banks say we are short of cash ?????, so where has it gone?)
every month in uk 1000,s of properties are being aucioned off by the banks and building societies , the tv news says hey people are now buying property so maybe this reccession is maybe coming to an end???
its not new people buying property,, its property developers buying knock down priced property that has come on the market and being rented back to people that lost their homes in the first place,
the only difference is the names on the deeds,
if we believe lies then we will end up in the sxxt,

When people die its not always bad news for everyone, says the undertaker,

or arm yourselves against the enemy, says the gun salesman,

things are not that bad with our economy, says the government.

true facts and figures is what we want. not those that can be bent a little.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 01:44 PM
reply to post by marg6043

ammo in minnesota almost gone too. t.v says people buying up ammo as fast as it comes in. well , i say not true. i have asked when was your last shipment of ammo and named the shells. he said there was none. i also asked in several other places and got the same answer. do not believe me just check it out for yourself. just helping, peace. i think the economy too is going to go bad. i always thought that one day that new shinny garbage cans bottom would rust and all the garbage would spill out. you already know who is to pick up all the trash in the end. that will be you the lowely poor man, to fix the greedy pigs messes. check it out.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 06:31 PM
I'm inclined to go along with the OP here.

Bonds vs Stocks have an inverse relationship. When stocks go up, bonds go down, and when stocks go down, bonds go up. However, that has not been the case with this recession/depression.

As I talked with my Financial Advisor today, she told me this has only happend two other times. I couldn't find which two times it was, but I'd venture a bet that one was during the Great Depression. The other, not sure about, but maybe in the late 80's or the DotCom burst in 2000.

Bonds are viewed as a "safe" investment, hence why their rates go up when there is volatility in the stock market. However, when bonds and stocks both go down, its not a good thing, and to me, it signals that nobody is very certain about anything.

Now today, the Dow went down but both the NASDAQ and S&P 500 were up, as where bonds. You could consider this somewhat un-normal as bond prices should probably have been down or flat, even though they were only up .04%.

I got my info off of Yahoo Finance, so you can go there for a quick glance if needed at the charts. Also there is an article as a top story: Fed Says Recession Easing, Inflation is Tame.

If this was true, bond prices would not be acting as they are. Inflation is a real concern and it is clear that the Fed is lying or not telling the whole truth. While it is true that oil started to decline, it is already starting to inch its way back up. With oil prices going up, and oil prices at the pump unporportional to the actual price, consumers will be hit hard. The last time oil was up, well, everyone felt the pressure of inflation. No one should listen to Bernanke, the man is a joke; and, as Jim Cramer says, "he knows nothing".

However, on the other side, I must agree with Doc Velocitys points. If you can't stand the risk, don't be in the market. If you're afraid of losing your money, don't get in the market....ever. Our whole system is based on risk taking; thats why people can make fortunes, or become penniless. In a true "free-market economy" these banks and other failed business' would be allowed to just completly collapse and fade away, which is how the system works. Unfortunatly though, we are propping up a failed ideal, that everyone can make it, which isn't true. The system has failed, its time to scrap it and rebuild.

[edit on 24-6-2009 by ChrisJr03]

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 12:31 AM

You know, interestingly, just recently, I cannot name his name but I was talking to a former member of the Federal Reserve board and told him about the bill and he was friendly enough. I said, “What do you think of that?” He said, “I think it’s not a very good idea”. And I said, “Do the people at the Federal Reserve ever talk about, are concerned about the dollar”. I said, you know, I’m always talking about the dollar and what this is going to do to the dollar. And I said, “Do they know that all this debt and inflation could hurt the dollar?” He says, “Yes, they do.” He confirmed it. He said, “They absolutely do.” He says, “But they can’t answer your questions in public because it would cause panic.”

'Because it would cause panic'
Specifically what would cause panic?

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 01:29 AM
By the way, it is NOT in anybody's interest to deliberately collapse the US economy.

The reason is simple: the world is TOO highly connected economically and given what we all remember from the 1930's experience (the Great Depression caused a huge rise in political extremism, which of course ended with the start of World War II in 1939), nobody wants to get into a situation of a general world war that could end up killing BILLIONS of people in a matter of hours (both USA and Russia still have a substantial inventory of ICBM's and SLBM's that could be brought to full operational status and used in under an hour).

That is unless the Illuminati want to deliberately start World War III as a population control measure....

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 01:33 AM
reply to post by T0by

That the Fed knows full well that what they are doing will hurt the US dollar.

Thing is, keeping the dollar fit is not their mandate. They are a private corporation and thus bound by law to be motivated solely by profit.

Kinda sick, uh?

The US really needs to take control of it's money again.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 01:53 AM
reply to post by Tentickles

Totally agree with Tentickles, ppl have no idea what is coming,
and few read history books of what it was like in the past when
this happened.

These are some of the millions of ppl that have lost their jobs, and
lost their homes, and now live in tent cities.

Former working class ppl living in tent cities

Some totally jaded heartless inhumane ppl have made fun of these
ppl on this message board, and my answer to you is your time of
humility is coming.

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