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56 Pilot Sightings Involving Electromagnetic Effects.

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posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 07:38 PM
Thanks for the replies -some great additions there.

Theres another incident below from 1960 where two Police Officers encountered a very strange object which exhibited E.M. effects on their radios - one officer stated in the report:

"As we watched the object moved again and performed aerial feats that were actually unbelievable".

California -1960:

During a six-day concentration of UFO sightings in northern California, August 13-18, 1960, at least 14 police officers were among the numerous witnesses. At 11:50 p.m. (PDT) August 13, State Policeman Charles A. Carson and Stanley Scott were patrolling near Red Bluff when they noticed an object low in the sky directly ahead of them.

Witness Sketch:

Verbatim text of the police teletype report to the Area Commander:


Officer Scott and I were E/B on Hoag Road, east of Corning, looking for a speeding motorcycle when we saw what at first appeared to be a huge airliner dropping from the sky. The object was very low and directly in front of us. We stopped and leaped from the patrol vehicle in order to get a position on what we were sure was going to be an airplane crash. From our position outside the car, the first thing we noticed was an absolute silence.Still assuming it to be an aircraft with power off, we continued to watch until the object was probably within 100 feet to 200 feet off the ground, when it suddenly reversed completely, at high speed, and gained approximately 500 feet altitude. There the object stopped. At this time it was clearly visible to both of us. It was surrounded by a glow making the round or oblong object visible. At each end, or each side of the object, there were definite red lights. At times about five white lights were visible between the red lights. As we watched the object moved again and performed aerial feats that were actually unbelievable.

At this time we radioed Tehama County Sheriff's Office requesting they contact local radar base. The radar base confirmed the UFO - completely unidentified.

Officer Scott and myself, after our verification, continued to watch the object. On two occasions the object came directly towards the patrol vehicle; each time it approached, the object turned, swept the area with a huge red light. Officer Scott turned the red light on the patrol vehicle towards the object, and it immediately went away from us. We observed the object use the red beam approximately 6 or 7 times, sweeping the sky and ground areas..

We first saw the object at 2350 hours and observed it for approximately two hours and 15 minutes.Each time the object neared us we experienced radio interference.

We submit this report in confidence for your information. We were calm after our initial shock, and decided to observe and record all we could of the object.

Stanley Scott 1851
Charles A. Carson 2358."


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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 02:09 PM
Russian Naval USO account involving professional submariners and electromagnetic effects - interview conducted by Jaques Vallee:

"Many officers were skeptical, but the reports were hard to deny. They were carefully recorded. On October 7, 1977, a submarine repair ship called the Volga was at sea when nine disk-shaped objects circled it. This lasted eighteen minutes. And all the time the radio, the on‑board communications systems, all the electronic equipment went berserk. The commander, Captain Tarantin, ordered his men: 'I want you to observe this carefully and to remember it! I want you to take pictures and to draw it, so that when we return to the Soviet Union no one will be able to say that your captain was drunk or crazy!'"

"Were such reports made public?"

Azhazha shook his head no. "At the time, naturally, they were classified top secret. Now we have a more open attitude in this country. We are able to talk about such things. On a few rare occasions I did publish some UFO information, but I paid for it under Leonid Brezhnev. The official reaction was very harsh, very negative. My career suffered as a result, and the directorship of a scientific group was taken away from me."


posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 11:20 AM
Vehicle Interference UFO Case from Montauk, New York,1966:

Montauk, L.I., New York, March 30, 1966

A UFO which apparently caused a complete electrical failure in a late model truck was observed about 10 p.m. along Montauk Highway near Napeague Harbor, along the south shore of Long Island March 30, 1966. The witness, Bruce Field, a drugstore clerk, was interviewed by the New York City NICAP Subcommittee. The witness' reliability was vouched for by a police radio dispatcher to whom the sighting was initially reported.

"I was driving from Montauk, headed west," Field told NICAP. "It was about 10 p.m. I was just driving along and everything went dead on the truck [lights, horn, radio and ignition on his 1965 Ford Ranchero]. I coasted to the edge of the road [Rt. 27] and turned the switch off. I lifted up the hood and started to jiggle some wires. The lights suddenly came back on, so I slammed the hood and got back into the truck. I started it again and went about 100 feet when it happened again. I got out again and started to do the same thing when I saw this light."

Field noticed the light coming along the beach behind the dunes and thought it was a beach buggy. "It came along behind the dunes for about 1/4 to 1/2 miles from the east, then opposite me it went up and directly off shore, over the ocean, at about 150 feet. It seemed to be 50 to 75 feet long." Field described a torpedo-shaped or narrow elliptical object with a "bar" of bright light in the nose. It was completely silent and seemed to move "much faster than a piston or jet airplane."

Over the ocean the UFO made a wide turn and headed back toward the witness, passing an estimated 700 feet overhead, continuing across the highway, above the McCoy radio towers and out over Napeague Harbor where it disappeared.

Field drove rapidly to the East Hampton police headquarters and reported the incident. The UFO had been visible about five minutes. The night was moonlit and starry, with some haze.

NICAP Report -Section III - Vehicle Pacings and Encounters

posted on Mar, 2 2010 @ 01:28 PM

Electro-Magnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying Objects, June 1960

PDF File

The Washington D.C. Subcommittee of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) wrote this June 1960 report on electro-magnetic effects associated with Unidentified Flying Objects. Handwritten in the corner is "CIA Copy," which was how it was received. The 25-page document provides plenty of details about numerous electro-magnetic interference cases, including events where vehicles stalled, presumably due to lack of spark, and headlights bent or stopped in mid air.


posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 08:25 AM
Crew aboard the Japanese freighter 'Taki Kyoto Maru' witness UFO emerge from ocean and experience on board electromagnetic interference effects - April 17th, 1981:

See 3:20

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