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The Breastplate of Aaron: Where and What Is It?

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 11:29 PM
From the pseudigaphia, Testament of Levi 8. And there I saw a thing again even as the former, after we had passed seventy days. And I saw seven men in white raiment saying to me,

Arise, put on the robe of the priesthood, and the crown of righteousness, and the breastplate of understanding, and the garment of truth, and the diadem of faith, and the tiara of miracle, and the ephod of prophecy.

And each one of them bearing each of these things put them on me, and said, From henceforth become a priest of the Lord, thou and thy seed for ever. And the first anointed me with holy oil, and gave to me the rod of judgment. The second washed me with pure water, and fed me with bread and wine, the most holy things, and clad me with a holy and glorious robe. The third clothed me with a linen vestment like to an ephod. The fourth put round me a girdle like unto purple. The fifth gave to me a branch of rich olive. The sixth placed a crown on my head. The seventh placed on my head a diadem of priesthood, and filled my hands with incense, so that I served as a priest to the Lord.

And they said to me, Levi, thy seed shall be divided into three branches, for a sign of the glory of the Lord who is to come;

and first shall he be that hath been faithful; no portion shall be greater than his.

The second shall be in the priesthood.

The third-a new name shall be called over Him, because He shall arise as King from Judah,

and shall establish a new priesthood, after the fashion of the Gentiles, to all the Gentiles.

This seems to me to like Levi is being inducted into the order of Melchizadek, that he was rituality cleansed and dressed in Robes not made by human hands and endowed with the power of God. You cannot reduce this to mere electronics.....look close into the first two photograph's to see what I claim to be a manifestation of the power of God. I guarantee that both are of supernatural origin.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 05:08 PM
You can glance at something and say that you have looked at it. You can look at something and say you examined it. You can actually examine it to find the hidden secret
s that those who don't take the time can't see.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 04:02 AM
The ark would have picked up static charge over time through the wings of the cherubim atop the ark. The gold wings would have light gold feathers to pick up stray charges. These charges, going to the outer shell of the ark, would have been separated from the internal gold lining enough so as to transfer the charge into the interior of the ark, thus making a capacitor of great size. A discharge of electricity from the internal capacitor may be lethal. The dress worn by Aaron would have grounded the charge, saving the life of the High Priest if he made a mistake. That being said, a rope was tied around his ankle in case they needed to pull his corpse out of the holy of holies.

The ark represents Jesus Christ, in that it is made of acacia wood, which has a life of approximately 30 years, showing his mortal side. The gold never tarnishes, showing his inner and outer eternal nature. The unbroken copy of the 10 commandments were placed inside the ark to show that Jesus would not break the law. The rod of Aaron was placed inside to show his resurrection. The jars of manna signified the word of God coming from heaven to man. Jesus said "I am that manna".

posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 04:25 AM
reply to post by Jim Scott

I don't know rationally, how the Ark being built long before the legend of Christ was ever dreamed; could actually represent Christ?
This to me is a faith concept, and has nothing to do with the physicality (if such even exists) of the breatplate of Aaron. It wasn't until Constantine gave the nicean creed, the idea of Christianity was even known enmass.
I f anyone could offer any likely realistic information on the breastpiece, or the Ark I'd be greatful.

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