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Mt. Saint Helens - Super Volcano

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posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 11:41 AM
New Scientist

IS A supervolcano brewing beneath Mount St Helens? Peering under the volcano has revealed what may be an extraordinarily large zone of semi-molten rock, which would be capable of feeding a giant eruption.

Graham Hill of GNS Science, an earth and nuclear science institute in Wellington, New Zealand, led a team that set up magnetotelluric sensors around Mount St Helens in Washington state, which erupted with force in 1980. The measurements revealed a column of conductive material that extends downward from the volcano. About 15 kilometres below the surface, the relatively narrow column appears to connect to a much bigger zone of conductive material.

More info at the site. They go on to say that this could be comparable in size to the biggest magma chambers ever discovered, such as the one below Yellowstone National Park. Great .. that's all we need .. another super volcano sitting (bulging?) and waiting to burst.

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