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too many ufo sightings to be cooincidnece

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 11:41 AM
My name is Eric Marks and I am a 27 year old student attending Rutgers University. I have been experiencing an unimaginable amount of anomalous sightings over the skies of where i live in cape may county New Jersey. On April 3-5 I and four witnesses experienced a large amount of unexplainable activity in the sky. We live in a major air-traffic area and in fact a major traffic lane passes directly over my house. So I and people I know are used to seeing all manner of terrestrial flying planes helicopters and balloons. What we saw between April 3rd and fifth was not even close to that. I reported these sightings to MUFON but as expected i wasn't taken seriously because of Morristown and the unscrupulous hoaxers. However I believe the hoax was purposeful and was used as a way to cover up a wide array unexplainable objects in the sky. I will relate to you some of the more inexplicable ones. April 3rd to April 5th
Location 1: Arby's Cape May Courthouse NJ
Number of witnesses: 4
Description: I had just driven home from class and was going to Arby's to pick up three of my friends. When I got there and went inside Arby's to tell my friends I was there and ready to go we all walked back toward my car. Just then up in the sky we saw an enormously bright light flying at low alitude and on a path that was going directly over our head. We live in a major airtraffic area so we know something strange when we see it, and in fact a major airtraffic lane passes right over my house on Lee Lane in cape may courthouse. Anyway this bright low flying light was coming straight toward us and was so bright and unsual that we stayed out of the car and watched intently. It wasn't until the craft got nearly directly over our head that we noticed another white lighted craft that was far smaller than the first traveling behind it at an upwards 45 degree angle. Think of binary star systems. By looking at one with the naked eye only the brighter object is apparent. Only by getting very close to the star pair can one see there is actually two stars. Same principle here but what was most strange was this: Both craft were entirely silent. Not one single noise!
Location 2: Whitesboro NJ
Description: When we got back to my friends hometown we got out of the car and saw an enormously bright light again at low alititude and close proximity to our position on the ground. However this light was hovering still making no sound. As we watched it another craft with a red strobing light flew overhead. It too was silent only the craft appeared to be switiching positions very rapidly and in erratic fashion. I have seen this kind of rapid position shifts from similar strobed craft every clear night since then.
April 4th Location Wildwood Vilas NJ
Description: I was with two of my friends and one of them wasnt present the night before. My other friend who was started telling him of the highly unsual things we saw the previous night. Including the hovering craft we saw. No sooner than we said that, we saw a nearly identical looking hovering white light only this one flew directly over our heads and once again was silent.
Not long after in cape may at my job my coworker and i saw three hovering starlike objects that had erratic flight patterns and this was followed by streeks of horizontal white light going across the sky some closer than the far end of the hotel I work at and no higher than the bottom of the roof.
I also have been seeing strobing red craft that can rapidly shift position in the blink of an eye. sometimes up to 5 degrees.
Let's not forget the craft matching pictures of the Belgium triangle I've been seeing.
And the seemingly intelligently controlled meteor like objects that seem to be making their way to the ground for a spectacular crash and explosion only to bottom out at the last second raise altitude and vanish.
Hovering starlike objects have been almost normalized for me to see as well because of their frequency.

anyone else in jersey seeing similar stuff?

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 12:12 PM
While I know this is next to impossible to do with any clarity, but do you think you can attempt to capture on video? No need to get fancy with zooming in and around stuff. A nice tripod shot that shows reference points would do (and give us the GPS position of the camera if you can). Then do the same thing on another night from a different location (again, gps data would be great. Make sure you use a tripod and have identifiable reference points in the shot.

I know that is a lot to ask, but it is a starting point that will allow us to make certain observations then best advise you on how to proceed from there. I am sure there are ATS members close to you that might pitch in and help?

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 12:27 PM

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 12:43 PM
I've already decided that part of my pay check every two weeks is going to be spent on video and tripod technology as well as a 35 mm camera so that analysis and authentication are much easier. I just heard from a friend that he too saw something very similar to the meteor type craft I saw not too long ago. Three nights ago my friend said he saw what appeared to be a shooting star but before touching down on the ground it changed course and began to gain altitude again. I wish I could report what I'm seeing to MUFON but they don't seem very interested because of Morristown. I am also becoming kinda alarmed at the hacker that still appears to be ravaging my PC but is only interested in my UFO research and any related postings and essays. My grandmother has large amounts of financial information on this PC and does alot of online banking, yet there has been not one red cent stolen from us. I know they're interested in my UFO research because during a few posts and one essay I was writing on my word processor there have been some telltale signs that the information on screen is being downloaded. The first was the words on screen appearing mushed together and the second was whole paragraphs slowly disappearing only to reappear as soon as I take control of the mouse. I've also seen my mouse pointer moving on its own as well as the scroll bar. This has only been taking place since I started extensively researching the topic of UFO's and finding out how much credible information and evidence there really is out there. This on top of a car with a G10 license plate(located diagonally on the plate with the G on top.) I traced it back to the general services administration but if that was who the person driving the car is really working for then why was the plate not even from NJ and actually had a Connecticut plate instead? Why it was following me in such a conspicuous manner is still bugging me. The hacker in my PC is quite sophisticated and waited until I downloaded an old version of AIM to send a spyware and malware package into my PC. I have great protection and internet security so what happened was this. I downloaded aim on to my pc and spyware doctor told me that a program was trying to install itself into more than one location. Well AOL is infamous for this so I thought nothing of it, accepted the program instillation and now I have 5 ignored infections on my PC that spyware doctor tech support doesn't seem to be able to get rid of. I am becoming pretty alarmed at all the seemingly related activity going on around me and would love to know why I'm the only one around here who is paying any attention to the sky at all when so many unusual occurrences have been happening. Any time I see something strange with other people present(meaning every day people i'm not familiar with) I am the only one who's even looking at it. It's like people around are so lost in all the meaningless melodrama that entangles their lives, that they don't even have time to use their neck muscles and take a gander at the skies above. I'm sure more people are seeing strange things around here but fear of being ridiculed or called crazy is definitely a factor holding back most people from talking about what they too have seen. I have had various friends and acquaintances tell me that either they don't pay attention to the sky and if they did see something they wouldn't believe their eyes anyway. or that they've seen strange things that they've convinced themselves are pure imagination. Add Morristown to the mix and it leaves the few people around here aware of the strange goings on without a leg to stand on. But possibly three legs and a video camera can remedy that straight away...

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 12:46 PM
You think your pic with a 9mm talking about killing just being a job is something worth posting, and I think you're the one without a brain. You could be jailed for even posting a pic holding a gun so for your sake I hope that isn't real. I pay attention, that is my only flaw. I see true connections where no one else does and the fact of the matter is that what I have seen cannot simply be dismissed with an idiot holding a gun.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 12:58 PM
Good idea to get a video of it. It's probably a UFO orb. They are very, very real.

By the way, did the UFOs you caught look something like this:

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posted on May, 25 2009 @ 11:58 PM
Check out the Upstate Sightings episode from the Unsolved Mysteries
TV show that has some shows on youtube.

Enjoy the light show.

Are you looking for answers other than electrostatic propulsion.

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 01:42 AM
Do you know anyone else who has a camera in the meantime? It might not be a bad idea to get one faster than a couple weeks if you've only seen them the last couple days.

Don't be surprised by how oblivious people are either. I don't know of many people who spend any time at all looking at the sky. The ones who do usually get called crazy by the rest for believing in UFOs, see the connection? Enjoy the light show, hopefully you can share it with us soon

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